Hello! Long weekend >> 26 December - 03 January 2016 << New Year 2016

Hi Everyone! We have worked very hard all year, so it is time to relax now.

I have 9 days vacation during New Year period, I am looking forwards to having someone who have the same vision of traveling as me. Finally, we have got our trip joiner, my lovely sister. Our destination is " Chiang Mai", I am not reluctant to reserve for the accommodation and plane ticket. I have reserved for the accommodation and plane ticket since the middle of last year. My sister has got vacation on 31st December. Meanwhile, I have got vacation from 30th December, so I decide to fly on 30th December to see my mom first and wait to see my sister in the morning of 31st December.

There will be 4 days 3 nights trip... Let's go.

:: Day 1 ::

In the morning of 31st December 2015... I would like to welcome New Year 2016 with this wonderful trip and also wish I will have some more budget to travel for the entire of the year.

I await for my sister at Chiang Mai airport, she will arrive at the airport around 10.45 hrs. Then, we take public transportation heading to the accommodation. We arrive at the accommodation around 11.20 hrs. We then request for early check in.

We stay at Le Plateau by Barissier, it is located on Niman 17 Road. We will stay in this hotel for 3 nights because it is convenient to find the place for eating. Furthermore, there is a coffee shop in the hotel too, it is a good corner for taking a photo.

We do not even take our luggage to the room yet but we have taken almost 100 photos.

It is time to take our luggage to our rooms.

This is also another lovely corner.

After taking photos, we feel so hungry. we actually rent a motorbike but it is not available at the moment. So, we keep walking for 20 meters. Finally, we find the restaurant named " Khun Mor's Cuisine", we will have our meal in this restaurant.

After finish eating, the motorbike is available now. Then, we ride our motorbike and look for some dessert.

We have searched for nearby dessert shop on Google Maps and our destination is "Baan Khang Wat"

We continue riding a motorbike and find Wat Umong alley.. but we could not find it. We have found Kalea instead. We have taken some photos of this restaurant and continue riding.

We try to find Wat Umong alley again but we still could not find it. Luckily, local people have told us the direction to Baan Kang Wat. Eventually, we find Wat Umong alley but it is still not easy to reach our destination. Local people have told us along the way to Baan Kang Wat.

We have spent time for a while in Baan Kang Wat. It is already 4 - 5 pm, it is time to be get ready for counting down event tonight.

We reach the accommodation and we do not hesitate to change our clothes right away without taking a shower. We leave the hotel at 6 pm and ride a motorbike to our destination. At first, we have thought about the place for counting down at Warm Up because it is close to the hotel, we can just simply walk to the hotel once we get drunk. But, we have to change our mind as we ride a motorbike pass (it is the same way to Baan Kang Wat) Warm Up around 5 pm and see long queue of people. We have changed our destination to be Maya Rooftop instead. Even though, we arrive at the Maya Rooftop quite early but it is almost no place for us. Finally, we can find some seats at Buckets Siamese Bar.

Let's count down together ... 5 4 3 2 1. Happy New Year 2016

At 01.00 am, we reach hotel peacefully. Once we get into the room, we are surprised by the hotel because there are little lovely stuffs placed on our bed.

It is time to sleep in order to recharge our energy because we still have lots of activity to do tomorrow.

:: Day 2 ::

At the late morning of 1 January 2016, we wake up at noon. Our destination today is Mae Kampong, we will not ride a motorbike today but we will go with our friend's car. First of all, we need to eat something.

So, we go to Fruiturday restaurant, it is closed to the hotel as well.

After finish having some dessert, we head to our destination " Mae Kampong"

We wander and eat some food at Mae Kampong till 4 pm. So, we will go to downtown now.

We will chill out at Fin market/"Ping Fai Festival" this evening. This event is temporarily arranged, you better check before you go to the event.

For the weather, it is not so cold like it should be.

We feel a bit tired... It is time to go back to the hotel to recharge some energy for tomorrow.

:: Day 3 ::

In the morning of 2nd January 2016.. We wake up early and take a shower and get ready for our next destination "Giew Mae Pan"

We leave the hotel and take local bus in front of the hotel heading to Chiang Mai Gate. The bus fee costs 35 ฿ per person, we need to connect yellow bus at Chiang Mai Gate to Jom Thong. Then, we look to the yellow bus to get to Doi Inthanon National Park, it costs 200 ฿ per person. If you would like to use the public transport, it is necessary to study some information of local transport. It will be more convenient if you drive your own car, but once again you better study direction for safety reason.

To say good bye with this photo, we need to go back tomorrow.

Thank you very much for nice friendship... See you next time.


 Wednesday, January 20, 2016 10:56 AM