Sawaddee Krub everyone, today I will introduce you to an international buffet at the middle of Bangkok, @ Cafe de Nimes, Grand Sukhumvit Hotel Bangkok.

The highlight is unlimited LOBSTER which has no time frame for ordering , you can always order as much as you want!!

What are the menu varieties, How do they look and what the feeling of atmosphere is provided, let follow me to see and taste.........

Seafood Maniac is started from 16th October 2015- 15 December 2015

Daily starting time 18.30 - 22.00 hr.

- Adults: THB 1,299 ++ per person (Standard price)

- Adults: THB 1,499 ++ per person (With free flow beer)

- Children: THB 649 ++ per person (4yrs – 12yrs old)

**** Those prices are exclude drinking water ****

Special promotion discount 40% for Adults: THB 1,299 ++ per person (Standard price)

only 779++ from 1,299++ what the good price...

to get this promotion is very easy, only book your table by the hotel's website, the link below

Or direct call to 02-2079999

To get to the hotel is the most conveniently, this time I get here by BTS, got off at Nana BTS station then walked onto Sukhumvit Soi 6 is about 200 meters to reach the hotel. Or you can get a motorbike taxi at the beginning of the Soi. Once you get to see the hotel's sign, from there you can just walk to the restaurant Cafe de Nimes on the G floor (Lobby). If you want to drive here, keep driving on the main Sukhumvit road then turn left onto Soi 4, be aware Soi 6 is one way driving. The Sois are connected.

If you come with your car, don't forget to stamp your parking card at the restaurant reception for free parking..

The atmosphere is quite relax with big glass window and natural lighting, not tightened with chairs and tables, the capacity from what I see is about right..

Let's have a look at buffet line, they present and set the line by category which is easy and allow you to go directly to your preferences.

For me, seafood lover, of course must be seafood especially big size LOBSTER with no time limited... ^_^

It is my heaven, look! they are all here, prawns, shall fish, Alaska King Crab and the highlight LOBSTER... I must eat them all...

Look at the size!

For the Lobster takes 20-30 minutes after ordering because it is prepared freshly.

I placed my order firstly then go to other section for appetizer ^_^

Lobster Menus

- Baked Lobster With Butter
- Lobster in Sweet Chili Paste
- Steamed Lobster in Lemon Sauce

I have ordered for a few rounds, the taste is excellent, my most favorite is lobster with roasted chili paste..

Oyster is also big size and fresh, eating in Thai style with accompaniment fried shallot, roasted chili paste, young Acacia and spicy seafood sauce... delicious combinations


I am not touching this zone as I want to leave more space for my seafood...hahaha...

What I have tried was spicy salad which is average not that impressive...

Here we are at the Japanese zone, Sushi!! Oh wow!!! it's also full option here...

The taste is up to the standard, the cut is thick and big, I recommend not to eat too much here because there are many things await !!!

Zone seafood BBQ is outside the building we can just place the order, it will be served when it's ready.

The buffet line is sometime re-filled a bit too slow as I have to walk twice to catch what I want..hahaha..

The spicy seafood sauce is very tasty, I love it when eat it with seafood, the combination between sour, spicy and salty is just perfect...

Grilled lamp rack and grilled sausage, again leave your order on the counter and it will be served...

I don't know what to eat first, left or right ! ^_^

After filling up with all food then it's time for dessert, let's have a peak.

Bakery and Thai dessert large selections including fresh fruits for refreshing....

And the last is ice cream.. closing up my dinner... :P

So! what do you think about variety of food and dessert with no time limited!!

@ Grand Sukhumvit Hotel Bangkok. The buffet line will be changed daily.

For me I think I have spent my money at its most value, and I love LOBSTER and seafood sauce.

** More when come here with promotion Seafood Maniac and post pictures on your Facebook or Instagram

and Hashtag, receive a reward at 50% discount for your next visiting...

For more in formation please contact

Café de Nimes, Grand Sukhumvit Hotel Bangkok

Tel: 02-2079999


And lastly, Thank you to all fans who always follow me, If there is anything mistaken please except my apologies...

Saying good bye with a picture taken from the top of Grand Sukhumvit in the night..Bangkok sky line....

To follow me for eating and traveling trip....

Thank you and BYE BYE


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 Monday, November 30, 2015 10:19 AM