This is a journey of 17 of us to conquer our dream paradise, Koh Tachai. We have got to use the word conquer like we conquer the peak of the mountain because the feeling is pretty much the same. Koh Tachai offers nice crystal clear water with a white sandy beach but it is pretty pricey to travel there. ^^ Well, we actually have got some special packages. That's why we can go over there to chill on the beach not like trekking, hiking, or sightseeing in the mainland as before.

The promotion we have got is from Love Andaman at 2,299 THB per person. This is not the best deal though since they have launched another promotion to celebrate their 5-year anniversary at 2,099 THB per person later. It is not much different anyway so we shouldn't think too much. This kind of thing is always uncertain, isn't it. In addition, luckily that we bought this package over 30,000 THB for 17 people so we are eligible for paying it off in monthly installments by credit card with 0% interest rate. It is a good choice that we don't have to pay the full big amount at one time. There will be 17 people including children on this trip. This package is bought almost one year in advance. We only need to reserve the day that we will leave the island. As a result, all we need to do is keeping an eye on the flight rate and we are ready to book once the flight promotion is out. For hotel, we have plenty of time to look for and we mainly check the hotel room rate on We focus on the location and price generally. Moreover, since we are going there in a big group; renting a car is needed and it would be cheaper. This trip will be 3 days and 3 nights and it is 7,000 THB per person in total. Unfortunately, I can stay for only 2 days. 7,000 THB is a pretty reasonable price for a trip to the famous island like this and I have sometimes to save up for it too. And yes, we are going to Koh Tachai in 7 months. ^__^

This travel review will focus mainly on amazing photos of white sandy beach, crystal clear water, and beautiful blue sky taken on the island. The time when I am writing this review, I have got to wear sunglasses as well because it is so bright there. Eiei

The journey gets finally started and we are flying out to Phuket. We have arrived in Phuket in the evening on Friday and we are about to get our rental car. We have made an agreement with this car rental service that one car will cost 900 THB per day and we will rent 3 cars for 3 days. They are Toyota Vios 1500 cc which is good for not consuming a lot of petrol and they are all included with first class car insurance. We have got the cars now so let's go to find something to eat! Well, I won't talk about traveling in Phuket Downtown in this review, I will focus on Koh Tachai only. We are picked up by the van of Love Andaman on Saturday morning. This transfer from our hotel to Thap Lamu Pier is 300 THB per person.

It takes about 2 hours to get to Thap Lamu Pier. Over there, you will find a breakfast buffet which you need to be hurry to get what you want to eat because it is totally crowded. Well, I feel like I am in China right now since about 80% are Chinese people, the rest are Thais and people from other countries. These Chinese people dress colorfully so they look very lively. The breakfast is done and we need to put sunscreen on our skin both body and face. We also need to make sure that sunscreen is with SPF 50 or above.

And it is finally 9 AM, the time that the boat will depart to Koh Tachai. There are 17 of us and other 5 Thai people. In other words, we are the main group of people on this boat. hahaha It is also feeling like our private boat. The boat trip takes more than 1 hour to get to the island.

We have finally arrived. Oh my Lord Buddha! What a white sandy beach! The sunlight is also very strong so the sunglasses are on.

We don't hesitate to start exploring the island because we will be here until 3 PM only. We get changed then go directly into the water, take some photos, and do snorkeling.

We are all single so let's call that we are a single team! We look sexy a little from the back, don't we?

We are also sexy from the front, no?

And according to our kind of tradition wherever we go, we need to get a jumping shot. The height that we can jump depends on our weight. ^^

Yeah! Let's jump! We jump like more than 10 times before we can get a nice shot.

Then a single shot as if she is being paparazed.

A couple shot? But she doesn't know him actually. hahaha

My single shot but not alone though ^_^

A group shot with more unknown friends on the background.

Seen, this little boy want to play with me.

And let's go into the sea!

Yes, finally this is the real couple shot. :)

With GoPro camera in hands, we can get a photo under the water.

These pretty girls love GoPro.

A shot with the sand spreading out through the water.

And an interesting shot from this angle.

Nong August and Nong Seen are having fun but actually we, the adults are having much more fun. hahaha

The activity after lunch is to walk into the island led by the tour guide to see hairy leg mountain crab. After this short walk, we get a group shot taken by the tour guide finally because it is not easy to have everyone at one place at the same time. Eiei Oh! I forget to tell you that our tour guide is named Mai.

This is our signature pose, as a policeman.

The flowers in bloom pose.

Tamagotchi pose.

We-love-you pose.

Love .....

A jumping pose of 15 people is totally difficult. We get tired before getting a shot that we all jump at the same time but everyone seems to have good fun.

We still have got sometimes to kill so let's just get more freestyle jumping shot including with the children! Colorful props are also used to get a nice photo.

Family shot, not only dad is jumping but also his daughter in his hands. hahaha

It is time for me to jump. LingPle is on!

His turn!

We have made new friends with this friendly couple on this trip. We were on the boat to Koh Tachai together and they are very nice. I take this nice shot for them as a gift for Valentine's Day. This photo is so lovely.

It is almost the time to go back to the mainland. So let's just get a simple shot! Well, he is neither a staff nor a tour guide of Love Andaman. He just bought this t-shirt from them and the scarf is just accidentally looking alike to the one used by Love Andaman staff.

Beautiful indeed!

She is so pretty.

She looks amazingly lively.

They act like they have never aged. :)

He is a tour guide of another boat and he is very funny. He also want to get a shot but it seems like there is a problem with the difference in size. I don't remember his name though.

I also want to be pretty and lively like others ^^,

It is finally 3 PM and we need to run back into the boat to go back already. We were having so much fun posing and being photographed. Eiei Once we have arrived back at the pier on the mainland, we have seen that there are our photos screened on a souvenir dish. You can buy them if you like. Here at the pier, you can also have some famous ice cream, fried noodle, and some refreshing drinks. For those who want to take a shower, you can do so. There are shower rooms available for you to use. The van is here to pick us up and there are vans that can take you to the airport as well.

Lastly, this trip to conquer Koh Tachai in 1 day has successfully completed. We have so much fun and we are very lucky that the weather is perfect with quiet sea. Please stay tuned for the upcoming travel review about Phuket and I will see you again soon!

Story by : LingPle Mayuree : [email protected]

Photo by : LingPle Mayuree , Tor Tourlek, Premchai Laolaem, Akapob Kulprayoth

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