Mae Pranorm has been invited by the hotel to stay at Sugar Palm Grand Hillside Hotel in Phuket.

Sugar Palm Grand Hillside is a 4-star hotel located at the foothill of Kata Beach. It is only 5-minute walk from the beach. The room rate is reasonable and will be very cheap during low season.

This 3 days and 2 nights trip has been nothing but rain. Therefore, we don't go out much, just stay in the hotel, go to PALM SQUARE, and walk on Kata Beach. PALM SQUARE is a mini-complex not far from the hotel and it offer 20% discount on food for guests who are staying at Sugar Palm Grand Hillside. So you can get a good food at a very good price there. We also go for a walk on Kata Beach since it is so close to the hotel. And we have found out that this beach is not bad at all. You don't even need to go to an island to see the beautiful beach.

This is roughly the summary of this trip so it is one of the total relaxation trips.

If you are ready, let's go into the details of this whole trip!

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Mae Pranorm

If you are staying 3 nights or more, you will get a complementary Airport transfer. So if your stay is eligible, please don't forget to contact the hotel to arrange the complementary Airport transfer right away.

This is the map of the hotel.

We fly from Bangkok to Phuket with our regular airline, Air Asia.

We have been picked up by the hotel car. It takes almost 1 hour to get to the hotel.

Let's go and check in!

The Lobby is not that big. I guess the hotel knows well that their guests would rather spend their time in their own room with a stunning view than here.

The complementary internet corner.

Complementary drinks.

You can get a massage for only 300 THB as the promotion. I am not sure when it will be ended though.

These are all the stuffs we get after checking in, free internet password, welcome drink coupons to use at Sky Bar on 7th floor, and 20% discount coupon to use at PALM SQUARE.

Now let's go to our room! Our room is on the top floor and we need to use 2 different elevators to go up there.

View of lush greenery in front of our room door.

This is how our room looks like. The sinks are outside the bathroom.

The bathroom offers both bathtub and rainfall shower head.

All room types come with complementary mini-bar even the cheapest room type around 1,000 THB during low season. Everything in the refrigerator is included. They will be replenished every day at 5 PM.

The bedroom.

The bed is huge and comfortable.

The highlight is this swimming pool right at our balcony.

If I am not mistaken, there are 11 swimming pools located right at the balcony on different floors in the hotel.

Guests who stay in the rooms that don't have the private balcony pool, they can use the public swimming pool. These type of rooms cost about 1,000 THB.

Our first dinner in Phuket is at PALM SQUARE which is located not far from the hotel. The hotel also offer a free shuttle van to get there. Moreover, we can use 20% discount coupon there.

You can even walk there since it is only 850 meters to get there from the hotel.

This is the hotel's shuttle van.

There we go! This is PALM SQUARE, a mini-complex where it consists of numbers of restaurants, spa, and yoga center.

The spa is on the 3rd floor.

The yoga center.

The restaurants are on the lower floors.

The Japanese restaurant.

The Sport Bar where people gather once there is a live sport match. The atmosphere is very nice and the drinks here are not expensive (sorry that I forgot to take a photo of the menu for you).

General atmosphere.

The Filipino live band, they are very good.

We have ended up having our dinner here at the local restaurant named Kati.

The menu.

This is what we have ordered and it is only 568 THB after 20% discount. It is very cheap.

We are totally full now. Let's look for a place to chill with a great music!

It is 11.30 PM now and the live band has stopped playing. We guess it is time to go back to the hotel so we have called the hotel to send the shuttle van to pick us up.

The new refreshing day has come. Luckily that the rain has stopped somehow so we have decided to go for a walk on the beach. We have found out that Kata Beach is very beautiful with delicate sand.

Kata Beach it is. You should come and witness its beauty with your own eyes.

After walking on Kata Beach for a while, we are back to PALM SQUARE again for our breakfast.

And our breakfast is at O-Oh Cafe where breakfast, tea, coffee, and bakery are served.

Look at how they have designed and decorated their Cafe! It is very nice and has many spots that is good for taking photos.

The menu and our breakfast today.

We are back to the hotel after the breakfast. Well, we kind of wonder how the cheapest room (Around 1,000 THB) in the hotel looks like so we ask the staff to show it to us kindly.

The room is pretty the same but a bit smaller in size with no swimming pool at the balcony.

The bedroom.

It has been raining and it seems like it won't stop soon. So we are having lunch in the hotel. Guess what! The food here is not expensive at all. The price is pretty much the same as the regular restaurants outside and the food tastes good too.

The menu.

Our lunch dishes.

This is the local pineapple known as Phuket pineapple. It was given by someone but we are sorry that we forget his name.

He would like us to try if it is delicious or not and it is. This local pineapple is not expensive either.

The rain almost stops and once it does, it would be a good time to go up and chill at the Sky Bar name 7th Heaven as we saw its photo in the elevator. It looks very nice with relaxing ambiance.

I guess we can watch the sunset over Kata Beach from there too.

Unfortunately, the rain starts to pour down again. So the bar won't be opened. What a pity!

Our dinner tonight is here at PALM SQUARE again.

We will eat here at Mali Chic Restaurant.

Don't forget that we are entitled for 20% discount as well!

The menu.

Complementary Salad Buffet.

This is what I have ordered. Well, I am going to start off this dinner first because Mae Pranorm has gone out for a little party with her friends. She will be here later.

We are heading back to the hotel now after the dinner.

The last day of this trip has approached. Our today's breakfast is in the hotel. The breakfast buffet line is not that variety but I would say it is up to the hotel's standard.

Finally, it is time to check out and go to the airport for the flight at 2 PM.

However, before we leave, the hotel's chef really wants to show her skill in cooking. So she has prepared us some menus especially Mhoo-Hong (Phuket-styled stew pork) as she has heard that we want to eat.

Even though Mhoo-Hong is not as good as in the famous restaurant in downtown but it is tasty and at reasonable price.

We fly back to Bangkok with Air Asia again today.

And this trip ends here, I hope you all like this travel review one way or another.

Lastly, thanks to for giving a space for us to share great stories and useful information!!

Thank you to all fans and friends for your kind support.

I will try to make my travel reviews better and better.


Mae Pranorm


 Thursday, October 15, 2015 9:47 AM