Hello, so happy to meet you again. This trip we are going to go to the south. This year I go to the south around 2 times now. Today we will travelling to Cheow Lan dam. I actually intend to go to Cheow Lan only but we drive here for more than 700 km so we want to drive for 100 km more to have 1 night stay in Phuket. I want to know how it is and I can't wait to see it there. I search for detail to make the most low cost travelling as usual. And for sure this long trip should have a lot of people to share the transportation cost to save money hahaha. This trip are consisting of 4 people. Vehicle using for this trip is VIOS, my beloved car which I drive it with me all around Thailand. Let's see how much money you can save and how the trip is.

I talk too long now, let's start the journey. This trip we start departure on 6-8 June 2015

All the pictures are taken by Nikon D3100 which is the last trip of D3100, it falls down on the last day of the trip. Right now the taken photo is dark and the camera still can't be fixed. And another camera is Gopro hero 4 silver. Normal I don't edit the picture but I will do it only the picture from this Gopro camera because it is covered by a a waterproof case and taking the picture in the middle of the day. The picture seems like it reflect with the sunlight so it turns pale, very strange so I have to edit the picture to look more real. I start the journey on Friday. Let us see the vehicle first. It is VIOS gas, the same car like I use before. Checking the tire first before the journey start.

I pick up other traveler from Bangkok around 10.30 pm.. I plan to reach the dam in the morning to take a beautiful. I like traveling at the night time because less number of car and then obstacle can occur anytime.

I just change a new car mac wheel but it is not placed in the right order and my car is low as you see in the picture. The wheel is damaged when 4 people and stuffs are full loaded on the car and when the car jump , passing on the whole then it scrape with the bower along the way. So, I can drive not more than 120 km/hour only. In this picture only, I drive for 400 kilometers more and having meal at Khun Salai Chumphorn. And it's a little obstacle, I feel more comfortable and scary to reach Surat haha.

I departure from Mr.Sarai around 4.00 am. I drive 120 km fast per hour. Some part of the road have been renovated but some still the same but I can drive it safely. My car is too low so I feel disappointed.

I reach Surat Thani now around 6.00 am. and I stop for washing my face, I feel a little bit sleepy and the light comes out now.

After I go out off the gas station, I then drive along the way according to GPS. It is accurate but lead us to a detour way.

When turn right from Phetkasem Road to the route that lead to Rajjprabha Dam, I was surprised by the fog or maybe it is 7 o'clock in the morning.

I speed the car and don't care about the broken wheel now, let it scrape the road side. I want to reach the dam as fast as I can because I afraid the fog to be disappeared.

And Yeah, a red light. I then banish my girlfriend to get off the car and take a picture of the car haha. People who like the car will understand what I am doing. A beautiful view should includes the car in the picture.

I can see the dam sign now. Yeah! I am going to reach it, my sleepy feeling have gone away. There is a dense fog along the way but I open the window to feel the cool wind blow along the way, I am so happy but don't take any picture because I hurriedly drive to the dam.

Oh! I reach the dam now. A beautiful white fog flit on the sky. Let's see the picture. Here I am not on the place where the sign of the dam is.

Plenty of fog, so beautiful

Another picture from this corner and then I go up and park the car on the dam. The beautiful fog still there.

Is this a relax pavilion??

Here are our travelers of this trip.

I proudly present this picture. The photo view is really beautiful. I like this picture.

We are just reach here but we have already taken 100 pictures now. We are crazy taking a photo. Not long that the boat we have contacted call us back to tell us we can cross the river so we go right away.

For people who come to the dam by driving. The parking fee is 80 Baht/day. The boat to there is 2500 Baht, this price is including a round trip to Khao Sam Kler and if they kind enough, they would take us to see the animal. Actually the boat can carry 10 people and it cost only 250 Baht/person, it is not expensive because it takes around hour to travel by boat. It is quite far but we come here only 4 people. This point is costly but never mind let's get on the boat. But if anyone want to save money, I recommend you to bring a rice box with you before getting on the boat. Also the sneak and beverages should be well prepared and buy only an ice and having dinner there. But if you guys lazy to bring your food with you to the raft, you just have to pay a little high price which is not my way of travelling haha. I buy a lunch box cost 50 Baht and beverages myself. I can save a lot of money for this meal because the food serves on the raft is costly. Moreover, they is a campaign encouraging to refrain from using a foam box. We should help each other. Depart from the pier and heading to the raft that we are going to stay. The raft we are going is named Pae Klong. It is a raft of the national park. For the detail, I will inform you guy later. Now let's go to explore the views and way to the accommodation.

Many lime mountains are located along the way. Beautiful and look strange. I take so many pictures here.

Our model at the boat's prow.

The weather is so good, I am going to fall a sleep now.

Here we are! so beautiful, I feel so fresh to see it for the first time.

I reserve a raft of Khao Sok national park from the national park's website. It is a 6 big room. There are 2 rooms inside. In the picture, there are 4 houses on the right side.

The price is 1,800 Baht for 6 people. This price is not expensive at all.

When you reach the accommodation, people who take in charge will come out to welcome you and recommend you the regulation of living on the raft. I would say that he is so hilarious.

The water is very green and clear. At first I read the review from other writer and think that they edit the photo and wondering how the water is so clear but when I see it with my own eyes then I know it immediately that those pictures are real. The fish in the water is obviously to be seen like this.

Let's see the room.There are 2 beds on the both side of the door and can walk through the back of the room. In front is a seat for drinking, it's so great.

There are 2 rest rooms on the both side too.

It is around 10 o'clock now. I am preparing myself to jump into the water. Here I go to the first set of the raft. This place is belong to us now. Let's take some picture first before we jump into the water.

This is the review of the room at the back.

There is no phone signal of every mobile network here but we can live peacefully and don't have to bend down our head. Raise your head and look around, this is such a happy moment. Before getting into the water, I want to get on the boat first. Kayak boat is cost 100 Baht/boat with no time limit until you feel tired but there are not many boats parking there so we have to share but actually we paddle it for a while then you would feel tired.

At first we want to paddle it to the waterfall but the water doesn't quite flow so we imagine of the crocodile like we see it in the movie so we prefer paddling back,

This picture is not fake but we are coincidentally paddling at the same.

Fighting the weather is hot now.

Let play in the water

The jumping wood looks not tall but it can scare us when we step on the top of it.


A girl gang

Couple picture

Single picture, I am the lord of the water hahaha

We play until we get tired but feel fresh then we go up and prepare to set up an alcoholic group.

The atmosphere is good, not hot and the wind blows all day so we don't have to turn on the fan.

Take a bath and set up the group. I buy an ice into the watering can. The ice cost 30 Baht/ round with the ice fill up over the half of the can.

I can save money for this trip because we bring the alcohol that left from a Chinese dishes banquet.

We drink until around 17.00 pm. The driver appoints us to go explore the animals. Actually this program has to pay more money but right now they provide a free service because sometime we go out but we maybe can't see any animals. As per I say we go out both in the evening and morning but can't see any of it and just heard their sound. It is a Leaf Monkey, I guess. It scare me because they cry out and it sound everywhere.

My personal posture , reach out my hands.

This is the boat driver name Mr.Ruk, he provides a good service, I recommend him.

After we finish exploring the animal then it is time for dinner, around 6 o'clock. Dinner is cost 200 Baht/person. You can add anything except fish menu.

The food taste good, people who take charge of the raft narrates the history and moreover there is Nang Tarung show (Shadow Puppet) too. I heard that this is the only show here that show up for free.

After the show end, now it's time to sleep around 20.00 pm. I feel very tired since the Friday night that I drive here. I take a deep sleep until morning. The electricity is provided since 18.00 pm. to 22.00 pm. but on that day the staff notice that the rain is not fall, they afraid that we will feel hot so they allow to electricity to be available until 6.00 am in the morning.

I wake up in the morning to breath in a fresh air.

We prepare our self to go out to explore animals and then back to the bank immediately. We are not hurry but sleep here only 1 night is happy enough.

He takes us to explore the animal and Khao Sam Kler, there are many people here.

Khao Sam Kler is a normal limestone mountain but the 3 mountains shape and size are similar so it is the important view point.

Bye bye and we would come back again.

We reach the bank around 7.00 am. and we pack the bag to next station, Phuket.

If you are here it mean that you have arrived to Phuket, you definitely have to take a picture at Sarasin bridge.

And then we move to our accommodation, we stay at G-1 Apartment at Kamala Beach, it is not closed to the sea but there is a sky swimming pool which the price is not expensive, it costs 800 Baht but going there on Sunday is discount for 10% so it costs only 720 Baht with an air-conditioned and a big room. Let's see it together.

The price is worthy and we appreciate it. We will go swim tomorrow morning and will update the picture later. It is in the afternoon at that time so we have lunch at the restaurant beside the accommodation. The price is 65 Baht per person. Then we take a nap until 14.00 pm and go to Phuket for travelling. Phuket is a big city and traffic jam.

The first place we go visiting is a scenery point or Karon view point. Going along the way from Kamala beach to Pra Tong beach and walk for around 20 kilometer more.

After that we go to the point that everyone should not miss visiting in Phuket, Leam Promthep Cape.

We take a lot of pictures and then we move to the capital city of Phuket.

The place we are going to is an old city, Sino-Portuguese but why the traffic light has been renovated not the same as I see in the internet when I go there hahaha.

But it is a history picture if it is finish renovate, the picture like this should be hard to see, cool hahaha

Walking to the next street, Lard Yai, it is not a long a walking street but various of goods are sold here.

The sun is going to set at Patong beach.

We start to get hungry and going to have dinner. At first we don't know where to go to get a beautiful view but if we want the cheap one , there is only the restaurant near Patong beach that we see on the internet. It is mentioned that the restaurant nearby is expensive so we decide to drive further Patong beach up the hill to Kamala beach. But our member then decide to park the car hear, they say lazy so we try this restaurant.

At Sea breeze restaurant, it is located on the hill next to the road that heading to Kamala beach.

Here the view of the restaurant but unlucky the picture of the sun can not be seen.

The food are all served on the table, total cost 1,270 Baht only. The taste is good and unbelievable who says that there is only an expensive restaurant but people may really don't know this restaurant because we can't search the place to to Check-in on Facebook. Maybe people would think that this place is expensive because it is located on the hill so they don't dare to try this restaurant. There is another foreigner customer sitting there and no new customer come until we leave the restaurant but I recommend this restaurant, delicious and beautiful view.

Then we go back to the accommodation after we are full and find a cool water to drink on the terrace of the accommodation, so chill with a cool breeze. I almost go to sleep at 11.00 pm., so early. Actually tomorrow we have to go back home now. Aow! let's eatttt!

We wake up around 6.00 am. in the morning to go to swimming pool.

Sexy lady

The same posture, reach out my hand under the water hahaha

After finish swimming, we go to pack our back, dress up and check out. We going to have Hokkien noodle soup for breakfast. We see from the review that this is the well known restaurant, Mee Ton Pho, let we make a quick move to the restaurant.

We arrive when the restaurant has not opened yet. It opens at 10.00 am. so we miss it and eat the noodle at the restaurant beside that one but the taste is also delicious. Coolll!

After that we go to eat Dim Sum of the southern part for breakfast. Normally many provinces of the south has Dim Sum really to serve so we go to Larn Dim Sum restaurant.

There are many for us to choose. Some are delicious but some are not.

The next picture is the last picture of Nikon D3100 because after taking this picture it fall down and crashing to the ground. Since that day, the photos I take are dark and don't know what's going on with the camera. I will bring it to repairing center to see what's wrong. Herrrr.

After we go out from Mee Som Jid, we go to worship the big buddha. So we go to Khao Nak Kerd (Phuket's Big Buddha) on the hill, we can see a beautiful view from here.

The rain is going to fall down and sky turn dark when we reach there.

After that we go back to Bangkok. Happy time passes so fast. Travelling in Phuket should not miss taking the picture with Phuket sea and next time we will come here to travel and diving.

Compare me as a log. No matter how much my love is but when it is broken, we can't rely on it for so long hahaha.

We departure from Phuket around 12.00 pm. and drive along the way because the car can't go so fast. Then we have lunch around Chiya tourist market and another meal at Mae Klong around 10.00 pm. And finally I send everyone back home and reach my home at Don Mueng around 12.00 a.m. I feel tired enough and feel so happy. I feel this trip is full of joy, experience fog, water, rain, sea, mountain, hot, everything comes. This is another impressed trip. I want everyone try to travel regularly and you will love Thailand like me.

Summary of expenses

  • Oil fee 500/4
  • Gas fee 2260/4, there is some volume left to use for another one day.
  • Accommodation at national park 1800/4
  • A boat fee 2500/4
  • Phuket accommodation fee 1440/4
  • The rest are food and beverages of every meal. Normally it is divided by 4 and it costs around 1000 Baht.
  • Totally this trip cost around 3,000 Baht for 3 days 2 nights. It is worth if you go travelling with a group which can save you more money.

Thank You everyone for reading this review. There would be too many picture because I like to take a picture. I use 2 cameras and cut off and finally it is around 1,700 pictures left hahaha. Who wants to follow the full pictures or other trips, please follow me on the Facebook.


And see you again in Kru Rak Torn Tour program. Please follow us to see where we are going in the next trip. Travelling around with VIOS.


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