Sawaddee Krub everyone

Today, I would to share my experince of my journey to Khao Kho and Phu Thap Boek.

"The journey of finding foggy sea in Phetchabun from 4-6 September 2015"

I see a lot of photos on social media and I feel like I have to go there to enjoy the beautiful scene of Khao Kho and Phu Thap Boek.

It is too much of introduction so let's start our journey to see a heaven on earth.

We are hoping to see the foggy sea. So we departure from Bangkok around 4 o'clock and get there around 8 o'clock, we shell still have some fogs to see. I am so excited^^

We drive from Bangkok by taking road no. 1 (Phaholyotin road) through Saraburi Province and turn to road no. 21 pass Chaibadan, Srithep, Mueang Phetchabun then turn left to road no.2258 to Ruenrudee intersection then turn right to road no. 2196 heading to Khao Kho. As we estimated, we arrive there around 8 o'clock so we are driving around finding our foggy sea until the time of check-in. I also take a travel map of Khun Chanom to be a part of my journey, thank you very much for such a good information.

Our first destination is "Prisanee Khao Kho"

There is very less fog because it is quite late already. Disappointed from the first one T_T

So we continue driving to another viewpoint "Ban Phetdham viewpoint"

Again, we are disappointed again, however it is still beautiful by itself. After disappointed twice, we decide to go to Camp Son side and heading to Wat Pha Son Kaew. But when we arrive, it is raining and windy. So we stop by Pino Latte Resort & Cafe to enjoy view first.

There is fog cover all area and we cannot see Wat Pha Son Kaew at all. However, I think it is such a great atmosphere that feels so comfortable.

Take a seat and grab a drink while waiting fog to be gone...So that we can see the beautiful temple below.

(Drinks here are quite expensive)

That's why a lot of people always want to come here. As you can see it is really beautiful and good atmosphere.

We are really enjoyed taking photos here.

"Wat Pha Son Kaew" is another destination that you should visit when you come to Phetchabun.

The temple was built in the middle of nature with peaceful atmosphere and surrounded by mountains. Moreover, there is a beautiful pagoda which decorated with jewels and Thai porcelain.

Sadly, The five Buddha Image is closed for renovation, we can only take a photo from outside.

It is very beautiful and valuable for visiting.

After that, we are heading to the resort for check-in. we stay at "Khao Kho Swiss" I read the review of this resort that if you are lucky, you will see the foggy sea right in front of your room. The room rate is 1,100 baht per night.

And this is the room's atmosphere>>>>Let's go!!!!

View in front of our room

There is a balcony to lie down and watch the beautiful sunset.

In the morning, I am so excited wake up since 5 o'clock to see the foggy sea as I hope. So these are the view from our room.

From less fog to be foggy and become the foggy sea ~_~

"Wat Kong Niem viewpoint" where I really have to go in this trip because I have found so many reviews about it.

If I can go there, enjoy the most beautiful view ever and feel like we are in the dream world.

I decide to drive there in an early morning to see the dream world that I am waiting for. These are what I see....

Oh My God...I Love Thailand...I fall in love with this foggy sea...It is just so beautiful as I expect.

I wish I could have more time here but I have to move on to the next destination which "Prisanee Khao Kho" another destination point that you should not miss.

Of cause, I will not be disappointed again, we see a really beautiful foggy sea. And this is my first time to see something like this.

As I know, "Prisanee Khao Kho" is a place where people can camp.

During the way back to the resort, we see "Romklao Khao Kho school", I think that it might be another viewpoint so we stop by for a while.

And we are not disappointed, here is another viewpoint that not many people come. It is really a heaven on earth.

After enjoying the foggy sea, we are heading back to the resort and check-out then continue our journey to Phu Thap Boek. I think it is already valuable for me to see the foggy sea here, if we can see it again at Phu Thap Boek that will be our benefit.

It takes about one hour to get there because the road is quite difficult to drive especially go up and down the mountain so we need to be very careful.

Tada....we are here at Phu Thap Boek>>>

Tonight we will camp here, I rent a tent for 500 baht which can stay for 3-4 people from Phu Thap Boek Tourism enterprise. The staff will prepare the tent for us. Then select where to locate the tent, of cause I choose to put my tent close to the viewpoint as much as I can. The weather today is quite unstable, either raining, sunshine or windy.

@ The top of Phu Thap Boek viewpoint....see below "The stars on the ground", it is because of lights from houses below make it feel so. If you are lucky, you might see stars on the sky as well.

At around 8.00pm., there is windy and heavy rain, many tents are destroy, people are move back to stay in the car. But for us we have to stay with our stuffs here. So we cannot sleep and wet with 17 degree at that time. I even think that why do I have to try so hard here? Is it going to be worth for me? bababa However, I fall asleep without notice.

In the morning with wet and cold, I wake up around 5 o'clock in the morning and go to the bathroom. I look to the Heaven Hill on the other side of Phu Thap Boek, it is clear sky and no fog at all.

Feeling a little bit disappointed T T...

So I take my camera and walk down to another viewpoint. These are what I see when I get to the view point below:

When I see these, everything that I have been through last night is gone...

Only feeling of so exciting and amazing with the thing in front of me now.

It is the first time in my life to see the most beautiful foggy sea like this.

Colorful clear sky, the sun is raising up!!!

People are coming to take their spots for taking photos with the impressive moment.

Crazy foggy waves over houses

Taking photos as many as I can

Cabbages plant yard with foggy sea on the side...

After enjoying so much fun with foggy sea here, we are going to find something to eat. Suddenly, the second destination is pop up and there are even more fog than the previous one.

Even though we have been through some hard time, some disappointment but I think we are successful for finding our foggy sea. It is very valuable for the money and time that we spend.

Foggy sea @ Khao Kho - Phu Thap Boek will be in my memory for a long time.

I hope that people who have read this review have a chance to go there and have the real moment.

If I a chance I will definitely go back enjoy The heaven on earth at the dream world city like Phetchabun again.

Photos and comments on this review cannot compare with the really one.

Once in your life, you will know how beautiful of the nature.

Information for camping area: Phu Thap Boek Tourism Enterprise, there are both bungalows and tents for rental.

Tel. 085-733-9737, Open everyday from 6.00am to 9.00pm.

Total cost for this trip: 3 days 2 nights @ Khao Kho - Pho Thap Boek

- First night at Khao Kho Swiss 1,100 baht, Extra bed 400 baht = 1,500 baht

- Second night at Phu Thap Boek for tent rental 500 baht

- Gasoline cost for round trip Bangkok - Phetchaboon 2,300 baht

- Food cost 5 meals average at 300 baht per meal = 1,500 baht

So total expense for this trip is 5,800 baht for 3 people average 1,9xx baht per person only

Last but not least, I would like to thank you everyone for supporting me.

Moreover, I would like to also apologize to everyone that in the pictures that share on this review.

Thank you Khon Rak Khao Kho Phu Thap Boek association

that share all good experiences and update the situation in Khao Kho and Phu Thap Boek everyday.

Before leaving, I have a clip from foggy sea...please enjoy!!!

Foggy Seea @ Prisanee Khao Kho

Foggy Sea @ Phu Thap Boek view point

If you have any question or would to see more reviews click here:

It is another channel to communicate and share your ideas about travel.

If there is any wrong, I am so sorry for that.

Thank you and goodbye.

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