Hello everyone, today I would like to take you all to Patummat Restaurant at The Sukosol Hotel, Bangkok for Seafood Dinner Buffet (My favourite ^_^) and other international menus

Do not waste your time...let's go>>>>

Location: The Sukosol Hotel, Bangkok is located in the city center and very easy to get there by BTS (Phayathai). It is about 15 minutes from the station heading to Sukosol Hotel. Or you can just follow this clip VDO....

Hotel Location Map

The hotel has a promotion during weekend for 2 styles buffets: Seafood Dinner Buffet every Friday or BBQ Dinner Buffet Every Saturday for 1,400baht per person or with promotion of Come 3 Pay 2 just add the hotel line "@thesukosol".

Today I will join them for Seafood Dinner Buffet....let's see the atmosphere of the restaurant>>>>

From the Lobby, Patummat Restaurant is on the right.

Tables are placed with suitable distance not too narrow and separate VIP zone.

For the buffet line separates in each category with well presentation. Every menus looks so nice, make me want to try them all. ^_^

Japanese Zone: Sushi - Sashimi...

Thai food : Vegetable dipping

Spicy Salad...I would say that the taste of spicy salad here is really for Thai people especially Lemon Pork which is soft and not too sticky...Umm very yummy...

BBQ menu : Pork, Beef or Seafood

Just order and wait for the chef to cook for you

There are also Thai food that foreigners like such as Pad Thai and Oyster Omelette.

Menus are variety...depend on personal taste and like...

There are many menus that I have not try and I have a chance to try it here and it is not disappointed me.

The highlight here is Seafood that's why I really have to come ^_^

Alaska Crap, French Oyster, Rock Lobster, Shell, and Sea Crab are here for you.

Seafood taste is good but just a little bit too salty in crab. Spicy seafood sauce is very tasty (but I think can be more).

Finish main course then follow by desserts>>>

Crape with many choice of topping as you wish

Chocolate Fondue is look very nice and I think that I would be fun that we can choose our fruit stick to dip with chocolate fountain. ^^

Cake and other bakery are also provided and they are very attractive. It makes me want to pick them all.

So what do you think with Seafood Dinner Buffet at The Sukosol Hotel, Bangkok????

For me, it can be a good choice for people who like Seafood Buffet. I think here is very suitable for Thai people because many Thai dishes for you to choose and taste is really for Thais I would say....

For Special Promotion: Just add line @TheSukosol you will get special promotion:

"Come 4 Pay 2" for Dinner Buffet (Sunday - Thursday 18.00 - 22.30hrs.) from normal price 1,300 bath per person

"Come 3 Pay 2" for Sunday Brunch (Sunday Only 11.00 - 15.00hrs.) from normal price 1,600 bath per person

"Come 3 Pay 2" for Seafood Night (Friday Only 18.00 - 22.30hrs.) from normal price 1,400 bath per person

For other buffet at Patummat Restaurant of The Sukosol Hotel Bangkok:

- Lunch Buffet (Everyday) 990 net

- Dinner Buffet (Sunday - Thursday) 1,110 net

- Dinner Buffet (Friday - Saturday) 1,400 net

- Sunday Brunch 1,600 net

If you are interested in coming, I would suggest you to make a reservation because the restaurant is quite busy and to make sure that you will have a table. For more information and reservation Tel. 02-247-0123 Ext. 1810.

Thank you very much everyone for reviewing this review until the end.

Thank you and SAWADDEE KRAB

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 Wednesday, December 23, 2015 10:25 AM