Summer like this.... where would be a better place to visit than the sea?

Journey Gallery ( will take you to enjoy this summer with the island known as "the paradise of the eastern sea". It has crystal clear sea and fine white sand along the beach. The atmosphere is great, neither too lively nor too quiet which attracts lots of people to relax and enjoy.

The island I'm talking about is "Koh Kood" located in Trat Province.

Koh Kood is the second largest island of Trat province, after Koh Chang. It is another island that many people wanted to visit and whoever went would fall in love. Well, like I said has such a beautiful beach, crystal clear water, relax and chill atmosphere which can truly rest your body and mind. We then choose this far eastern island of Thailand to be our first trip this summer.

Day 1 :

We start our Koh Kood trip by buying a van ticket from Chatuchak small bus station. We take a van of Bangkok - Trat route which leaves every hour. We choose to go with the first van at 6 a.m. and the fare is 270 THB each.

We buy a ticket at C building and get on the van from the platform behind it.

After leaving the station at 6 a.m., we wake up again at 11 am. when the van is approaching Trat Bus Terminal. The total bus ride is about 5 hours.

Then, we take the Song Taew minibus to the boat company (actually, there's a pick up service at the bus terminal too but we didn't want to wait so we go there ourselves... the fare is 40 THB each).

The minibus takes us to Ko Kut Express company where we have our boat booked at 1 p.m.

To travel to Koh Kood, there're three transportation companies: Ko Kut Express, Ko Kut Princess, and Boonsiri Boat.

We choose to travel with Ko Kut Express at 1 p.m. It is a ferry and the fare is 500 THB each (the price at this photo hasn't been adjusted yet).

While waiting to board the ferry, we can eat at the restaurant of the company..... When it's time, a van will come pick us up to Laem Sok pier.

Then....we go board our gigantic ferry at Laem Sok. It offers both AC room and outdoor seats for those who wish to enjoy the sea breeze.

After boarding, the scenery of the sea, the sky, and the open front is what we will see for another one and a half hour during the boat ride to Koh Kood.

Here we are, Koh Kood......

The ferry stops at Ao Salad pier. We got off from the boat and simply follow others. Once we reach the alley, minibuses are waiting to pick up tourists and send them to different resorts. Minibuses go to different routes according to resort and zone on the island.

Road on Koh Kood is looking good, actually it's very convenient.

Our minibus from the pier keep sending tourists to different resorts until finally it's our turn at "Koh Kood Paradise Beach Resort".

Koh Kood Paradise Beach Resort is located near Tapao Beach which offers beautiful beach and crystal clear water just like other beaches on Koh Kood. It is also peaceful and not so crowded. I think it is an ideal place to relax. The resort also offers all services like diving trip, motorbike rental, boat booking services and many other services.....

Let's go take a look at what they have to offer...

Upon arriving at the resort, we must check in at the lobby first. The area is open, airy and comfortable. More importantly, the check in process is very quick.

With a nice and tasty welcome drink

While waiting, here is our cool pose.

Let's now go see the room. There're 2 zones. For the villa type, it offers Villa Beachfront Deluxe and Garden Villa. The second zone is in a building which offers Superior Garden and Superior Partial Sea View room.

Let's start with Villa room type.

A pathway outside the room is a wooden bridge connecting to each house. Each villa has a touch of Thai style house and all of which are facing the sea.

Inside the house is very spacious. It comes with a really huge king size bed. It is so wide and lovely. If I have a chance, I would also love to stay in this room, haha.

Another zone is the building type, including Superior Garden and Superior Partial Sea View rooms.

It is quite luxurious inside.

Here is our room. We stay at Superior Partial Sea View room. It is so spacious, big bed, clean, comfortable, and come with all the facilities that you can imagine.

Another great thing about Koh Kood Paradise Beach Resort is that they also have a mini-mart services which is very convenient.

There're also full facilities at the fitness. In addition to chill and relax, you are also most welcome to get some sweat too, very convenient.

Apart from great seaside atmosphere, the most striking thing of Koh Kood Paradise Beach Resort is its brightly colored outdoor pool which is not far from the beach front.

This orange color of the pool is so contrasting with the color of the sky and the sea.

If today is your first day and doesn't feel like going to the sea yet (like us), we recommend that you come to swim in the pool and wait to watch the sunset from here.

After the resort tour, let's enjoy the beach atmosphere at Tapao Beach.

The water here is so crystal clear, almost like a mirror.

Great atmosphere at the beach before the sun is set is a perfect time for photography.

If you follow my review and wonder where this angle is, let me just tell you.... this picture is taken under the deep sea pier.

After the pier, it is a rocky location which is also beautiful for photography.

After walking for a while, we go back to enjoy the beautiful sunset from our beach front. This is the best time of the day, so breathtakingly beautiful.

Here is the perfect combination of the sand, the sea, and the bridge before the sun is set.

The last light of the day is about to be gone just like my energy of taking photo on the first day at Koh Kood.....So let's end our first day with this huge oval sun.

Day 2

The second day of Kod Kood trip by Journey Gallery, we will take you to explore Kod Kood from different angles and beaches but first....let's enjoy breakfast from the resort. It is a buffet breakfast which has so many options to choose from.

Before going to other beaches, let's enjoy the morning vibe at Tapao Beach. The atmosphere is quite different from yesterday. This morning, beautiful sky is accompanied with crystal clear water and fine white sand which is the scene that everyone wants to see when coming to the beach.

In the morning when the sun is not yet strong, it is so perfect for a morning walk and photo shooting.

If you didn't plan to go anywhere, you can also simply enjoy the sea from the front of the resort as beach beds are provided.

Again, we enjoy our walk so much that we are at the deep sea pier again.

Another side of the bridge comes with crystal clear water. It makes me not want to go anywhere but running right into it.

Here is another side of Tapao Beach which also has such a great atmosphere.

The longer we stay at Tapao Beach, the harder we are to leave from this attractive beauty. So I have to quickly rent a 300 THB motorbike from the resort and ride out along the concrete road. Our first destination for today is "Klong Chao Waterfall".

We follow the sign and look at the GPS from time to time and we finally reach the waterfall. From here, we park our bike and walk a bit further, then we will see the waterfall.

Yes... here is Klong Chao Waterfall. It may not be as beautiful as you have expected. Oh well, it's summer, what more would you expect, right? Anyhow, there are still both Thai and foreign tourists visiting from time to time.

Let's say, we are not meant for the beautiful waterfall of Koh Kood. Let's move to the sea again. Our next destination is Ao Phrao, the southernmost bay of Koh Kood.

Ao Prao is one of my favorite places on Koh Kood. It has such a clear water and the tide is not strong. What impressed me the most is the serenity of this place which makes me feel like walking on a private beach.

Another must not miss place when visiting Kod Kood is Bang Bao Bay. It locates famous resorts like Koh Kood Resort and To The Sea Resort.

This area is not only well known for their resorts (although their resorts are really superb, haha). The sea in this area is also so clear that you can see far deep down.

It seems like a wooden bridge like this is to be seen everywhere on Kod Kood. But here, at Bang Bao Bay, the wooden bridge of To The Sea Resort looks outstandingly special because....there is also a phone booth on the bridge!!!

The tide is not strong in this area, parents can take their kids to swim here.

Another check in point is the swing of To The Sea Resort which is located in the middle of the sea.

From Bang Bao Bay, we ride back towards our hotel and stop along one of the most popular beaches on Kod Kood, Klong Chao Beach.

It is not surprising that this beach is a popular beach for tourists visiting Koh Kood. In addition to good atmosphere along this long beach which is filled with many famous resorts, the beach is also spacious and suitable for many activities like walking, sunbathing, beach sports and many more. Also, there're many beautiful places in front of those resorts for photography.

Now, we are back to Tapao Beach where our Kod Kood Paradise Beach Resort is located. While waiting for dinner to be ready, we walk along the beach and capture more of this beautiful moment.

I forgot to mention that there's also a small bar of our resort at the beach. We can go enjoy a glass of cold drink while waiting for the sun to set.

There's also a hammock for us to sit. When the water rises, it becomes a hammock in the sea.

Soon, the sun is quickly leaving us.

And here comes the moment we have been waiting for.

This dinner is more special than other meals because it is a very romantic dinner by the sea like this.

Apart from this very special and romantic atmosphere, the food is so delicious. I didn't want to recommend any specific dish as they are all delicious....Let's just say order as you like because they are all yummy, haha.

Here comes the end of our second day with delicious dinner and also the end of our trip. Tomorrow morning, we are going back with a speed boat booked by the resort, it is 600 THB each.

I'm so impressed with Koh kood!!!

It is our first time with Koh Kood. And this first time, Koh Kood has given her best to us. We have seen clear water, beautiful beaches, great atmosphere, and a great resort like Koh Kood Paradise Beach Resort who supported our accommodation and gave us a great service along the trip.

If you also want to have a happy time in Koh Kood like us, you can follow us and stay at Koh Kood Paradise Beach Resort.

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