If you have only one day and looking for some nice place to see history and present. Ayutthay is one of a good option.

Ayuttha is called the historical park on an island between 3 rivers.

0900am we left Bangkok heading north to visit Ayutthaya historical park. Ayutthaya one of the province of Central of Thailand which was capital of the Kingdom of Siam (Thailand). Today me and one of my friend will spend one day in Ayutthaya. And the first stop which we plan to visit is the beautiful summer palace

Bang Pa In Summer Palace (Royal Palace) was started construct since 1632 and completed in 1889 almost building which we see was built between 1872 and 1889. And now this palace is well known for tourist around the world as "Bang Pa In Summer Palace"

We took around 1 hour and 10 minutes drive from Bangkok and then we reached to the first stop. There quite strict dress rules for visitors here which everyone have to follow otherwise officer will not let you in.

You have to dress politely and some cloths are not allow as below:

In case that you wear short or sleeveless shirt you have to rent or buy long pants or blouse from the shop in front of the palace. We both are aware about this rules so we were well prepared.

After passed the check in area. We saw that they have golf car stand by and officer informed us that this car is for rent as self drive or with driver for old people or any people who do not want to walk around. The cost for rental is THB 400 per car. They accept only cash.

We both prefer to walk then we start walking in to the palace area and good to see lots of tourist visit this beautiful palace.

The foreigner visit this place with tour guide who can speak English very well and I heard some tour guide speak other languages as well which mean people from many countries visit this famous palace.

The first stop that we got first shot is this most beautiful building.

I saw many pictures of this building from internet but it difference when I saw it by myself. Closer is Thai style architecture while another building behind is colonial style. This contrast showing the period of building of this palace. However, both are so beautiful.

I saw this group of tourist listening their tour guide explain about this place. I was there and also listen to him but can understand just some times when they speak English but I heard sometimes other language.

After we walked pass that group tour and stop by this small house in pink color. I like this architecture and the color they use. I guess that this house should be built with special purpose which I will find answer later.

We keep walking deep inside and we found this building. This one is Chinese style so now we saw Thai style, European style and here is Chinese. This palace is mixed difference architecture but all are so beautiful.

And in front of the Chinese building it is big lake where there are some buildings behind. When my camera focus some object I saw her there. My friend who cover her body from head to toe from the sun.

While me and my friend enjoy take photos with very nice background I saw the same tourist group again listen to their tour guide. I think sometime when we visit some place which concern to the history we might need tour guide as he or she should know about those places more than us and for me listen is better than ready.

We agreed to leave this palace and find some more information later about each place. Myself visit this place because I like architecture and love to go every where that showing beautiful architectures.

Next stop is temple which listed to be one of "Unseen Thailand" in Ayutthaya. Wat Maha That"

I visit some temples in Ayutthaya and this temple is one of my favorite temple. Many of temples in Ayutthaya do not have monks living inside like other new temples in other area. But these temples show us history and how long the building stand still even during the war many temples was fired.

This place is also strict about dress rules but not much as the palace.

This is the highlight of this temple that everyone come and take photo with this Buddha image head. But you have to pay respect to Buddha image by not standing in front of the this image. If you want to take photo you have to sit down on the mat which they prepared.

In the same area there is complete Buddha Image while some was fired and some part broken down.

I walked around the area deep in side to find some nice shot.

The weather today is hot but sky is so beautiful and it better than rain.

My friend give up to the sun so she prefer to wait for me under the shade at the entrance.

After walked around area (there is some area they closed for renovation so I can not walk through). Then I came back to meet with my friend and start thinking about lunch. There is the good restaurant by the river name Baan Rim Nam which I was there and enjoy fresh river prawn grilled and dip with seafood sauce. But my friend prefer to sit in the beautiful restaurant with nice view. Then I suggest her "Sala Ayutthaya"

This is the restaurant inside small boutique resort name "Sala Ayutthaya" And I heard that they cook Thai food very delicious.

Walk way to the restaurant is look like runway and because I am coming with model. Then she got many shots and forgot that we were hungry.

The restaurant located deep inside the resort area next to the river and facing to one of the most old and important temple in the history of Ayutthaya. We got the table facing to the river and temple so it is very nice view.

Because of the sun and the view and signature of the drink. Then I order watermelon blend no syrup.

My friend was busy with ordering food for lunch and we was waiting a bit long as there are many clients at the restaurant when we reached there. The more we wait the more we hungry. So, when they serve food we immediately start and that is the reason why we do not have photos of food but I remember menu which I recommend "Friend chicken with pandan leaf" , Sour soup made from tamarind paste with mix vegetable eat with deep fried leaf fish" and 'Steam fish with curry paste". We finished all food in 15 minutes (faster than waiting for food).

After finished lunch we got invited from resort to see their room in case that we want to overnight. We do not have to tight plan for today so we follow them to see the room.

When staff open the door. First sight attracted me is the painting above the bed "Tiger" as I like tiger in this act so much. The room is big and simple decoration.

But my friend like bath room.

They have small public pool for all guest. The pool quite small but I think people travel to this province to enjoy history park might not spend time in the pool so this lovely small pool is not bad.

After see the room it already 3pm. So we discussed about go back directly to Bangkok or visit somewhere for shopping. And we both agreed to drop by Premium Outlet Mall to find something.

We spent 2 hours walked around Premium Outlet Mall but finally we did not get anything. Then we drive back to Bangkok and completed this trip with food and beverage without souvenir except some snack which everyone must buy "Roti with sugar noodle"

There were not many photos from this trip as my friend prefer to stay under the shade than walking under the sun. But we completed our tour happily.


 Friday, June 28, 2019 11:33 AM