What is actually Bangkrachao? Why it is so green like pork's stomach

First of all, I would like to tell you about my inspiration to travel to this place, I am actually inspired by one cooking program called Krua Laew Krit program. This program is leaded by Mr. Krit and Mr. Ray Mcdonalds.

I thought that I could never find any better place for riding a bicycle than Rot Fai Park in Bangkok.

As I have seen that many people go riding bicycle at this place. It seems very fun, hence I have searched Google map in order to discover how this place look like, why it is named as pork's stomach.

Finally, I got the answer but how does it look like pork's stomach.

Till now, I thought that there are not much people who know about Oasis of Asia in Bangkrachao. This is extremely green zone, I highly recommend you come to breath some fresh air over here.

Once, I have seen on Google map, it should deserve Oasis of Asia but it is not at sea or desert but it is downtown instead. This park is surrounded with white building

I have explained about the introduction of this place, so it is the to start explaining about the our trip, you can now discover together with me that how I can go to Bangkrachao with only 8 baht.

I start my trip from Wongwian Yai (large roundabout).

To take the bus no. 82, it is the opposite side of Railway station at Wongwian Yai. I have waited for the bus for a while, the bus finally comes.

Luckily, this red bus no. 82 is the free bus, I can save some money.

It takes almost 1 hour from Wongwian Yao to my destination and I get off at Phra Pradaeng bus stop. Then, I continue walking to the pier and turn to the footway. You are able to see the blue bus available there

It is indicated the direction toP้hra Pradaeng - Bang Bua Kaew

I choose to get on this bus, it will take us to " Bangkrachao"

The ticket fee is only 8 baht. The driver starts the engine and I am now ready for the trip. I can see the view of Bhumibol bridge, the view is so great but I could not take the photos because it is not so convenient on the bus.

On the bus has arrived at the ridge of the bridge where it is called Latpho (but I am not sure whether this is correct or not), this bus is heading to Phra Pradaeng.

And my trip with budget 8 baht has now begun, I have arrived at Bangkrachao.

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Once the bus has crossed to the another side of Bangkrachao, I could not find any words to describe the atmosphere at Bangkrachao because it is so nice.

For half an hour later,the ticket seller on the bus has informed me that this is the terminated bus stop "Bang Ko Bua". I ask her whether the bus passed Bangnamphueng floating market already and she said that it passed for a while, she suggests me to sit on this bus because it will return back to the same way.

I can notice whether. I arrive at Bangnamphueng floating market by observing the sign indicated Petchahong 26

Once I get off from the bus, I have seen many motorcycling services but I prefer to walk.

On the way to the market, I have also seen that there are many tourists ride bicycles. I spend around 6-7 minutes by walking, I then see Bangnamphueng temple, so I go inside the temple.

I wander arounf the temple and continue walking to Bangnamphueng floating market.

I am not reluctant to find something to eat.

I walk around the market but could not find anything interesting. Finally, I buy one portion of fried seashells, it costs 40 baht.

Unfortunately, there is no proper place to sit and eat unless you go to the restaurant. Eventually, I find the interesting place to chill out, it is called " Milk House". Let's go.

I have found the vacant seat to chill out, I have ordered original Thai authentic coffee and eaten fried seashells.

The ambience is very nice.

I continue walking a bit.

After walking for a while, I decide to rent for a bicycle. It is time to do some exercixe by bike cycling.

The bike renting shop is close to parking area.

The renting charge is quite expensive, I highly recommend to take a bike with you.

The renting charge is 40 baht / hour, 100 baht for the whole day

I choose to rent for 1 hour, I could not ride around because I get lost a bit. I do not take photos at Bangkrachao. But, I would like to explain more details about the direction. I ride a bicycle from Bangnamphueng temple and continue riding to the first side-street that I get into the temple. I keep riding a bicycle. There is obvious sign that indicates that we have come to the right direction, it is the bridge but you do not need to ride up to the bridge. You will see that there is the intersection before reaching the bridge. Then, you can simply turn right, continue riding till you see the football stadium.

I am looking for the chic home stay on the tree called " Bangkok Tree House"

But, I still could not find it.

I will not give up.

Finally, I have seen the sign.

I continue riding a bicycle and find the village located by the river (Be carefull the fierce dog)

Below is the pathway to the forest but it is quite narrow.

There are the signs indicating throughout the pathway, please carefully observe.

Here you go! Bangkok Tree House where I am looking for.

I apologize that I could not take the photos with wide lens because I bring fix lens with me.

| B a n g k o kT r e eH o u s e |

There is still a chic place in the forest at.... Bangkrachao

I would really like to have a sip of coffee but I have rent a bicycle only 1 hour. I can only take some photos and go back.

I ride a bicycle back to the same way. Meanwhile, I have discovered another beautiful pathway, it is very green. I take a few photos of it and return the bicycle back to the renting shop.

To conclude all expense

To take the bus no. 82 from Wongwian Yai - Free.

To connect with the bus from Phra Pradaeng - Bang Ko Bua 8 baht / 2 rounds.

Food - 40 baht

Drinking water - 20 baht

Renting bicycle - 40 baht

Total 116 baht

I can actually learn that money is the not an excuse for traveling

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 Wednesday, March 23, 2016 10:38 AM