“When June is approaching...the rain is here, the fog is crying all over the field". Whenever rainy season comes, I always want to visit Krachiew flower field as I've missed it several times. This year, I certainly will go visit. I often check out the Facebook page of Pa Hin Ngam National Park to see the weekly report of the flower blossoming situation. Recently on 22nd June 2017, there are 60% blossom, yay!!!

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(Traveling is "the endless learning".)


Link of Pa Hin Ngam National Park: https://goo.gl/CxGHDj

I travel from Bangkok on the evening of Saturday at around 6 p.m. I take the popular route of Saraburi-Lam Narai (the blue line on which I often go visit my grandma so I'm very familiar)-Lam Sonthi. I stay at "Ban Chom Dao" which is close to the National Park. I reach here at 10.30 p.m. I'm quite exhausted for the trip because it was raining the entire route and it was dark so I had to drive very carefully. After taking a shower, I immediately go to bed. See you tomorrow Krachiew flower ;)

These photos are taken in the morning as I slept right after I reached last night.

6 a.m. Sunday morning, the weather is nice and I walk out to the National Park which is only about 300 meters away. I thought I would be one of the first people to reach but there're already a crowd waiting to get on a sightseeing bus when I reach. There's only one staff and we were asked to line in queue for ticket checking. Then, about 6 lines are formed, haha (Well, I didn't want to go on. Let's just overlook some of this convenience so that we can enjoy more of the journey, agree?)

Stop 1 The first stop that the sightseeing bus drops us off is Pha Sud Phaendin Cliff where northeast, central, and north area are met. When we walk a bit further, we will see many people are there near the cliff. Everyone tries to get a cool spot in order to take selfie or group photos. I also try to find a nice view near the cliff. The white sea fog is covering the green area below, looking very cool. Traveling is like an addiction. Whenever we see this beautiful nature, our body is filled with happy chemical, it is so great! Let's continue our journey now.

Although there are many lines, I'm one of the first in the queue.

Here is the first stop of Pa Hin Ngam National Park. It's very early but people are already packed.

Breath in the fresh air while enjoying the beauty of the nature

Stop 2 The second stop is Krachiew Flower Field. I walk out from Pha Sud Phaendin Cliff and along the nature trail which have 5 rules as below:

  • Stay on Trail
    • Gathering of Flora Prohibited
    • Outside Animals Prohibited
    • Keep Clean
    • No Smoking

    Violation and the fine will be 500 THB.

    After about 10 minutes walk, I reach the open field which has the walking trail leading to the green field. I think it's here that we have to stay on a trail (I promise I will follow every rules above). Eventually, we see Krachiew flower here and there, in small and big bushes. They are pink and purple blossoming all over the green field. I think it's about 70% blossom now. This is my first time seeing it this close. I look at it without touching it as I'm afraid that I will break it. The petal are beautifully and colorfully staked. It is said that Kraciew flower is eatable. But I think letting it shine its beauty like this is the best. Soon, the sun behind the clouds shinning the light to the flower and the golden field comes into contrast with the pink flower, looking quite beautiful. After admiring this beauty for a while, I go out to wait for the next sightseeing bus.

    Its beauty is just beyond word to describe.

    Stop 3 Lan Hin No Park is an open field which has about 1-2 meters height of rocky hill. Here also is the famous scene for "Nakee", a drama series of Channel 3 where the main character sit and embrace our heroine while telling her how much he loves her in their past lives. I quite like Taew, the heroine. I think she's cute and good at acting. This stop doesn't take long, soon I go wait the sightseeing bus for the next stop.

    Last Stop Lan Hin Ngam Park is a beautiful natural rock park where rocks are formed and you can take your imagination and see it as what you think it is like, for example, the castle, FIFA World Cup, giant hen, etc. It is said that this area offers a beautiful sunrise (but the national park only opens at 6 a.m., I guess I have to spend a night here next time). It is quite difficult to walk here as no smooth trail was provided like Krachiew Flower field. Instead, we need to climb over the rocks in order to walk to other stops. Please don't forget to wear sneakers, otherwise, you could fall. I think the National Park should have the rule prohibiting tourists to climb over the signed rocks for photo taking.

    • First is to maintain the shape of the rocks the longest possible because it's naturally eroded by wind and rain already. So, harm from human behavior should be avoided.
    • Secondly, it is the courtesy when visiting public places. People come here wanting natural places, not with some people. But we have to wait for certain tourists to finish their poses on those rocks, one after the other, it is quite disturbing...
    • Finally, it is quite dangerous up there. In case people fall, the consequences will be bad. So we'd better prevent it at the first place.

    Castle Rock

    Giant Hen Rock

    Tham Mong Rock

    Mo Ham Tang Rock (people ask for a child and was granted.)

    FIFA World Cup Rock

    Giant Hen was stepped on!!!

    On the way back, we take the sightseeing bus from Lan Hin Ngam Park back to shopping area (where we got on the sightseeing bus at first). Now, shops on both side of the street are opened which is the best time to buy some souvenir home. Also, tourists could park and tent in this area with some fees applied. Tenting and sleeping equipment can be rented from the national park too.

    Here is the tenting area. This time I come up with limited time, let's do it next time!

    Finally, I do what I normally do on every journey which is sending myself a postcard.

    I leave the national park at 11 a.m. because I went for grilled meatballs and Northeast pork sausage at Lan Hin Ngam Park. After that, I pack, take a shower, and leave hotel at noon. Then, I stop for lunch at Lung Nuad restaurant (many people have reviewed). I also take a photo at the windmill. Then, I also do a quick stop for coffee at Lopburi (my grandma's house). After that, I go straight to Bangkok. I reach Bangkok at 6 p.m. which is exactly 24 hours for my Krachiew Flower field trip.

    The entrance towards this windmill is near Lung Nuad restaurant. It is quite easy to find as you just need to find Lung Nuad restaurant (it is about 10 km from the tri-section turning towards Krachiew flower field.

    Here is my auntie's coffee shop, "Ruam Coffee", every good tastes come in this one glass, hehe.

    It is located on Muang Khom-Tha Luang road, you can ask for a direction at 087-004-3474. Please do stop by when you have a chance, thank you ^^


  • National Park entrance fee is 30 THB for adult.
  • Sightseeing bus ticket is 30 THB for adult.
  • Fan room at Ban Chom Dao is 800 THB.
  • Lunch at Lung Nuad restaurant is 475 THB.
  • The petrol for a round trip of 579 km distance is 900 THB.

     Sunday, July 16, 2017 9:09 PM