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This time let me take you to enjoy the Afternoon tea at Marrakesh Hua Hin Resort & Spa for a perfect winter time (21st December 2013). My mission is to see and experience the beauty of this Neo-Moroccan style resort in downtown Hua Hin even though I don't stay overnight.

I personally like this kind of resort style because it is finely polished in every detail and rich in colors. I have been to the resort like this twice at Villa Maroc Pranburi. And I hope one day I would have a chance to stay over at Marrakesh Hua Hin too.

From the photo above, this is my winter dress, even though it is cold now I don't think there is a problem to dress like this.

After checking out from Piman Plearnwan Hotel before 01.00 PM, we drive to Marrakesh Hua Hin Resort & Spa right away. We park the car then walk around to take photos. The resort is so colorful and there is so many good corner for photo shooting.

Every part of the resort is very interesting and well-decorated so it takes us a while to take photos before approaching to the restaurant.

The walk way is very refreshing with greenery surroundings. Even it is in the afternoon with the strong sunlight, the weather is still pretty chilly.

Let's get to Al Hamra restaurant.The beautiful sea view can be seen from here.

I wonder why I get excited every time I see the wave moving and the ocean sea even though I have been to the sea so many times since I was a child. Is that because of there are only mountains in my hometown?

I only see this place through the travel reviews on Blueplanet Board from And now I get a chance to come and see it myself, no wonder why everyone wants to come here.

There is not that many resorts that you can find a swimming pool in bright color tiles with a view like this in Hua Hin, I'm telling you.

We are lucky enough to get the last outdoor sofa with the amazing sea view without any obstacles. So my Afternoon tea get started happily.

This is the view from where I sit, I can just lie down here forever.

The cold wind plus strong sunlight is perfect for sun bath especially for foreigner tourists. However, I think most of Thai people would prefer to stay away from the sunlight even it is chilly.

I envy those people very much and I hope one day I could come and stay here.

The resort is rich in color decoration like the picture above as an example.

Let's walk around while waiting for the Afternoon tea to be served!

"Al Janna Beach Bar " is one of the best bar with a view I have ever seen. This is so nice!!!

After walking through the resort and having a chance to see so many interesting corner I think I really need to come here this year, let's make a plan!

We are so lucky that the weather today is so perfect and this is also good for taking photos.

Imagine sitting here while the sun is going down how beautiful it will be.

The main swimming pool here is a bit small. I thought it is bigger from what I have seen on the travel reviews. However, there is one huge pool in the residence area.

Anyway, let's get back for the Afternoon tea! I am afraid that the staff might look for us all over.

The tea is served with lime, honey, and mint. I would say the tea is tasty.

You can create your own favorite tea by adjusting the amount of lime. honey, and mint according to your preference.

And for those who don't like honey, there are some sugar provided.

There are 9 different kinds of pastries and food served with the tea.

The taste is not that important anymore since we have the amazing sea view. We enjoy our precious Afternoon tea time and let the slow life goes on.

Let's take the last photo before start eating them! ^^

Let's start with the Spring roll! It is served in a small glass with sweet and sour sauce. I think the taste is average and it should be served warm.

Oh no! I forgot to take each one of them one by one.

Anyway, the second one is a Ham & Cheese Sandwich, I would say this one is also average.

The third one is a Chocolate chip cookie, soft and chewy.

I have no clue how some of them are specifically called and the staff can't tell either. So, I would call it as I see.

The fourth one is a Raspberry pudding, very good! Not too sweet nor too sour.

The fifth one is a Fruits tart, very good combination taste of selected fresh fruits and tart.

And then the sixth one is this cake, I think this is the best one of today. I would give 10 out of 10, very tasty!

The seventh one is a pudding with Blueberry whip cream, not bad!

The second last one is a Crème brûlée topped with Strawberry, Dragon fruit, and Pomegranate, good combination!

And the last one is this Almond croissant topped with chocolate.

And cold towels are served right after we finish the tea set...very refreshing!

In summary, I would rate this Afternoon tea at Marrakesh Hua Hin Resort& Spa 8 out of 10. The tea is very good, the pastry and food are up to the standard, and the view is amazing.

It is 644 THB in total. However, the price that will be informed would be 550 THB at first which is not included tax and service charge yet.

Today I would have to say good bye and hopefully that I would be able to travel a lot more in 2014 and would definitely share my journey and experience with you.

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And good bye for now!

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