:: Personally, I never wanted to visit here because I see nothing interesting here, it is only flowers which I'm not that much fancy. However, my beloved sister is flying back from China to visit us and the gangsters (our team page that we used to call close friends). So that this trip to "Phu Soi Doi" is arranged as no one has been here yet. And then we all are ready to experience the new world called "Phu Soi Doi". Once everything is planned, our trip of a thousand THB with some changes has begun.....

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:: On how to get from Bangkok to trekking place at Phu Soi Doi, Pantip has several reviews that tell us how already. So then I wonder why would I re-review it again and make it redundant. The question arose after I spent about an hour finishing customizing photos. I started to get really tired and thought that I would not review this trip. I felt extremely lazy, turn off my computer and getting ready for a shower. After talking on a phone with my mom, I spent about 5 minutes in the bathroom, relaxing my body and mind and getting prepared for bed so that I could sleep without sleep talking like several nights before.....

Well, she didn't sleep yet....why.....

:: A cute looking sister who has the eyes that seem to close at all time, the sister I just got to know several weeks earlier was having stressed. She talked to our team about her income that could be manipulated so as a gentleman or just simply to get some face, I told her that "let me review while I wait with you"....Dah.......So handsome, may be I really in need of attention these days, haha. Anyhow, in fact, I'm really worried about her...

:: Now, let's turn to our trip, I will not talk much but only the core details. On how to get from Bangkok to trekking starting point at Phu Soi Dao, we could travel like this, in general.

- A coach from Bangkok to Phitsanulok, Por. 1 class with a fare of 270 THB. It leaves Bangkok at 22.30 p.m. and will arrive Phitsanulok around 3 a.m..

- Then, we have to wait until around 5 a.m. when the bus ticket counter to Charttrakarn is opened. We need to buy it quick as it is full so quick. The fare is 90 THB (the ticket has no seat assignment, it is first comes first serves service. I'm a bit late so I have to sit on the door like the photo above, haha. It's so funny when think about it now, and I have to sit like this for 2-3 hours.)

- After that we have to hire truck for a round trip to Phu Soi Dao from Charttrakarn. The price is 2,000 THB and we will need to rush down from the mountain before noon.

- On the way back, after we are back to Phitsanulok bus terminal, we will buy a ticket of Phitsanulok Yanyont Company back to Bangkok. It is 270 THB and leaves Phisanulok at 19.00 p.m. and arrives Bangkok about midnight.

:: With a brief explanation like this, do you understand? If not, please go back to read it again with more concentration, I think I write in a way that is quite easy to understand, haha.

:: From Bangkok to Phitsanulok is approximately 5 hours.

:: And from Phitsanulok to Charttrakarn is approximately 3 hours.

:: Once we arrive at Charttrakarn as I suggested above, we need to find a truck to hire and tell him we will stop at the fresh market first before going up to Phu Soi Dao as there's no food up there, not like Phu Kradeung (I said like I've been there already), haha. Well, let's say we need to cook ourselves up there. Our job now is to think about the menu that will be good for our team members. And once we are at the market, we will help buying stuff to save time.

:: We are 14 people altogether in this trip, we talk and decide that we would like to enjoy barbecue with some alcohol and some easy things. So we buy a whole box of instant noodle, no stingy, no fear of leftover, if something is left, next group will have it. We buy garlic, fish sauce and eggs. As for eggs, we thought that we will have 2 each in average so we bough 20 of them. On how to bring fresh eggs to the mountain is quite easy, I got the lesson from an episode to "Mokoju" trip ( http://pantip.com/topic/33151532 ). We will break eggs into a bottle and tightly cover it. Only this, eggs will stay fresh the entire trip. As for the food, we spent about 1,000 THB with 14 people, each person spent less than 100 THB. As for lunch, we buy sticky rice and grilled pork as it's the easiest food for bringing up. Once everything is ready, we are heading towards Phu Soi Dao National Park right away, Yay!!!!!


:: It is approximately 2 hours from fresh market in Charttrakarn to Phu Soi Dao National Park. On the way, a mist after rice fields and mountains are seen regularly. The route is quite curvy like the road to Umphang, but a bit better, haha. We are taking turn to feel the wind outside, tell stories and just trick one another as we have not seen one another for a long time. Oh, I almost forget to tell you that, not everyone of us know one another before, we just happened to know each other as we all joined the trip with the page PALAPILII Thailand.

Mark : PALAPILII Thailand is the page that is not suitable for the people with beautiful world mindset as there's a lot of dramas going on, the admin is quite something!!!! haha.

:: Once we arrive, we go to the staff of the National Park as we already booked it. As for the telephone, I'm really not sure, you may Google it or read from other people's review, haha. If I get it later, I will let you know again. Then, we start to prepare things and pay as follow:

- The National Park entrance fee is 40 THB.

- The camping is 30 THB. If you didn't bring the tent, you can rent it as a set of 900 THB which includes tent, pillow and sleeping pad. It is for 4 people but in fact 5 people is ok too as the tent is quite big.

- For the baggage service, it is 35 THB per kilogram if you want to have someone carry for you (Lukhab). But our team carry ourselves, we have stronger friends helping with it.

- Lastly, the waste deposit is 30 THB per person, on the way back, we take the trash down for the refund :)

:: Well, There will be E-tan (a small truck) to pick us up from the National Park to the trekking starting point. But since there are so many people waiting, we decided to get there by foot (as above photo). Did you see something over there? Well, at last, we have to hitchhike the truck as we don't want to waste any more time. We are quite bad guys now since we just cut the line. Please don't blame on us, we just get the right moment on, haha.


:: Our tip started from Phu Soi Dao Waterfall, isn't it? J I'm not quite sure about it too since we are not so interested. The waterfall is not so waterfall like but just ok to get by and we will stop on our way back, haha. At the beginning, it's like warming up. We walk slowly. And very soon, one of our teammates get really tired so I volunteered to help her carry her bag. I have to say that I put my bag into one of our teammate already and now I have another one, altogether, there's 3 bags on me. I also carry 4 liters of water and 2 kilograms of pork, haha. It's so funny because now I become a "Lukhab" or a person who carried tourists' bags already....

:: Then, I carried like that all the way. Phu Soi Dao has several hills but the hill that will scare you out is called "Noen Song Yat" or sending off the relatives hill. The name has suggested it all already. It's like I have come here to send you off, you will need to take care yourselves from here on. Well, this is the first hill but it's already like a hell. It makes my legs so weak. After that, we continue hiking to "Noen Pa Ko" and up to "Noen Sue Krong" Here, I see two other teammates are resting and drinking water, I really have no energy left and my legs are so sore. So then I hand over my third bag to them and say "please…help me" haha. And then I continue on my hike until I reach a place where I'm completely speechless. I look to the 10.30 direction and I scream quietly. Sh*t!!! This must be "Noen Morana" or dying hill. I have no photo to show you of how it looks, I want you to get speechless experience like me. I was like walking all the way without resting until I see this hill, I have to sit and make my heart for about 10 minutes, haha.

:: After making up my heart, it's time to conquer this "Noen Morana". Well, I'm a very lucky man, it's now raining, sh*t!!! haha. Now, not only is it steep, it's also slippery. Oh, I forgot to tell you that I actually wear slipper and it has always been like this. It is only the extreme trip that I would wear "satad doi" (it refers to the shoes that 'Lukhab' wear, 60 THB each). In fact, I quite like it when it rains. At first, I lost all my energy but it all comes back to me with the rain. I run and feel fun and want to reach destination right away. Finally, I arrive at base camp within about 2 hours or 2 and a half hours but certainly not exceeding 3 hours. Hello! So this is what they called "Phu Soi Dao"!!!


:: We wait until the rain stops. Meanwhile, we go to rent a charcoal stove in order to cook food for friends who are behind. At first, we wanted to pick them up but they are yet showing up. We must have really come ahead (in fact, the correct way of trekking is to have the strongest at the last). So then we are thinking to cook while waiting for the rest. We then go to the shop of the National Park to rent the following stuffs:

- A stove, coal, gas stove, gas, bowl and all this cost 380 THB.

:: Up here, the National Park also collect rains for us to drink and use free of charge. This is so good and we also save some money. Oh! I forgot to tell you that we bought 2 liters of water per each person at the market. It is about 20 THB each. We think that it is necessary to have at least 2 liters water as one liter will be used along the way and the other for cooking.

:: We usually start cooking from the easiest thing, which is the instant noodle. If you don't hike you would never understand how delicious the instant noodle could be. Especially when you also hear or smell the fried eggs, OMG! It brings out the water in our mouth more than the lime when you are at downhill, haha. In between, some are resting and some are using restroom. Up here we also have bathroom, but personally I like to look up. OMG! The sky is exceptionally beautiful.

:: From the dark sky turns unexpectedly so bright. Now, let's take a look at the atmosphere up here :)

:: The highlight here is the pine yard and purple flowers called "Dok Ngon Naga". However, the flowers start to fall and get withered. On the other hand, the sky that day is really beautiful. In addition, there is also a waterfall up here for us to freshen up. Well, in fact, not taking shower during trekking is considered normal, haha. Anyhow, this time we have a waterfall so let's go enjoy showering time....

:: On the way to the waterfall is quite steep and slippery. But what amazed me the most is that it is not as beautiful as what I have seen in the picture, haha. I really hate people using Photoshop and Lightroom. They are really genius in making the waterfall a heaven like. When I actually see it, just a few minutes after hanging my legs in and I'm done. On the way walking up, the sun is about to set so I run quickly. The scene in front of me is so beautifully silhouette.

:: That evening is so soft with the light bulbs shining from the sun. OMG…. It is so so breathtaking. The light is just right, not too strong that it could disturb photography. No matter how you take or where you take, it is just perfect. All these photos are taken from my iPhone until the sun is completely set..

Good Night


:: Good morning! This is the episode of the mist all around Phu Soi Dao. Actually, this view is nothing new to this place. If you have come here, you would see tourists wandering around in the morning. They would walk in this gigantic pine yard where you can see and learn a lot. At this place, I'm not so into it so I just keep walking, walking, and walking.

:: Well, along the way there are only mist and fog and fog and mist and some flowers. No matter where you walk, you will see this view. I also use this chance to take a lot of photos as I might not return again, haha.

:: And we will be all ending up here at this signature place.... which is "the Kilometer Pole of Thai-Laos".


:: We should leave this place before 9 a.m.. During the time we visit, it rains every day. It still rains at 8 a.m. but we decided to leave, otherwise, we will miss the bus. On the way, we keep taking photos of the light mist. It is a bit sad to leave so early. Think about it now, it is less than 24 hours and we have to leave already. It seems like we haven't truly gotten to know this place. But, coming back? I don't think so, haha. One word, so tiring!

:: Before leaving, let's take a memorable photo together.....1 2 3 Cheese!!!

:: Last of the last, I want to say that the most beautiful viewpoint of Phu Soi Dao is not at the viewpoint but it's on the way up to "Noen Morana". Thank you so much for reading until this line. See you again next trip. I'm thinking to cruising Phuket and I promise to have a good review for you all as usual :)


Mi Palapilii

 Monday, October 19, 2015 3:55 PM