Kungsri Night Market also known as Kungsri Walking Street. It only open on weekend, started on Friday. They said it is the beautiful night market in Thailand. A lot of snacks and dishes here. I came for the big one...

I paid 200 Baht for the big one

I stopped by on a stall that put prawn outside. This is the only stall in this market that sold the fresh prawn. The prawn started from 100 Baht, the biggest one was 600 Baht.

600 Baht prawn was bigger than my palm

We walked along the way and bought so many dishes. Our table was full of foods. Pork belly, pork satay, som tam (spicy papaya salad), fish cake, squid satay, sticky rice, and also some drinks.

Our dinner set menu

Fish cake

Spicy squid satay

The drink made of palm fruit, I loved the bamboo glass

Our "appetizer" haha, it's a herb!

It made of a piece of lime, roasted coconut, sugar and small shrimp.

The desserts, 5 Baht Fanta ice stick

Look what I found!

I was too excited to find those kinds of food. I've tried it before, but the small one in Indonesia. And it was a bigger one!

The cricket egg

It was good! I felt the texture as like small shrimp

The pupa

The texture was like a mashed peanut. They boiled it and gave a little bit salt.

It was a perfect place to have dinner, enjoy Ayutthaya!

The Flashpacker

 Sunday, July 28, 2019 8:29 AM