This review, Mae Pranorm stays at Hotel Indigo, on August 16, 2015 by the hotel invitation for a night trial stay.

The hotel is a five-star boutique, part of InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) which is recently opened on the Wireless Road. The hotel combines vintage details and modern materials offering the warm feeling of being at home in the heart of Bangkok Wireless Road near to the American Embassy. In general, the rooms and the food here are not that expensive compared to another five-star hotels.

Let's have a look together how it is!

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Mae Pranorm as usual, the location according to the map.

It is located on the edge of the Wireless Road.

Food and beverage promotion on display, it is affordable.

Let's go to check in.

IHG members do not forget to bring a coin for a gumball machine as you can win many prizes including a free stay at the hotel.

We win the prize of free dinner buffet.

We take the lift to our room.

Wall decor in front of the lift, I really like it.

Let's see the room!

The hotel gives us the Executive Room which cost more than the standard room, it is slightly bigger.

Details as per below,

This type of room offers a free soft drink minibar and food and beverage credit THB800 ++ to enjoy eating and drinking throughout the hotel, we get THB1,600 ++as we are two plus late check-out up to 4:00PM.

Free soft drinks on up right.

We stay in room number 500.

Inside the room.

A minibar refrigerator in the left closet.

Turn right onto it.

But first stop here at the bathroom.

Bathroom is wider than the standard room, I think it is big.

A little more from bathroom.

Now we come to the bed room.

Such a cool spot to sit and do some work.

Another corner of the room.

Then the balcony just like being in the centre of concrete jungle park.

After seeing the room, we go for lunch.

We eat in the restaurant called Metro on Wireless, the only restaurant in the hotel serving authentic Thai and fusion cuisine. A small choice of Western cuisine is also available. It is affordable.

There are lunch set menus both Thai and Western. Thai at THB290 ++ /and Western at THB390 ++.

We order one Thai set.

Here is a la carte menu.

What are in Thai set, let's have a look.

A complimentary set of Thai chilli paste is given to every table.

Here comes the Thai set.

Complimentary 2 choices of rice.


And follows by tea or coffee

There is the menu that designed by Chef Ian (Iron Chef Thailand, who is based at the Intercontinental Hotel).

We order to try on a very big piece of rib with basil flavor. It is really tasty delicious.

Together with hot steamed rice is just great.

Once we are full, we take the tuk-tuk to see a standard room.

Here we are, it is around THB3,000+-. Please check on internet as the rate fluctuates depending on period and availability.

Firstly, have a look at bathroom.

Follows by bed room.

05:00PM we go for Happy Hour at the 22 Steps Bar.

It is called 22 Steps Bar because of its 22 step staircase from lobby up to the bar. Now, a promotion "Delight Five to Nine" is ongoing. You can choose between a Buy 1 Get 1 Free or drink unlimited on free flow of wine, beer, cocktails and soft drinks at THB599++ from 5PM to 9PM (4 hours).

They have a special drink too, I don't remember its name, something 88 and it is 88 Baht.

A cocktail drink with alcohol is 88 Baht, buy one get one free during the happy hour.

And order to a beautiful lady, "Nid" at just 88 Baht.

Find a cool seat.

We choose buy 1 get 1 free. It is better because we are not good drinkers. Just a drink per one keeps us sit long to enjoy internet surfing.

We have dinner buffet. It is available only on Saturday and Sunday at THB450 ++ per person including 2 dishes from a la carte menu per person.

Here, order 2 dishes from this menu.

These are 4 dishes that we order, delicious!

And take any foods from buffet line as you like.

Let's have a look hotel at night.

And the pool, it is really beautiful here.

Then fitness which is located on the same floor as the pool.

It is breakfast buffet, but you can also order from a la carte menu. City atmosphere but feeling like being in a garden.

Chef is invited to sit and take a picture with us.

And it comes to an end.

It is really comes to an end, really hope that you will like this.

Lastly, I would like to specially thank to for allowing us to share and search for many helpful travel information.

Thank you to friends and fans who continually support Mae Pranorm.

I will surely put maximum effort to make my review better and better.

Love all readers...........................................

Mae Pranorm.


 Thursday, September 10, 2015 5:48 PM