"Phu Soi Dao" still misses
the sound of the rain
that is painted by the fog
with Crested Serpent sweet purple flowers field
and hardships that come with happiness.....

When rainy season comes, one of the most beautiful natural attractions which is quite popular is “Phu Soi Dao”, especially from August to the beginning of October in each year. If you love adventure, hiking, you must not miss to travel to this beautiful natural pine tree forest along Thai-Laos boarder. Meanwhile, rain, Crested Serpent sweet purple flowers field is blossoming throughout this pine forest and you can have a great time enjoying the cool waterfall as well.

Phu Soi Dao” or Phu Soi Dao National Park covers two provinces including Phitsanulok and Uttaradit. We have to walk about 6.5 km to conquer it which takes about 5-6 hours. We are going to hike through 5 hills of which one is steeper than the previous one. These 5 hills are Noen Song Yat, Noen Prab Sean, Noen Pako, Noen Sue Krong, and Noen Morana.

My program is a 3 days 2 night trip.

Day 1 : Walk on foot from Phu Soi Doi Waterfall, conquer 5 hills - pine forest - Crested Serpent sweet purple flowers field on pine forest park and enjoy the sunset
Day 2 : Enjoy the sea fog and sunrise - walk around Saithip Waterfall - Crested Serpent sweet purple flowers field on pine forest park - boarder area - sunset
Day 3 : Enjoy the sea fog and sunrise - back home

We start to walk on foot since Phu Soi Dao Waterfall. We walk along the mountain and listen to sound of waterfalls along the way.

After that, we start on a serious trekking route, starting from Noen Song Yat.

This hill literally means sending relative off and I really want to change it into sending friends off, please go first, my friends, haha.

"Noen Morana" is the last hill. After this hill, it's quite an easy walk. Let's stop for some sightseeing.

Here how it looks like when looking down to the way we just hiked up at Noen Morana. If you want to know how steep it is, you can come and check it out yourself.

If we go pass this point, we will get a life award of "Phu Soi Dao Conqueror" at the height of 1,633 meters above sea level. Here you can see the view, endless sea, enjoy the chill wind, and if your face is touched by fog, your exhaustion will be all healed. The peak of Phu Soi Doi is at 2,102 meters above sea level which is the 4th tallest mountain in Thailand and it's only opened to public after rainy season.

Thai native Lily is now beautifully blossoming and greeting us at Noen Morana right before we reach the Phu Soi Dao Conqueror sign.

We must not miss to take photo with this "Phu Soi Dao Conqueror" sign and check in to make our friend envy.

After enough rest and photos taking with the sign, we walk to the tenting area at the tourist information center which is called pine forest park in order to tent and cook dinner. It is about 600-700 meters walk. We now rest and save some energy for the next day. For those who have lots of energy and reach the tenting area quickly, you will have some time to enjoy Crested Serpent sweet purple flowers, go take photo with Thai-Laos boarder sign and enjoy the sunset.

"Crested Serpent sweet purple flowers" or mid-day dew, really, it won't blossom if it's not noon yet. Well, it's really the charm of the rainy season here. "Phu Soi Dao" that is full of Crested Serpent sweet purple flowers which is all blossoming in pink and purple is beautifully and warmly welcoming us here.

Here, there's a lot to see and take photos, we can just do it all day long and not get bored a bit.

Here is the freshness of the living things in the rainy season.

To take a shower or use the toilet here, everyone must rent a bucket from the National Park in order to get the water yourself at the river (I'm so envy of those who have a boyfriend to help). Well, it is a charm of this place where everyone is equal regardless of look and wealth.

On Phu Soi Dao, there're also waterfalls for us to enjoy and learn about the nature:

"Saithip Waterfall"

"Saithip Waterfall" is located near the accommodation where we can wander around about 10-20 minutes. It is a small waterfall with 7 floors. Each floor is about 5-10 meters tall. It's surrounded by the lush green forest, rocks, and covered with green moss.

What are we going to face?

- “Rain” You will see it for sure because we travel in monsoon season. But I have to say that it is the charm here. When the rain comes, the fog is beautiful and so is the waterfall. Oh, do not forget to bring a raincoat and if you like an umbrella, it's fine too. For clothes, sleeping bag, we must pack in a plastic bag before putting into our bag. Flysheet, ground sheet, and the tent must be strong enough to protect you from rain and dew. And if you don't have them, you can rent one from the National Park too.

- “Cold” Really? Traveling during the rainy season is also cold? Well, this mountain is quite high so it'd be cold for sure, especially when it rains, it could get really cold. But Dao Loi is our answer, haha. What is Dao Loi, you have to find it out here at Phu Soi Dao.

- “Restroom” If you travel during the long holidays or the weekends, then you have to wait in queue, otherwise, you can do it in the forest. To take a shower or use the toilet here, everyone must rent a bucket from the National Park in order to get the water yourself at the river (I'm so envy of those who have a boyfriend to help). Well, it is a charm of this place where everyone is equal regardless of look and wealth.

- “Black Flies” It sucks blood like a mosquito. We will feel itchy and scratch it so badly for about a week. Do not forget to bring insect repellent, especially those who wear shorts up to the flower field.

- “Drinking water” The National Park save the rainwater into a tank where we can take it for cooking and drinking. But if you feel uncomfortable with it, you can buy drinking water and hire someone to help you carry up there.

- “Flashlight” There's no electricity, we must use it when going for the restroom, showering, and etc.

- “Shoes” We must be prepared for trekking and make sure it won't slip.

- “Clothes” For hiking up and down, the clothes should be light and easy to dry (we can even just wear the same cloth, probably no one will notice?) At night, we should have a jacket and dry sleeping bag.

- “Mobile Signal” Only at Thai-Laos boarder that the mobile signal is available. If you need to call someone or get in touch with someone, you have to go there as there's no signal at the tenting area. However, it gives us a chance to get to talk and know more friends and here is what I really like.

Additional Information

Phu Soi Dao National Park

you can call and ask for Luk Hab (someone to help you carry stuff up to the mountain): http://park.dnp.go.th/visitor/nationparkshow.php?P...

This rainy season, let's try to get in touch with the nature and enjoy the sun to freshen ourselves up. I'm sure many people who have traveled wanted to come back again. And every time, you get new experiences and endless impressive memories.

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