Koh Mak. Oh my god, what can I say, I absolutely love Koh Mak. After hearing about this small island in Trat for years, I knew I had to visit. What a way to end 2018 by finally getting to visit this gorgeous little island.

There are so many guides and information on the island so I'm not going to share any info. Rather I want to share some beautiful panoramic shots that I took while exploring the island.

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Now, here we go.

It first started when we reached our hotel (Makathanee resort). Soon after we went for a few drinks at their the rooftop bar that had a gorgeous beach-sunset view.

The pier is also is where we arrived from Trat with Leelawadee ferry. It was right in front of our resort! How convenient.

We just chilled here till night, having food and more drinks while enjoying the crashing sound of the waves.

Next morning, it was time for a day of exploring. First up was Ao Soun Yai beach.

From here we decided to kayak across to Koh Kham, a tiny island just over 1 km away.

P.S. they charge 200 B/person to come on the island.

However, it was worth it because, wow, what a breathtaking island it is! Never have I seen such stunning colors of beach and water. Picture perfect, don't you think?

It really makes you want to go for a swim. However, it was so hot and sunny, I could not stay in the water for long, even though the water was cool.

Instead, I found a little shade and took lots of pictures.

If you don't want to kayak here, you can also take a long-tail boat from Ao Soun Yai. The timings and prices can be found from the information center on the beach. The kayak costs 100 B/hour.

It was time to go back and continue our journey to explore Koh Mak. Next we went to check out the scenic boardwalk (pier) at Cinammon art resort. It is a very long (maybe 1 km) pier that juts out into sea.

Here is a shot looking back at Koh Mak. Trust me, it's longer than it seems here.

After being in the sun for way too long, it was time to move on to the next stop. Another pier. This time, the Ao Nid pier. This is one of the main ferry ports so it is not very attractive or unusual but still worth seeing.

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 Friday, January 4, 2019 1:13 PM