If you want somewhere peaceful and living like local people. Here is the best choice for you. Gmuden is a small city located nearly at Taunsee lake and surrounding by the mountain. You can find here on the way to Hallstatt. Please stop this place and I confirmed you will definitely love it.


Gmuden locates at the halfway from Attnang-Puchheim Bahnhof to Hallstatt. You can take the train just 30 mins from Attnung Hbf to Gmuden. The nearest station of city center is Gmunden Franz-Josef-Platz.You can manage your time and buy tickets by using the OBB train.


Like every time. We still don’t have any plan to go everywhere. Take off the tram and walk along beautiful lake which plenty of swans and birds. Take your time and enjoy your front view!

Something notices us is Fish-hang across the buildings through the ways. How lucky are we! we join a folk market event (Schmankerl ROAS) that have been held on the date that we went. It seem like we are locally traditional people so do what real local people do – Of couse Eating! again, Trout fish grilled and homemade chocolate cake (Sacher-torte).

We find out here have cable car for go up to the mountain. So we just walk on the way to where the cable car line located but something exciting happened when my friend went to the toilet and she was stuck! The only thing that I can do is asking someone who passes the same way for helping her. At first, we thought we should put some coins in knob locker machine but it’s doesn’t work. Suddenly,she goes out by herself because she just realizes how knob is work but we didn’t do anything. So goofy.

Cable car ticket is only 11.3 euros (2-ways up and down) for youth who coming after 2 pm or hiking throughout 20 kilometers long way. Looking at toboggan car, the little girl with her mom ride the same car along rapid bends and long straights down towards the valleys. We totally love this place; many activities we can join especially for childhood. The most exciting for me is…. Yes!! I saw how they flying paragliders – Not parachute lol. So aybe in my future, I can do it. Who knows?

After we enjoy taking a photo. Next, we directly to Italian restaurant which we wish to eat after we go down. Unfortunately, It’s closed thus we quickly find somewhere that looks like many peoples are eating. Likethe same we always do, after main dish, we have an ice-cream again.


If you want more information, please feel free to contact me.

Here is my email: [email protected] ,I will reply as soon as possible : D

Some trick. You can reserve the train for going back every time when you want and Don’t forget buy some snack at SPAR at center.

Ps. We met kindly old man who drunk beers alone and he wants us to take a photo with him. After that … He went to our table and brought his contact by writing on tissue paper and gave it to us although we can’t read his handwriting.

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 Wednesday, September 26, 2018 4:21 AM