Thailand Cherry Blossom or Wild Himalayan Cherry is now blossoming at Phu Lom Lo, on an area of 480 acres filled with Wild Himalayan Cherry trees. This area has become the largest area of Thailand Cherry Blossom trees. In the winter, the mountain is covered with the dreamy pinkness.

Phu Lom Lo is located in the Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park- a mountain on the border of three provinces; Pisanulok, Petchaboon and Loei. Phu Lom Lo is in the Dan Sai district, Loei on the sea level of 1,664 meters. You can easily reach it by car without driving all the way to the North.

Wild Himalayan Cherry blossoms only once a year around December to February depending on the weather. It is advised that you check for information before traveling. For 2018, the flowers start to bloom around December and reach its peak in the middle of January. All the flowers blossom at the same time for the past few years. So you shouldn’t miss the chance of seeing the beautiful flowers in January!

Tourists are not allowed to stay overnight in the Phu Lom Lo area, but accommodation is available in the Phu Hin Rong Kla Phu Tab Buek National Park or in the Mai Rong Kla Village(housing and tents).

Personal vehicles are restricted because the dirt roads are dangerous and difficult for rescue if an accident occurs, also to avoid heavy traffic in the area. So that tourists can fully admire the beautiful Wild Himalayan Cherry trees and support the local community.

Tourists can use the shuttle bus provided by the National Park ,the complete tour will take approx. 3 hours with a maximum of 10 persons per bus. If you come in a small group, you can share a bus with other tourists as well to save costs.

The first bus starts at 5 AM and the last at 4 PM. You can hop on at:

  • The Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park office (approx. 15 KM) 1,500 baht.
  • Mai Rong Kla Village (approx. 9 KM) 1,000 baht.
  • Kok Saton, Dan Sai district, Loei’s Tourist Center (approx. 19 KM) 1,500 baht.

For me, I took the Petchaboon-Lomsak route to Phu Tab Buek and entered the Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park. Then, I stayed at Mai Rong Kla Village. I would like to thank the Ban Rong Kla Development Center for providing a free camping site for tourists. As the picture below ,you can see that there is a free camping site for tents with toilets ,trash bins and electricity. If you decide to camp here, please don’t make noise and keep the area clean.

If you are ready,follow me!

We started by getting on the bus to see the cherry blossoms. If you go early, you can admire the sun rise at Phu Lom Lo peak. The driver will take us there first. The weather is less than 10 degrees Celsius and it’s windy.

It's a shame this morning was very windy so I couldn't see the fog sea. But the view was amazing!

You can walk along the trail to the Phu Lom Lo peak. There are also viewpoints.

The Sun starts shining and you can see the beautiful fields of cherry blossom trees.

You can also see the Phu Tab Buek Temple's pagoda!

Admire the vast view of the mountains. Seeing them makes me so happy :D I really love mountains.

Then I asked the driver to take us to see each field to take pictures. The driver was very nice and allowed us to take as much time as we liked. Prepare drinking water and something to eat cause' on the way there are no local stores. Also, don't forget not to litter!

The flowers haven't fully blossomed yet. I can see pink every where. So romantic!

Thank you for the model as he is much more handsome than me :D

Keep on walking - it's cloudy today so there is no Sun.

It's a good thing that personal vehicles are not allowed here - there is no traffic and the view is pure.

You can ask the driver to park anywhere you like. The driver can also help you take photos!

Don't forget! : Please do not touch or pick the flowers and save the environment by not littering.

Don't get too carried away looking at the cherry blossoms! Mind your step! Don't end up like me(stepping in cow dung). It's good fertilizer for the cherry blossom trees. You can easily access each field by following the cow's footsteps :D

Hungry, hungry! It's time to wrap up this trip. There are still many fields to explore. In the last field, there is a toilet available(next to the Phu Lom Lo sign).

The pink trail.

If you are allergic to dust, you should be prepared. Or you can sit in front with the driver.

The last field before going home around 9 AM.

After our trip, we headed back to the Mai Rong Kla Village to find something to eat. There are local products such as vegetables and fruits especially the special '80-breed of strawberry' which are very sweet and delicious. The cherry blossom trees in the village are also pretty.

I really like the cherry blossoms :D

My friend took better pictures than me. This is the best that I can do :)

While admiring the cherry blossom trees and the Dek Doi Market, a local asked me if i like taking pictures and told me to invite many friends to visit again. The local advise me to take a bird's eye view photo of the village at the Ban Rong Kla Temple. Let's go!

Wow! It's so beautiful! The entire village is filled with cherry blossom trees!

Tips for those who travel to Phu Lom Lo:

  • Check for information before traveling.
  • Contact the information center for details.
  • Respect the location ,culture and people in the area.
  • Do not litter.
  • Do not touch or pick the Wild Himalayan Cherry blossoms.
  • Prepare warm sweaters and sunglasses to avoid the dust and the cold.

I have never seen cherry blossoms in another country, but this is enough for me to fall in love with the cherry blossoms in Thailand. This winter, I didn’t miss the chance of seeing them with my own eyes. So, are you ready to see them too?

For more information :

Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park

Ban Mai Rong Kla Tourist Community Center : Tel. 089 959 5808 (Khun Neng), 087 203 5509 (Khun Sun)

Kok Saton, Dan Sai district, Loei ‘s Tourist Center: Tel. 062 557 0912, 062 557 0913

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