Everything was colourful here, I loved it! I went to Wat Tha Ka Rong Floating Market this afternoon and it was beyond my expectation for the decoration. I thought it was as same as floating market in Banjarmasin, Indonesia. But there were just a few boats in the floating market. It was not a big matter as long as there's something to eat here. This place also have a temple.

One of the stall in Floating Market

The ceiling were colourful

Me and Mom Mayuree

Mom Mayuree and her husband took us here before we went to Kungsri Night Market. We bought some breads to feed the fishes in Chao Praya River, others bought cereal. Just threw it into the river and the fishes will eat it.

Feeding the river fish

The floating market

We went to floating market but we bought nothing. I didn't found something interesting to eat there, then back to the stall.

I ate hotdog, the shape was unusual for me, it was like tennis ball with a sausage inside. It costs 10 Baht.

The hotdog

The most interesting thing that I found in this place is big hat. That's the biggest hat I've ever seen. I tried to wear it, hahaha.. I was so happy! Yes, I am a hat person.

Me with the big hat

The Flashpacker

 Sunday, July 28, 2019 2:36 AM