Falling in love with Chanthaburi

Day # 1 - Rayong - Chanthaburi

I came to Chanthaburi last month for 2 days one night but I realized that I was too short as Chanthaburi have so many things to explore. That the reason why I come again this month as I want to see more about this province.

This time we started from Pattaya (to make the distance shorten) we left Pattaya around 8.20am and heading down to Rayong province as it is the province which separate Chonburi and Chanthaburi.

And as same as last time we drop at the fruit farm but this time we try difference activities and everyone enjoy picking the fruit from the tree and eat it because it so fresh and very good taste (at organic farm)

This time we eat more fruit than last time as they have Mangosteen, Rambutan, Durian etc., one of my friend packed some Durian and put in in the car as she love to eat Durian so much. During this season many people travel to this province to eat Durian but I like mangosteen more as it more juicy especially when we pick them from the tree in organic farm. This farm also provide fruit buffet which you can eat all fruit that they serve unlimited and the price per person is around USD 20.

A guy at the farm is very nice and kind, he allow us to try many kind of fruits. There are many fruit farm in this area but when I call to check if they still have fruit during this weekend I found out only this farm "Uncle Thongbai" and we all very happy fruit time here.

After full by fruits from the farm then we continue to Pak Num Prasae Fisherman Village to visit Prasae Estuary Village and explore fisherman's lifestyle. We move around the village by special transportation.

In this village with more than 400 years old where you can see lots of old houses but all area are very clean and local people here are so friendly.

Some of us love to walk and take more and more photo from this place while some of us prefer to continue to another place where we can see very beautiful scenic of mangrove field. We parked the car at the parking area and then take are tuk tuk "tricycle" from parking to the entrance. At the entrance there are some small local shops selling local dessert with very cheap prices and they have good and clean restroom here (but you have to pay small money).

From the entrance there is a wooden bridge from the entrance to walk in to the mangrove field. The trees are green in this rainy season. The weather is not hot, we all start walking on the wooden bridge and look around to see animals, fish, small crab etc., this area is amazing area.

We walk until the the most beautiful area for a very good shot. When you walk up to the wooden platform. You will see below view.

The time is 1pm while we reach to this area but when the camera are ready then the model is also there. She is so shining under the sunshine. And you can see how beautiful background (model also very beautiful).

Because of the high temperature here so we walked only around 150 meters while the full trail is around 2.7 kms. Now it is around 2pm and we have to find some nice restaurant for our lunch. We decided to go to "Plai Rayong Restaurant" because I came here before and the food here are so nice.

We ordered around 4-5 dishes but before we all done one of friend suggest to try oyster because the restaurant is located next to the oyster farm. We ordered one plate of oyster and we were very happy with the taste as they are so fresh.

Full by lunch then we go ahead to Chanthaburi and we agreed to go direct to hotel instead of going around this town. We checked in at Sand Dune Chao lao Beach Resort. Nice resort on the nice beach with very beautiful sunset view.

My room was at the corner with very big size and stunning view from the balcony. This room located on 8th floor so I can see very nice view.

There are raining so we decided to have lunch at hotel's restaurant which located next to the beach.

The weather is so amazing, wind blow brought the fresh air from the sea. We enjoy seafood, very delicious.

In this area we can not find supermarket or pub bar (except inside some hotels) but you can find many options of seafood restaurants, local food shops,handmade souvenir etc., Some of our friend went out after checked for cycling around but I prefer to refresh and sit with my laptop.

Day # 2 - Chanthaburi (Chaolao Beach)

It was raining over the night so the weather was so good in the morning. I woke up at 5am as I want to go the beach to get some good shots. But because of the rain the beach in the morning is not nice as I expect. But what I saw is beautiful reflection on the sandy beach.

I was there for a few minutes because it was starting raining again so I walked back to breakfast room and enjoy first meal of the day.

There are lots of item for breakfast at this hotel but I had lots of seafood yesterday so I do not need much food this morning.

After we all finished breakfast then we check out from hotel and next point is to visit the mine name "Bor Ploy Lek Phetch" where the local people finding the gemstone under the ground in tradition way.

I've been there once but as some of our friend want to see it then I take them there. Everyone enjoy this activity but there was raining again so we have to move to the roof.

Now people start using machine to find the gemstone so it is hardly to find this method as it take long time and it is like gamble that you might find some precious stones from a big bucket of mud but many times that they get nothing.

Time to move to another stop, my friends want to see the local market where they selling raw gemstone so I took them there.

The owner of the mine is so kind he served us fresh from his organic farm then we were very enjoy eating fruit before we leave. We were enjoy walking along the gemstone street where local people selling variety of gemstones. Explore the biggest gems market in Thailand at Sri Chan Road and witness gem cutting process and gem transactions every Friday and weekend morning. Then we continue to Chanthaburi Gem and Jewelry Center and there I got one nice bracelet call "Red Jasper"

But myself I prefer to go to Chanthaboon riverside community. I bought some fruit in sweet sour syrup.

Heading to the city to find something for lunch and I suggest Plern D Balcony Restaurant which I went with another friend last time and very happy that all friends enjoy eating delicious foods here. Chanthaboon Riverside Community" is a centuries-old community which was an important port and center for business and trading of Chanthaburi in the old days.. The old buildings were influenced by Chinese and Portuguese architectures. One of the most distinguished building is Baan Luang Rajamaitri, which won the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Awards for Cultural Heritage Conversation in 2015.

After walking,food testing and then we walk cross the small bridge to the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception "Roman Catholic Cathedral)" The centuries-old church in Gothic style is one the most beautiful church in Thailand and is well worth a visit. Inside the church is statue of Virgin Mary that is covered with Chanthaburi gemstone.

After lunch we go back to hotel for relax before we go out for dinner(again). The restaurant which we choose this time is "Platoo Restaurant" which located around 10 minutes away from city. We know there is "Platoo Restaurant" in Cha Am district in another side of Thailand so we want to try if this restaurant still keep the same quality as this one is new.

This menu is fish's cheek one of the signature of this restaurant. When they put this menu on the table some of my friend do not want to try because she do not know what is it but when I explain to her then she eat it all.

This menu is fresh river prawn with tamarind sauce eat with deep fried chili. Sweet and sour taste.

Above menu I like, it's called "Phad Preaw Whan" they cooked chicken meat with mix vegetable and tomato sauce.

Deep fried fish with fish sauce is another one menu that I like the taste of the fish is so fresh.

Above menu is my most favorite menu "Green curry with checken" They use fresh coconut milk which is the traditional recipe. Fresh coconut milk make the curry more delicious better than use instant coconut milk which you buy from supermarket.

We all satisfy with the food here, I can say that we like all menu but each friend found their favorite menu. But there are one thing that we can not skip to talk about is the small canal next to the restaurant. But there is one thing that we can not skip to talk about is a small canal next to the restaurant. This small canal is royal project by the King Rama 9. He built this canal to help local people from flooding which happen every year in this area and after he built this canal there are no more flood here.

After full by dinner then we go back to hotel and preparing ourselves for tomorrow. We are going to "Phlio Waterfall" the most beautiful waterfall in Chanthaburi province. We planing to leave hotel around 9 am, let's see if we can wake up because the weather tonight is so nice.

Day # 3 - Chanthaburi-Phlio waterfall

08.00 am we all ready at breakfast room and we left hotel at 09.00 am heading to the "Phlio Waterfall". Phlio Waterfall is a medium-scale waterfall with clear water and full of natural resources. Moreover the waterfall is of importance to the Thailand history as the love memorials of the Kign Rama V and his beloved Queen consort Sunandha Kumariratana.

We were lucky that the rain was not much heavy so we can walk to the waterfall and enjoy seeing very nice view and take got lots of shots from this waterfall. Some of us really want to swim but because of the rain so the water was so cold so she changed her mind.

After spent time at waterfall we went back to hotel for changing and continue to have special lunch. "Namprik Khaosuay" is a famous authentic Thai restaurant in Chanthanburi and we are going to try their food.

When we arrive to the restaurant my friend said that what are they doing when he saw staff at restaurant preparing our food with difference decoration from other restaurant which we had during this trip.

After enjoy very delicious and beautiful lunch then we heading to Bangkok. As some of my friends who join this trip have to flight back to their home so we went to Suvanabhumi airport to drop them and then we go back home. We finished the trip with impressive with everything and my friends say that they will come again before end of the year for sure.

Special thanks to my lovely sister "Lekky" who go along with me for this trip. She who always in the frame.



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