Sushi season’s still on!

In fact, it would never end. I have been so craving sushi and of course, going for it every so often lately. A while back, I took you on a journey to this super duper affordable sushi place in the centre of Bangkok like, ‘Shinkanzen Sushi‘. That was awesome!.

‘Say Hi!’


We just went for more sushi!!! Not just that, there were some other goodies we got along with the sushi! It’s the full set Japanese food at the place called ‘Say Hi‘!

Affordable premium Japanese food with Chao Phraya River view

Whoa! Crazy!

Is that true so? Yes, so true! So delicious and so presentable so affordable, so Japanese. The place located at the pier called ‘Wang Lang’ just right by Wang Lang market and Siriraj hospital. If you still have no idea where I’m talking about, it’s really close to Khao San Road and The Grand Palace. Does that ring a bell. Of course! It’s around around the tourist area here in Bangkok. Surprisingly, not many tourists come here so.. Special!

Here’s the view from a table we’re sitting.. Not bad huh?

Say Hi sushi got a big menu with wide variety of Japanese food

So much food to choose from and they all looks so good. It was so enjoyable looking through the menu items that we couldn’t help ordering without knowing we got the whole lot of food!

I’m going to start from the dish I like the most down to the one I like the least. Dude, by that I still mean, they all were so damn good!

Salmon rolls topped with salmon roes.

This is crazy! I still remember the feeling I chew all that big piece in one bite. How soft the salmon was with such a perfect texture of rice. When the salmon roes started to explode in your mouth. Dudeeee!!! that what I would call, mouthgasm! and to be exact just for this one, ‘Sushigasm‘ that is!

I would totally go there again many times just for this type of sushi they have, like, seriously!

Assorted Sashimi

Well, no need to say much about sashimi. If you love raw fish, this is just so fresh and good! Not like, caught-them-yesterday fresh but you know, fresh enough!


We ordered quite a few types of nigiri. The rice’s perfect with its texture. The fish, like, I said.. fresh enough!

Wagyu with Jaew sauce (น้ำจิ้มแจ่ว)

To be honest, I didn’t even know what exactly this very type of beef is but it sounds familiar, exciting and we knew it was a good type of meat so we got one. As simple as that. This is a bit different as it’s served with the Thai spicy tamarind sauce. Thai-Japanese style. Soft, juicy and flavourful!

Saba with rice

This is sure delicious as you know, it’s rice! and it’s fish! To be honest, just to get this dish, totally doesn’t have to be this one as nothing so special about it. Simply delicious! Just like their miso soup

Cold soba

This is not bad at all! It’s just that I’m not a fan of raw eggs (But with that coconut ice-cream and raw yolk I was fine.. What???!). How we have to crack a quail egg into the cold soup, dip noodle in it and eat.. It’s just a little ticklish for me. If you usually love cold noodle, give it a go and tell me what you think!

988THB ($30)

This time we went for something a bit more premium.. Not that inexpensive compared to the last one we went to but hey! You get what you pay for, right? Still though, I think some of you from some countries would still think this epic meal for this price is shocking cheap!

Say Hi sushi at Wang Lang pier’s so awesome!

Epic food, good view and the service was just great. Seriously, if you ever find yourself in Bangkok some of these days, do check this place out!

Hi Sushi, Bangkok

Address : 396/5 ชั้น2 อาคารซี ตรอก, Trok Watrakhang Alley, แขวง ศิริรราช Thanon Wang Lang, Khwaeng Siriraj, Khet Bangkok Noi, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10700

Tel : 084 021 8048

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