Review Once in a Life Time of Us (Mother & Child) is Conqueror on Pru Kradueng written by มะนาวก้าวเดิน

Everybody all has a dream but it is not easy to make the dream comes true, do you agree with me? I would like to introduce myself first. My name is Manaw And people who goes adventure with me is my child, her name is Gutz Jung She makes my dream comes true because she has a free time

Review Once in a Life Time of Us (Mother & Child) is Conqueror on Pru Kradueng

Review Once in a Life Time of Us (Mother & Child) is Conqueror on Pru Kradueng

Everybody all has a dream but it is not easy to make the dream comes true, do you agree with me?

I would like to introduce myself first. My name is Manaw

And people who goes adventure with me is my child, her name is Gutz Jung

She makes my dream comes true because she has a free time from studying at school during a New Year's long holiday. So I take them to go out for travelling. "Do you agree to go to the near place near home? Kho Si Chang? Okay? the resort has swimming pool and beautiful.."

" No!! I want to go to Phu Kradueng ( she says she wants to go there because she wants to show respect to mom by going up Phu Kradueng together)

I want to cry it out because I want to go to Phu Kradueng long time ago,

I ask many friends to go there too but none of them go with me. So, it makes me think that I should go there alone. I want to know how tired it is haha. but I also worried about my child because from my research, it is very brutal walking up the mountain and hiking. I afraid that my heart would surrender and my child would not be able to go up to the mountain. I keep asking her, Are you okay?. I ask her until she starts to be afraid then I stop asking her hahahahahaha.

This trip I have 1 photographer going with me too because if we are not okay, there would be someone carrying 2 of us back.

Finally, we go to buy a ticket before we departure, we choose the best seat

because I don't want to suffer both before going up and going down the mountain.

I buy a VIP ticket from Air Mueng company, the price is 1,000 Baht ticket/person

Destination is Pra Nok Kao, Jae Gim store. This is the first time to go adventure.

About the expense, we not quite know about it

My budget is 4,000 Baht/person, sleep on the bus tour both back and fro

Sleep on Pru Kradueng for 2 night. I give money to Gutz Jung and let her pay hahahahaha

And she return me some amount of money. So sorry

Just make fun looking at it.....

Here is our picture, mother and daughter. I am afraid that we would make an argument when we feel tired.

We reach Jae Gim store at 03.00 am. The weather is cold and we are shaking ( 19 Celsius )

Don't worry, many people are waiting there.

There are increasing of many adventurous travelers so Jae Gim store starts opening.

Then we have breakfast, go to the bathroom, wash our face and brush our teeth ( I would say that the toilet is scary haha)

Who forget to prepare stuff for cold weather, you don't have to be afraid.

The opposite side has a shopping shop, the price is not expensive.

Around 6.00 pm. a red car starts to come and park here. They wait for 10 people and then departure.

or you can divide the cost and let them departure right away. That time we divide with other 4-5 people which cost 40 Baht/ people.

Yeah, we reach Phu Kradung national park now. Fighting!

People in the back need an encouragement, they are praying to be strong and can walking up to Pru Kradung mountain.

After paying a tent fee, admission fee, then we go to the point of measuring the weight of the baggage..

I am so excited because we make ourselves ready to face over 3 seasons.

Our baggage is totally 30 kg., it is overweight when compare to other normal traveler haha.

We are looking at sherpas while controlling our nerve to move forward.

Until we feel martial and go for it.

We already make a pray and ready to go out. At this point we can't retreat now.

We are really ready.

I have to throw back time back to 4 months ago and tell narrate the story.

I still feel excited and remember it well, haven't forget it when I look at the pictures.

You would not understand the feeling even you have read a lot of reviews.

Yeah, let's see how far we can go?

Here is a pile of bamboo. What I know is that it is useful for rescuing, not for beating a dog

Use to support and raise you to go up the mountain.

We are aroused at the first place, we press the shutter continuously and feel like we are at Korea ( seeing from a series)

Pai Thong forest, really beautiful

He seems to be tired. I want to help him so I try it but I can not even move.

After this picture, Manow just keep my camera away

I want to say that Manow feel so tired hahahaha, I feel burning in my chest like I am going to throwing up.

I am hiding my feeling and don't want anyone to know

Guts Jang still feel excited and afraid that I can't walk up to the destination under a limited time

But I can only wave my hands and tell her to go ahead.

You should know who is the last one to reach there hahahaha. I am trying so hard to reach here

This is only the first 2 kilometers. It makes me feel like I am going to die soon.

Here is Gutz Jung feeling so tired and our photographer.

Sam Haek really looks beautiful

After we walk for 2 kilometers in 2 hours, my nervousness goes up to level 7 from 10

We are going to reach Wang Kuang, the place we are going to set up the tent. I think our walk speed is 1 hour/ 1 km.. The distance to Wang Kuang is 9 km., here we have walked for 2 hours and it is another 6 hours to go.

We start departure at 8.00 am. in the morning and right now is 10.00 am.

If we can't catch the time , then we have to sleep on the walk side for 1 night.

Don't murmuring, go to toilet after you feel full and get yourself ready.

It is the second time I go to the toilet. Jae Gim store has it unique style of toilet.

The first toilet at Jae Gim store is like I go back in time to the old day school.

There is a long trough from the first tap. At that time I choose the last tap.

I don't want anyone to see my toothpaste foam that I already used.

The second toilet ( Sak Sang), an open air toilet, Gutz Jung tells me hahahaha.

The door can't be locked, it is a zinc door, but it's okay I can accept

Are we coming here to demonstrate the toilet?

I don't know where we are now because our camera has already put in the bag. I intend to walk forward with all my energy.

When I feel tired, dishearten, I will get an encouragement from other people around

I can do it, just keep telling myself

The sand get into the shoes and make me feel walking difficultly

So Gutz Jung grumbles that she cool shoes now are damaged.

How nice to see my child applying a calf muscle relaxant drug for me

It is cool and can encourage me to walk further.

Here is the peak point . The mountain top is 1,300 m. more.

Keep fighting to Sam Krae, the rough route, the same level with Sam Krae

But after passing this point, I am going to walk on the flat plane now, I still can go for that one.

Before, we are going on..let's talk about one more toilet

The third toilet ( at Sam Kok Done) Gutz Jung cries when she closes and locks the door

What is going on?? It is Iguana!!

She asks me after she goes out from the toilet and that how strong I am to survive here.

It is ridiculous and fun that we have time to adventure together...

I can do it,

Actually at that time , she feels so exhausted and waiting to take a picture with a sign

" Once in a life time, we are a victor of Pru Kradueng"

We lie ourselves down, rolling and set the camera and waiting for the queue

3 of us are survive at Lang Pae ( the mountain top ), 5.5 kilometers!!!!

Now I am feeling better now, then I departure and heading to Wang Kuang for 3.5 kilometers

There would be nothing tough. Just walk slowly and comfortably, don't have to climb. Don't have to use 2 hands, 2 foots or crawl Hoho

We still be vivacious, seeking for a pine that standing there to welcome travelers

Is it this tree ?

Or this tree?

Finally, we take pictures with all trees!!!

Walking on the flat plain to climb up the hill

You should prepare yourself ready, both hat, long sleeve shirt, water and inhalant
We can walk faster and 3 pm. we can reach the traveler service center in national park

It is where we are going to set our tents? I feel so happy that I want to lying down there right away.

I have ever felt alone, we have many friends following each other along the way, not dangerous at all.

100% safety, only thing you need to have is to make yourself strong and keep going on to reach the destination.

We departure since 8 am. and reach the tent area at 15.00 pm.

Distance is 9 kilometers and spend time walking for 7 hours

At first we feel embarrassed that 3 of us might be the slowest one

But from my inquiry, the time we spend is not much different from them

It makes me feel airy and not embarrassed.

Normally the road we walk on is fulled of sand so it always enter our shoes

Gutz Jung's happiness, she choose the best for our sleeping time

Carrying mattress, pillow and sleeping bag. I let Gutz Jung choose which tent we are going to stay ?

From our observation, we found no leech waiting for us in the tent.

We finally choose this tent to be our accommodation for 2 nights.

We take a rest to recharge our energy and then we have to strengthened our balance of little energy.
Heading to see the sunset at Mark Duk cliff, 2 kilometer distance

Don't think too much..let's departure, just spend 1 more hour to be there.

We want to ride a bicycle too but I think it would hurt our bottom so I prefer walking instead.

I guess this couple might definitely be hurt by their shoes.

We arrive here almost 17.30 pm. and we want to cry out when we see the beautiful light like this

Really beautiful, now I feel energetic again. It is the heaven of photographer.

But for non photographer? I turn to Gutz Jung and invite her to be a model.

But our model is not in a good mood.

So no one can disturb her after walking for more than 10 kilometers

Or else my destiny will be die out !!!

Everyone is engrossed in waiting to see sunset.

Nature is going to start the show, the curtain now opening and the show is performing.

I am lying down on the mat waiting to see it.

I take the last picture and appreciate the picture I have got.

We are at Mark Duk cliff to see the sunset. I wake Gutz Jung up and walk back to tent area

On the way back, we have held a flashlight and go back with other people

Not dangerous even if you go alone, you can make new strong friend and be accustomed easily

because we can exchange how we adventure and climb up Phu Kradueng mountain today

Friendship is starting easily when you smile and greet each other.

I get to know 1-2 people from the link below

" "

I recommend to those who want to go to Phu Kradueng, you should join the group 'Love Phu Kradung'

because you will get knowledge and make new friends and also get fellow travelers

Anything you don't understand, people in this group will help you answer your question

and I also meet with a new nice friends from this trip too

Presently we still keep in touch, to know where and how they visit places

......On the way back, Gutz Jung is still exhausted....we almost have to carry each other back.

So it is our last 2 kilometers of today that really agonize my child. We drag our legs back to the tent in the darkness. And, we incidentally see 2 big spiders in the middle of the road!!!

At that time we surprisingly be more powerful and excited to see animals at night haha

Bye Bye Mark Duk cliff, one day we will definitely come back here.

Back to last night, we reach the tent before 9.00 pm. I think

The weather is colder and colder. We have to take a bath because we have sweat for the whole day

Gutz Jung feel so tired and haven't take a bath, just using a wet tissue to rub her body

But I queue up for the toilet, there are not many toilet provided for visitors

You have to prepare yourself ready to wait for a long queue....

While I am taking a bath, the water is too cold like an ice so I start pouring from my feet

... Not even 3 seconds that I cry out because of the cold water

I get a cramp on my feet, it very hurt me then I sit on the floor, my tear is trickling and I also laughing at myself about my condition that time

It is both cool and cold, squeezing my feet and calves which is really hurt me.

It seems like I spend long hour to finish taking a bath but I find out that I enter the bathroom after the other 5 rooms but I be the fastest one who come out and I am wondering they are still alive or not?

I walk back like a penguin.

I try to carry myself carefully back to the tent

... I have bought every kind of medicines with me like liniment, eating, pasting, massaging and smelling

We spend around 1,000 Baht for these medicines. The medicines that we use a lot is Softfel Mosquito repellent spray. We buy a middle bottle size for each people.

We afraid to scramble or if we meet a leech, we still can help protect ourselve.

We use all the medicine that we bring and fall a deep sleep

I afraid that my legs would relief not its muscle because I feel like I am going to die tonight?

The food we eat for tonight is very well known food when visit Phu Kradung

Pork on a hot plate, why??? it is very worthy menu

I don't take any picture, I feel so tired to take picture or I go to play with a deer that come in front of the restaurant

We feel full and quickly go back to take medicine and go to sleep right away

The head of the project says we will have to go seeing the sun rise at Nok Par cliff at 4.00 am, but!!!

We can't wake ourself up this time, so next time we will go there because you should not forced yourself otherwise you would feel not enjoyable.

This morning I still feel tired and a little pain on my calves but feeling better after the walk

For Gutz Jung this morning....don't even disturbing here if you don't want to die ...

What make thing better is breakfast

I eat a lot, eat everything in this restaurant provided

My stomach full and going to blow out soon, I am collecting the energy now

And I am ready to departure now. Today we have to visit many places

We arrive at Lomsak cliff to see the sunset and walk back

We have to walk around 20 kilometers onlyyyyyy, I feel full now so I have a good mood. Now let's departure

The first point is Wat Pra Kaew court. We worship and pray to have a safe travelling trip through nature both back and fro.

I haven't took many photo because I don't have enough battery and afraid that it will fail before I reach Lomsak cliff and that I would feel sad for it.

Next station is Anodard Pond ( the water start to dry during the period I go there so we haven't visit it)

Just a few distance to reach Anodard pond

This picture is called "Ne Nae!!!! punishment for bringing me here afflicted!!"

Walking for not so long then we pass Tum Sor Nern waterfall but the water is dry so we keep walking on.

The distance from this point, we heading to Lomsak cliff. The weather is very hot and the drinking water we bring is not enough and we have to share with each other. We have to prepare water and food along the journey because there is no store along the way. There is very dry.

There is only Brownie that is very well known and the most delicious. Please be our encouragement to walk through this sunny day.

The store is named Chomphoo Mamaew coffee shop, we book 2 pieces/person.

I take 1 piece and eat it right away, really delicious.

And another 1 piece, I keep it to eat while I walk back. We eat everything after we reach Lom Sak cliff

We eat it like it is going to be our last meal of life

and definitely we have to take a picture at this chuck place

I want to take the picture to prove that we have arrived to Lom Sak cliff

We walk to see the view and want to cry out. Thank You our feet that brings us to this place so far.

Many times I am so exhausted, think to surrender, pain, back ache, calve hurt

Our feet still continuous walking forward to this place.

I am taking so many pictures

We get a mat from the store to sleep and recharge our energy but we don't take any sleep and take a photo instead. Let's take a photo together.

An evening light is appearing now. I am eagerly await whether we can see the sun or not?

At first, we think we are not able to see the sun at Lom Sak cliff

Because we still have to walk for around 10 kilometers to go back to the tent area

I am surrender and turning my back to the cliff

I walk away not more than 50 kilometers, turning my back to say goodbye

The sun!!!! how it comes?

I let my child down from carrying her on the back. My legs speed up, my hands changing the lenses but not sure I can make it or not.
And then we have a beautiful pictures like this for you guys to envious us.

The sky starts to become dark, we really have to say goodbye to Lom Sak cliff now

And we will definitely go back here again....

We walk in line, there is a point selling food and beverage on the way.

Khao Jee is another popular food of Phu Kadueng.

One people can gets only one piece because we are going to have a meal when we arrive at the tent

Gutz Jung wants to go back to buy it again, she likes it taste.

..............We keep camera in the pocket and intend walking..............

I actually have no energy to walk at all, my legs fag, so I have to ask photographer to hold my hand.

We walk in the darkness and I afraid to get away from the group.

They walk so fast, Gutz Jung still cheerful, jumping and singing. Maybe she wants to find something fun to do.

This 9 kilometers we reach the tent within 3 hours. I walk over the tent and sit at the pavilion.

Take off my shoes because it all filled with sand, we step on the sand for many kilometers.

After my body have recovered, I want to find my daughter at her tent but my legs hurt on every steps so I walk slowly. Maybe because I stop walking and the muscle is not ready.

Today I think I can't stand cramping in the toilet, so just rubbing my body is enough.

After that I walk slowly to find something to eat. Gutz Jung also hurts her legs like mine.

We can't walk so we have to support each other to the restaurant. That night I don't feel good and eat little foods.

It is too tired. Gutz Jung cries because her legs ache from cramp. So we have to do massage but she both laughs and cries for that.

.................It has been agonized on that day and so I wondering that am I crazy to be here at Phu Kradueng..................

I heard a lively chat so I open the window and Ohh. There is a fog today too.

I quickly go out to take a picture. It seems like we are in the foreign country ( I watch from TV. haha) It makes me forget that my body ache now hahaha

I go back to tent with 1 died baby leech. I don't want to make a sin but!!! I spray Softfel too much that a baby leech
died from the spray. It is all my guilty, I am really sorry for that.

Gutz Jung is vivacious now, she is feeling better now

There is a fog but weather is not that cold, comfortable. We departure after we have breakfast.

We take a chill step on the way back, not hurry at all.

We often stop for food, very chill.

We are going to go home now.

Taking picture to remind me that once I have been here at Phu Kradueng

I feel so tired but it is worth the thing that we get in return, someone says...

Thing that come difficulty is worth to remember until you die.

I sign my name to exit Phu Kadung now and I hurriedly throw my shoes away.

My child and I sit down and look at each other toe.

and then we murmuring that " Only one time in life to conquer Phu Kradueng for us"

But when we go back, our body recover and not hurt then we miss Phu Kadung again and want to go back.

It is strange.... If you don't believe!!! You should try it

And you will know the answer from yourselves, why?

Thank You everyone that follow my review, this is the longest review of all 3 reviews I had written.....

I intend to share my difficult and ford experiences to my friends to read it.

" You wouldn't know how amaze the places is until you visit it"

Summary of this cruel trip is... We love each other more and often go out for travelling

My child wants to take a picture like me and that I will have to buy her camera soon for our next trip...

and see you again next trip.