This review has been re-wrote again as the first review is deleted from containing a hotel reservation links. This review is posted with purpose to keep the article here longer as possible for one, who plans to go to Phuket and explore reasonable restaurants around the city. For the ones, who have already read the previous review no need to read to again because, it's the same content...

This review is inspired by a Thai friend, who live in Korea, who owns a guest house called Num-San- guest house (I guest you might know)

She is a fan of Mae Pranome Eat & Travel Life Style Experience page with the first two reviews, which are Korea trip and Thai Airasia X. Not long ago, she visited us at the hotel with a big box of seaweed and drove us around the city. She came back to visit her family in Thailand, Mae Pranome took this chance to pay back her kindness when she was in Korea with this Phuket exploring trip...

We have booked two seats with two prize winning tickets from attending the Blogger Meeting, which organized by AirAsia. Luckily, we have got two free tickets but we still have to pay 424.70 Bath for the tax. That is why the head line begins with SR...

The flight is booked!! The next is accommodation, the problem is we are 6 travelers, Mae Pranome and her daughter and friend from Korea with her daughter. We wanted to find a luxury hotel for them but it must cost too much for three rooms, but if we book by the normal sort, we have to find the best deal.

We have booked accommodation with Airbnb website, which allows you to make deal with the hotel's owners directly. We got the room with satisfied price, 13,438 Bath for two nights. Our room is a pool villa with three bed rooms, four bathrooms and a big private swimming pool. Average price per night is 6,719 Bath, it makes just a bit above a thousand average check per person per night. This is what we want luxury but still save. For more details on how to book a hotel in this website, please follow me to continue the review!!!

So now, Mae Pranome will take us to try her regular restaurant for Phuket lobster and we will follow her to many restaurants in her list, where good but cheap, as her traveling style " the greedy mom"

If you guys have any questions you can ask on my page or we can chat on my personal Facebook, you all are welcome!! If you like the review, you can show your support by tipping Mae Pranome or share this review to your friends... by just click + at the bottom left of your screen..

Thank you so much, Krab!!

Let's talk about the how to book a hotel on Airbnb website, this might new for you.

You need to register first, then come back to searching page, fill in your destination, check-in date and number of people, as you see the picture....

Click "search" then this screen will pop up. You can narrow down the list by put in the price rank. Mae Pranome added not over 9,000 as the picture!!

There are 65 hotels are listed as the result.

After taking some time to choose the hotel, finally we have agree on New Rawai Private Villa 6 with pool, the room is looking great and up to Mae Pranome's standard. This room will accommodate her important guests from Korea.

Hotel's location is near Rawai beach and very close to Mae Pranome's regular restaurant for Phuket lobster.

Here you can see all of room's details; three bed rooms and three bathrooms..

For our confidence, let's read through the comments!!

The comments are kind of confirmation for it's standard....

You can also get to know the owner for even more confidence.

We have concluded to book this hotel as the shown price....

Let's wait a bit for how the hotel does look.

Here are our tickets:) from attending Blogger Meeting by AirAsia..

These are two girls from Korea, there are only four of us, because two daughters are not able to joy due to their examination date...

Our Flight!!!

A lovely fly attendant, who serves us along the flight (you can ask her for photo but tell her in advance to give her a time for a good posture)

Here we are Phuket, I like this picture!!!

Getting a rent car.....

We have booked Avis, but we also could find a good deal!!

Due to our tight time line, we have not prepared well for this, as we did not have any promotion coupon, and it was too expensive to call directly. But there is a link in AirAsia website, I just click on it!!!

Then fill in your destination, time and date, hit search!!!

It shows 27 cars for the price of two days.

For this trip we have chosen Toyota Altis with more comfortable seats. The price for two days is 3,000 Bath.

the offers are also smaller car for price around 1,000 Bath

Hit "select" then fill in your credit card information just like booking a flight.

Then you will receive reference booking number

The price is hanging on period of time and market demand. If you book way in advance it would be cheaper.

As I have tried to book later, it is cheaper!!

You can also book a rent car in this link in Singapore, Kurla Lumper and Bali

To rent a car is very cheap in Kurla Lumper, is about 1,700 and above

You will get an Email of car rental details, print it out and have it with you when you go to get the car.

We have decided for this car, which will be our vehicle for the rest of our trip.

First destination before checking-in the hotel is eating Phuket lobster because we were so starving.

The first restaurant is at the port of Rawai beach

Arrived at Rawai pier big sign, turn on the left, you will see fishing boats line up along the beach....

You can find fresh caught seafood in this market from local fisherman, buy it here and get it cook in your favorite restaurant around here.

Just remember to take your time looking around and negotiate for the best deal.

My recommend is walking for price and quality comparison.

My experience was negotiated the price first and hand pick the horse crab by yourself, don't let the sales person pick for you because she will get you smaller size!!!

Horse crab with XL size costs 350 per kg. (4 crabs), M size is 250 Bath per kg (6 crabs). We ordered the XL size but we got M size with XL's price. No one was checking because we were busy with photo, our eyes were focusing on the camera's screen!!!

Same thing happen to oyster XL costs 40 Bath per piece, smaller size is 30 Bath per piece.

We aimed for bigger size but sale person picked some smaller size and charged for bigger size, what a rude lady. As we were walking further, we saw bigger oyster 30 Bath per piece, what a sad moment we have faced.!!!

What would we call this, seven colors lobster? a kilo is 2,000 Bath. it would be not the best idea to have just a kilo weigh lobster for four people. So, we went for smaller size 4 lobsters, weigh 1.5 kg. ,cost 2,700 Bath ( 1 kg. is 1,800 Bath). Each of us will get the whole lobster, no need to share :)

This big prawns, a kilo is 2,00 Bath. We thought the meat would be too hard, so we also got smaller size, only 600 Bath per kilo.

Look!! how big it is..

After shopping all protein ingredients, we went to Mae Pranome's favorite restaurant to let them make our lunch. Here is just around this area and always packed. Many visitors have confirmed that this restaurant makes the best authentic seafood deep sauce!!!!

price for cooking

Finding our table!!!!

The first menu was fresh shucked oyster, those are smaller size than what we aimed for, but the taste is good and very fresh even with smaller size.

Next dish is prawns, we have got 1.3 kilo ( 780 Bath), 16 prawns with good size.

8 prawns were cooked with garlic and black pepper

others were as wok salted prawns

Steamed horse crabs, 6 pieces with seafood deep sauce

And the highlight of the day Phuket lobster, 4 lobsters weigh 1.5 kilo, good deal from 2,700 Bath to 2,500 Bath ......

Our friends from Korea are loving it!!!

Expressing her loving emotion through her face:)

Last but not least, shell fish with roasted chili paste, looking so delicious!!!!

Sum up all cost as shown in the highlight box.

After we filled up our stomach, now is the time to check-in. Can't wait to see how does the hotel look like.!!

Here we are, Rawai Private Villas, 8 villas. The owner sales rooms only in Airbnb website

Our villa is the first villa from the entrance.

Three bikes are ready for us.

The pool, 150 cm. in length and 7 misters wide, it's enough for a cool dawn swim!!

Two bedrooms are right beside the pool, would be a great way to fall asleep just to lie on the bed, looking at the pool.

These are three set of key, which can access to all doors from the front until the back.

Not a big concern if you travel separately during the day, come back home you can get in by your keys.

Let's have a peak on the bedrooms

Bedroom 1

Standard 6 foot bed

Each room has flat screen TV

Bathroom is in each room

With pool view

Bedroom 2

It's very similar to the first room, with connecting door.

The bathroom is the same both size and style.

the second bed room has also pool view

bedroom 3 is opposite from the two. there are a living room and a kitchen in between.

The kitchen with full of equipment including an oven.

I just have got an idea for family party for 4-5 days, would not be a bad idea at all.

there is a small toilet next to the kitchen for visitors, so the guest don't have to enter to the bed room for the toilet.

Living room or family room with sea view, here is our social spot for TV and chatting before bed.

WiFi is ready to use!

Three bedrooms are next to the couch in living room, one room is opposite from other two

You can not see the pool from this room.

the bedroom 3 is also the same size as the others

Big cabinet

And now let see night atmosphere, then you will get it why we are so in love with this place.

Every night after dinner, we all rushing back to the house for swimming, watching TV, snack and facebook before bed.

That was enough for the accommodation!!

We spent our first sunset at Promtep peninsula, which is not far away from Rawi beach.

The ladies love taking photos with the view and breath in fresh air.

Here is one of the best spot for sunset, a lot of tourists are waiting for sunset.

A photo please, not to miss a chance here!!!

Korea mom and daughter are posing for a shoot.

No word to describe this moment, relax, chill out, forget the time, rest your mind.

After enjoying the beautiful sunset we drove to Patong beach for shopping, the two friends from Korean need something for diving trip tomorrow.

And we would get something we need as well from department store.

Shopping until dinner time, but we have had a big delicious lunch, every one still feel it. So, for the dinner must be a light and easy dinner.

Au bon pain was our choice at the time, we could find a light bite and just chill out here.

The teenage girl is loving it!!!

Oh, not only teenage girl loves it here, but also Mae Pranome is loving it too.....

This is called Mango Passion, mix blended, mango, passion fruit and aloe vela. We recommend this, share to every one to taste, just has gone in a second!!

My favorite apple Mojito.

Korean mom's frozen matcha green tea....

Caesar Salad was our most favorite!!!

Almond Croissant

Cinnamon Raisin Roll

Let's get some meat to fill up a little bit, Chicken Pesto Delight Sandwich

Bacon and Sun Dried Tomato

Just chill out and chatting here....

The two ladies were loving this place, they have said, there isn't Au bon pain in Korea.

no more starving, then chill out and face book time...

To finish up the dinner with a piece of dessert!!!!

The first day, the two Korean ladies have to travel on their own. they have booked a package with Love Andaman to Mai-Ton island.

We were driving to the city to find a good restaurant, which recommended by Khun Praew, the owner of Kin Dee by Praew page.

She is a rich cuisine explorer from high society, but she explores from 40 Bath rice noodle to 4,000 Bath steak.

This guarantee her trustfulness. She recommended One Chun restaurant, which is very good, we would love it. And it is not expensive, so Mae Pranome's concept!!!!!

And she will be our guide to this restaurant, wow exciting!!!

Her page Kin Dee by Praew

If you google One Chun restaurant, this is what you will see...

It is in Phuket down town, in a yellow building, cross the traffic light, keep on your left, be careful to past it, or you must find a u turn to come back.

Lovely Khun Praew

Open time

Which menus do you want????

Interior atmosphere

For the one, who likes to take photo, here is your place to visit...

This picture was taken by khun M, Pak-Sabay, we met him per accident there. Mae Pranome recommends here for reasonable price and good food.........

Variety of dishes

Royal rice cracker, 90 Bath

Crispy fried mushroom, 90 Bath

Braised pork belly, 150 Bath. This is my favorite slowly braised pork belly, melt in the month.

I could not remember this dish because I have not tasted it, the green vegetables are not my favorite. But Mae Pranome confirmed, it's so good!!!

Don't miss this menu, firm crab meat with curry served with thin rice noodle, 300 Bath

Don't miss this too, Shrimps Chili paste, best with teamed rice, it is the most well known in Southern of Thailand, 150 Bath.

This is stir salted pork neck, 150 Bath (I am getting hungry) writing this review

One Chun Salad, crab meat and shrimps.

Deep fried snapper with sweet fish sauce, 480 Bath

How could we eat all of these!!!!!

Lucky! we were 5 :)

Khun Praew invited us for this delicious meal, Oh Mae Pranome was very happy:)

Total price!!

Khun Praew has also recommended where to buy snacks for the two ladies, who would be tired from diving trip and will be return at about 14:00..

There is a shop called A Phong Mae Sunee, which is not far from One Chun

We must be on queue for this!!!!

a piece is 3 Bath, 7 pieces are 20 Bath

Cheap but good

If you have chance you should try!!

Not too far from Mae Sunee shop, also authentic dessert called Oh Aew, cool down your hot day here!!!

Only 15 Bath a portion! Ice flake with syrup.

At two O'clock in the afternoon we all met at the hotel for a swimming, and then separated again in evening!!

After swimming we were having a rest and snacks before the two Korean ladies go to theater " Phuket Fantasy" at 6 pm.

We went to Karon view point, which is between Rawai beach and Kata beacg, for photos!!

sitting on the beach waiting for sunset, then we will go for near by dinner!!!

This is somebody else car not ours:)

We had dinner here, it's atmosphere was very inviting.

It is not far from where we have sat for sunset as shown on the map.

Free WiFi and free salad, oh wow, it's again Mae Pranome's concept!!!

They have also lobster!!

2,200 Bath per kilo included cooking preference....

She wanted to eat it!!! I got it:)

You can should which one you want and order them your cooking preference..

We aimed for a cheaper dinner, so we had ordered from the normal menu.

Atmosphere is kind of romantic as well :)

This was our table we sat.

Without knowing what to order, but there are free food bar,so we have to get them firstly.

Beef Burger, 150 Bath

Pork with shrimp paste, 150 Bath

Must have menu is Prawns with tamarind sauce, 220 Bath

And again Shrimp paste with vegetables our most favorite (180 Bath)

We could not eat all, as you know when you are hungry your eyes are bigger than your month.

The bill is 850 Bath, if you order three dishes, it would be only 700 Bath

If you come to the area you should have a stop here....

Environment is suitable for a date with your love one, and with reasonable price!!!

The last day morning, we have checked-out. we took one stop on the way to the airport for photo with the big Buddha

On the way up to the mountain is also a view point of Phuket city, had a stop for a quick shot!!

Arrived at the beautiful big Buddha.

Pray and donation as your believe, it brings good karma to you.

Before airport, we have stopped for Phuket famous Tim Sum

It's highlight is the deep sauce, good price. Khun Praew from Kin Dee by Praew has recommended to Boonrat Gold restaurant.

This name is old original in Phuket for Tim Sum, this place is one of the branches, which is on our way to the airport.

Very famous here, we also recommend as well

Menu starts from 15 Bath

Full original deep sauces, in Phuket only...

15 Bath per this little bowl, they served all the same time but they will charge only what you ate.

Ba-Good-Te, Chinese herbal aroma soup

Braised pork rib

We were very enjoyable the Dim Sum like making a good relationship here between friends.

all loved it..

Now, their turn to recommend you :)

we returned the car at the airport.

Checking-in at the AirAsia counter with slogan, every body can fly....

our flight was at 12.50 pm

We fly back with difference airline, so here we had to say good bye..

If you visit Korea and stay in their property "Num San" guesthouse you will meet this two ladies, they own the place and they have 5 branches in the same neighborhood (on the way up to the mountain to Soul tower)

and Mae Pranome flying back with a beautiful flight attendant

Left Phuket with great memory of delicious food and full stomach, our wallet stays full :)) we hope to came back again!!!!

Don't get bored of this it ended now !!:)

If any one want to know about us better, hit this interview video

Lastly, thank you to for giving a space for us to share great stories and useful information!!

Thank you to all fans and friends for your kind support

I will try my best to get better in writing reviews

Mae Pranome

Love you all.........................................

Mae Pranome Na Kha:)..........


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