Hello all, I've been gone for quite a long time because this year is very dry. I didn't know where to go. I was enthusiastically waiting for the rainy season to come and see the beautiful green nature again. Now, the wait is over when the rainy season arrives during June - August. Naturally, I think of it here, "Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park" because of the convenient transportation and not very far. It still has a rich forest with beautiful viewpoints, fog, forests, and wild flowers. In addition, the weather here is so refreshing, you can fully inhale the ozone in the lung. If you're ready, let's follow me. I will take you to tent, travel to waterfall, hug the fog, and enjoy the flowers.

Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park is located on the boundary of three provinces, namely Dan Sai District, Loei Province, Nakhon Thai District, Phitsanulok Province and Lom Sak District, Phetchabun Province. It is the 48th national park of Thailand.

With the same height level as Phukradueng and Nam Nao, the weather is cold almost all year around. The average annual temperature is about 18-25 degrees Celsius. In winter, the temperature is very low, about 0-4 degrees Celsius.

With complex mountainous areas, abundant forests, important watersheds including various plants, making it a beautiful natural attraction and learning place.

(For more information of the national park, please click

http://park.dnp.go.th/visitor/nationparkshow.php?PTA_CODE=1048 )

This is a 3 days and 2 nights trip, let's see where I've been traveled to.

"Phu Tub Berk"

My first destination that I must stop and it's also on the way before entering the national park is Phu Tub Berk. It offers a high chance of seeing beautiful fog in the rainy season. The weather here is also cold and very refreshing.

It is such a popular place now. For the camping lover, you should not miss to come and challenge the rain and the wind in order to wait for the fog. The sea fog here ranks as one of the most beautiful fog watching locations in Thailand.

After Phu Tub Berk, we stop for breakfast and go to the Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park.

The entrance fee to the Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park is as follow:

Thai citizen: Adult 40 THB, child 20 THB

Vehicle: a 4-WD car is 30 THB.

Another must-stop destination is Phu Phaeng Ma.

"Phu Phaeng Ma Viewpoint"

Phu Phaeng Ma is another sea fog viewpoint. About 500 m away from Lom Kao District, Phetchabun Province ticket office (further from the entrance to Phu Thap Boek), you will see the entrance sign to Phu Phaeng Ma. We can walk up to see the view, enjoy cold wind and morning fog.

We can see the endless view here. It is as far as the windmill field of Khao Kho District.

If we visit here at night, we will see millions of beautiful stars.

Along the route, you will see the abundant forest full of trees and cover with fog. If you get a chance to spend a slow life here, I can guarantee that you will certainly fall in love with this place, just like me.

Let's now move on to other stops before going for the camping. These include the water pump windmill, the military school, Rom Klao-Pharadon Waterfall, and Huai Khamuen Noi Waterfall.

"Water pumping windmill"

It is located opposite to the military school. It is a place to nourish thousands of people on Phu Hin Rong Kla. 42 years ago, it was designed and built by students of the Faculty of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University who fled into the forest after the October 6, 1976 event. This water turbine uses water to propel the turbine to rotate the mortar axis, which is like a rice mill, and no manpower is needed to make it work.

In addition, this water turbine can also generate electricity. However, today, this water turbine has become a fraction of the historical memory.

Source - https://www.phitsanulokhotnews.com/2018/11/25/1249...

"Military School"

The Military School is about 4 km away from the national park office. It is a dense forest surrounded by large trees. In the past, it was a place for education according to the guidelines of communism. In the area of the military school consists of civilian houses, logistics department, communications department, and nursing homes. All of these 31 small houses are orderly distributed. Each house has a bed for sleeping and a desk for writing books made of rough wood. Fragments of objects are scattering around. Some of them started to fall away because they were abandoned after the masses surrendered. In addition, the central area of the military school, there's a tractor, which the mass seized it from Phikanet Company and burned it out. In the winter, around January, maple leaves will fall on the roof of these houses, making it a beautiful red companion houses.

"Rom Klao-Pharadon Waterfall"

Romklao-Pharadon Waterfall is a twin waterfall, adjacent to each other, it is about 3.5 km away from the national park office of the Phu Hin Rong Kla on road no. 2331. It is about 500 m before reaching the military school. We need to walk down a steep slope of about 220 m, but the surrounding environment is still very raw and beautiful.

Note: It is slippery and has slugs, please be cautious.

"Huai Khamuen Noi Waterfall"

It is right by the road so very quickly, we will reach the waterfall. After about 50 m walk, we will see this not so large waterfall but so beautiful and shady.

Now, the energy is almost up. Let's go for lunch and contact with the national park for the tent. The office area has shops selling food, beverages, and snack.

The tent area is a shady and beautiful pine tree forest. It is very organized with many clean bathrooms which is enough for tourists. Here is some of its atmosphere.

It is very suitable to take family, bring friends or lovers to camp, sleep, and relax. The weather is cool and super refreshing. If it rains, it can get even colder.

At night, we can watch millions of beautiful stars.

A must-not-miss check in location near the national office is Lan Hin Taek.

"Lan Hin Taek"

In the late afternoon, we still have sometime and energy left, we then walk to the Lan Hin Taek.

"Lan Hin Taek" is a rock with cracks like a separate land. It is assumed that this may be caused by deflection or movement of the earth's surface. Some of these cracks are only narrow enough to allow the roots of the grass to penetrate. Some cracks are wide enough to let people crossing over while some are so wide that people can't jump over. Therefore, please be careful and must follow the path given because the depths of those cracked rocks are hard to know.

In addition, the cracked rocks are covered with mosses, lichens, fern, and various orchids. In the rainy season like this, we get to see the white wild flower as well.

When walking to the end, there's the viewpoint for watching a beautiful sunset. But since I didn't bring a flashlight and came alone, let's walk back before it's dark.

That's it for today. Although we went to many places, there're still more places for us to see tomorrow. We are planning to go to the Lan Him Pum to watch flowers in rainy season and if lucky, we would get to see the sea fog too.

Wake up early to drink a cup of hot coffee is so good. And now I'm ready for another fruitful day.

"Lan Hin Pum"

Lan Hin Pum is a stone courtyard near the cliff located about 4 km from the park's office. These stone sprang up as a button, about 1 foot tall, they are expected to be caused by the natural erosion of the stone. Since it is located at the edge of a cliff that is at an elevation of 1,262 m above sea level, making it cool and cold in winter and we can travel here all year round.

"Nature study trail of Lan Hin Pum - Pha Chu Thong". We walk and take pictures for 2-3 hours on this route, so we have to eat beforehand and carry snacks and water along. (Note: Do not throw garbage in the national park area).

What we will see along the nature trail here is the various rainy flowers which all are in full blossom.

Morning at Lan Him Pum

Lan Hin Pum is another great place to watch the beautiful sunset that we should not miss. If you fail to visit Lan Him Pum, it is like you have yet reached Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park.

"Pha Chu Thong" is one of the natural trails of Lan Him Pum. Simply follow the cliff, and you will find it.

The weather and the atmosphere are very pleasant. We enjoy our 2-3 hours walk so much. Time goes by so quickly. We saw lots of flowers along the Lan Him Pum-Pha Chu Tong natural trail.

"Caulokaempferia saxicola K.Larsen (Pro Hin)" It can be found along giant rocks in the shade like the water pumping windmill, the military school, the air bunker, and Pha Chu Thong area.

"White Pro Phu"

Pro Phu is in the ginger family which has root underground just like Krachiew flower. It is blossoming during June to August. It is another highlight of the rainy season that we should not miss.

"Hedychium ellipticum Buch.-Ham. ex Sm. (Ta Hern Wai)"

"Orange Habenaria Rhodocheila Hance Wild Orchid"

It can be found along the rocks inserting along White Pro Phu flower.

"Thunia alba (Lindl.) Rchb.f. (Chang Nga Diaw)"

It is a flower in a family of clay orchids and can be found along the stone yard.


Begonia or Somkung is another outstanding species flowers of Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park. The wild Begonia is both in the deep forest and easily seen from the air bunker or on the large stones covered by forest. The travel time is between June-September. You guys are most welcomed to come and see it.

While enjoying taking photos, please be cautious about slugs too.

How is it? Do you like the rainy season more now? Yes, this is the charm of rainy season on the ground of Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park that I wanted to present from the perspective of someone who like to travel and take photos.

Everywhere is so green and amazingly refreshing.

In addition, there's a place that we need to walk deep into the forest to see the beauty of Pink Habenaria Rhodocheila Hance Wild Orchid. This orchid can only be found at Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park from Man Daeng Waterfall. If you guys are interested, you can directly contact the national park to ask for permission and staff to navigate.

"Man Daeng Waterfall"

Photos of Man Daeng Waterfall can be found in the link below:


Did you guys have any destination to go for the rainy season yet? If no, please try to come and experience "Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park", a place that combines both historical traces and beautiful pure nature. I believe that anyone who has come to this place in any season would fall in love with it for sure.

“New experiences cannot be found unless you go out to explore it.”
Life is a journey

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