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Today I would like to show you one place called "' Central Market or Phsar Thmei "'

This market was constructed in 1935, it's one of the most popular place in Phnom Penh, also a major attraction for tourists who love to eat local food and buy souvenirs back to their home. This market divided into many Zone such as Food zone , souvenirs , clothes and jewelries. In this blog I focus a lot on food since I love food so so so much :)

Phsar Tmei

This is the image of Phsar tmei, it is located in the heart of phnom penh.

Jewelry Zone,

well I think there is nothing to describe much here , but there are a lot of things to find here such as Gold, diamond, silver etc .

Souvenirs Zone

Come to this Market, There are a thousand of souvenirs that you can buy for your friend while some of the product might be expensive ,because it made from hands.


In this market, you can find many clothes and the price is not that expensive.

I can say that I'm a fan of this market also My supervisor, she's a damn loyalty fan, in this picture the one who bought the cloth is her :), she's negotiating with the seller 555555.

Noted : you have to negotiate first before purchasing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Food Zone

lady & gentle man, I am proudly to introduce you all of my favorite foods here :

Koung ( គួង)

This is sth like spring roll, it mixed with cucumber, shrimp and pork. the taste is perfect with the lime sauce.


This is local cake such as orange cake and caramelize sugar, I strongly recommend you to try this one.

Jack fruit seeds Dessert

The taste is sweet and delicious and it made from the bean.


Durian is name as the king of fruit but the majority of foreigners can't even stand the smell of durian, but I would like you to challenge me by eating this king of fruit if you did taste it, please comment below to describe your feeling.

Local dessert ( akau) or ( អាកោ)

It's something like sticky rice, but the taste is perfect for me and I love it so much.

local Crab

It's the most valuable things you should try while visiting Cambodia, it's spicy, sour and sweet, you can also eat with rice as well.

Local street food

maju (ម្ចូរ)

In Cambodia the word Maju derived from ju which mean sour. People in Cambodia like to eat sour as their afternoon snack.

Coconut Juice

Seafood Zone

Vegetable Zone

There are many different kind of Vegetables that you can find in this market.

Noted : All the Vegetable is fresh and good to eat cuz most of the seller got their own farm.

To be Continued

Thank you so much for spending your time with me, if you have any place for me to review just comment below.


Channarong Hong

 Wednesday, September 18, 2019 8:26 PM