Actually, I'm a local who lived in phnom penh, Cambodia. The reason that I am starting to write my own Blog, its because I heard some of my friends from outside country said that, it was hard for them to visit Phnom Penh, there isn't a lot of places where they can visit. But, now I want to prove them by capturing some places to recommend for them and you guys.

My first start is about City Tour, there are many places ,but I will do it one by one. let's start with the local transportation, there are many Applications that you can access in to grab a driver such as Grab, Passapp and Tada, but for me, I always use Tada in the city, because it has a lot of promotion code also the driver is so friendly and easy as well. However, I only spent 5000R = 1.08$ heading to the royal palace.


Royal Palace

This Palace contains sliver pagoda, whose floor is made up of 5329 silver tiles, each weighing 1.125 kilograms. it's very beautiful place where you can capture many nice views and pictures, the inside was neat and well maintained as well, also front of the palace is a river that you can ride a boat to see the city.

ohhhh waittt!!!!! I forgot to mention!!!!!!!!! You guys must wear a proper clothes, no short skirt or short trouser.

But !!! look at me hahahhahha :) if you wear something short like me, you still can enter to the palace by hiring some clothes there. "not really expensive tho "

Royal Palace

Next Destination is Museum

It was opened in 1920 and show many examples of Angkor wat statues. In this place there are many statues to see.

In this blog I cannot go in to take the picture for you guys, because one of my friends feel dizzy:( But, believe me you have to go inside, "'Highly recommend for history person"'.

However, in front of the Museum there will be a local bike called ( siklo). It's really famous during my grandparents generation. The reason I want you to try local bike, because they are friendly, kind and warm welcome, they will tell you almost everything about Cambodia without ask for a commission.

After a quick visit at museum, I am going to try some local snack & drink such as fry banana and sugarcane juice, sound weird right ????? But, it's very tasty and cheap.

Furthermore, in the museum you can go to see the show as well by asking for the ticket next to the information center, there will be a Khmer traditional dance and show.

You can purchase full package includes dinner +show and dance or workshop.


Well, in the afternoon I'm going to Aeon mall, it's one of the most famous mall in Cambodia that you can do shopping and eating different kind of foods.

I have tried some dishes at Urban restaurant, it was amazing, because I can eat and enjoy the view at the same time .

However, In this mall there will be a secret place to capture a nice view ,only local people know abt it I guess ;)

you can see the sunset , enjoy the fresh air and see the fake sakura flowers :)

This place called "'Sakura Garden"', if you don't know just ask the information center to let them show you the way.

Urban Restaurant

Sakura Garden

After a long tiring day , we are going to have a dinner at Veha Sky Bar, I highly suggest you all to go there if you had a chance, because the food is cheap and the view is perfect to see the whole city.


Thank you so much for spending your time to read, next time I will show you more.

Good Bye, see you soon with my next chapter.

love you



Channarong Hong

 Wednesday, September 18, 2019 12:05 PM