This summer, it'd be so happy to go enjoy the emerald green water on the white sand beach, snorkel and have fun with big and little fish. "Mu Ko Surin National Park" of the Andaman Sea, Phang Nga Province, has earned her reputation domestically and internationally. It is said to have beautiful clear water and great for shallow snorkeling where snorkeler will see diverse and beautiful coral reefs. Good news is all coral reefs have been continuously recovered from the Tsunami and thus lots of big and small colorful fish are swimming closely to show us their beauty. It's just like we are looking at a large aquarium. There's also a chance that you might see a turtle and shark too. If you are ready, please follow me now.

Surin Islands is responsible and supervised by Surin Islands National Park, Phang Nga Province. That it is a national park, peace, cleanliness, and safety can be guaranteed. You can truly enjoy the nature here. The picture of bars, liquors, and loud music can be deleted. Let's come enjoy the breathtaking beautiful view and the sound of gentle ocean waves together.

Houses and tents are available at the national park where you can make an online reservation through its website.

This trip, I choose to travel with Seastar for an overnight package of 3 days and 2 nights. We get to tent near the sea and fully enjoy the snorkeling.

:::Why Seastar:::

  • Ban Nam Khem Pier offers a shorter travel time which is only about 75 minutes, allowing us more time to enjoy and snorkel on the islands.
  • New boat, comfortable ride, high security, and come with accident insurance
  • 3 meals are included. It started from breakfast at the pier. On the islands, breakfast, lunch, and dinner are provided, including fruits, soft drinks, cold drinks, tea, coffee, snacks throughout the trip and while snorkeling. PS the dinner on the island is unlimited, so I did put on some weight from that.
  • Free snorkeling equipment, life jacket, mask, fins, and towels
  • Lovely and great services from staff and the tour guide

Let's start the trip now when all are ready.

Before departure, everyone must listen to travel plans of where we are going and what we need to do from our lovely and kind tour guide whom will take care of us throughout the trip.

: : : Highlight of this trip : : :

  • Moken Village, a sea gypsies village that you should not miss when visiting Surin Islands. Here, you can experience the simple way of life on a beautiful beach and blue sea. It is now open to visit again after the fire incident causing the village to close for renovation.

"The Moken Village" is the village of original sea gypsies living on the boat. After the Tsunami incident, the ship was broken down. HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn had the national park built home and allow them to live in Surin Islands National Park. For more details, please hear it from your tour guide.

Moken villagers earn their living by fishing and selling souvenir to tourists.

Little kitty watching over the shop

This is the new house which was just newly built after the fire.

The old Moken village, the area which was not affected by the fire.

In this hot weather, a lot of cool and refreshing drinks are provided on board like soft drinks and water as well as snacks and fruits.

  • Sleeping in the tent while listening to the soft ocean waves in front of "Ao Mai Ngam" bay with beautiful beach and emerald green water for us to swim and take photos, what a great time!

I personally choose to sleep in the front beach, I've got the no.13 tent.

In front of our tent, the view is so beautiful. We can either swim or taking photos from these so many angles it has to offer.

The water is not deep, we can simply walk down to enjoy it. It is so clear.

There are a lot of activities around, like playing football, sitting on a swing, or hanging on the rope, it is so chill out.

Some of foreign tourists are staying as a family for months. They love our sea and also because this area is taken care by the national park so it's both peaceful and safe.

What a beautiful view!

  • Watch a so romantic sunset at Ao Chong Khat

On the day of low tide, we can walk down to enjoy the sunset at the navy based area at Ao Chong Khat.

  • Must not miss a 10 spots for snorkeling program which covers all Surin Islands from the far north to the south. Each spot offers different highlight and the tour guide will tell you again.

Snorkeling to see fish and coral reefs is the main activity of this trip.

Long-tail boat is for picking up tourists from here and there as well as taking them for snorkeling because the speedboat is inaccessible.

Andaman Sea,this name guarantees that you will see the emerald green sea and a country side boy like me just love it so much.

The water is so crystal clear. On the clear sky and sunny day, you would clearly see coral reefs and fish.

Let's enjoy the underworld.

Coral reefs start to recover and shine her beauty to the visitors.

This is truly a gigantic aquarium.

Big and little fish

House of Nemo fish, wow, I love it so much. A big thank to the tour guide for diving deep down to take this photo for me.

Each day, we snorkel at 4 spots, 2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. If you have enough energy, you should just do it as each spot offers different beauty.

Yes, this is the happiness of those who visited Surin Islands. The sea is really beautiful, both underwater and on the surface. It is so well known for tourists all around the world.

You guys can either plan a one day or an overnight trip.

If you are interested, you are most welcomed to contact Seastar Happy Journey.

⏰ Travel time for Surin Islands: 15 Oct-15 May of every year

📞 Tel: 076-485595, 076-6350144, 081-8919882, 0905949596


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You can take your friend, lover, and family to travel here once and I'm sure you will love it so much.

“A new experience won't be found if you not going out." Life is a journey.

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