I've heard someone told me that if I have been to Koh Chang just only 1 time, pretty sure you are going to come back here in the future.

Then..... I realize myself again, I'm here. ^_^

All of 3 days and 2 nights in this trip, I used the package of Changtour.net that including hotel, seafood, and snorkeling trip.

Snorkeling trip

This trip is for 1 day. Staff who name is Ray was came to pick up us at hotel since morning and took me to the boat. Moreover, she took after me all the time until we came back to hotel.

Snorkeling Trip

It was the lucky day of us because of there were less tourists than other days in the same period time. Fisherman said something joking like "Today is for sleep ticket, you can sleep here" Hahaha

After we changed closet in the toilet downstair, we must to wear the life jacket for safety.

We have 5 destinations including Yakyai island, Yaklek island, Rang island, Mapring island, and government beach. There're the beautiful of the colourful coral, cutely small fish, the white sand beach, and the full of nature.

Remark: You have to take care your feet because there are sea urchin on the ground, Don't put your feet down. Please, follow the staff rule.

Coral and sea fish

Coral and sea fish

Coral and sea fish

Coral and sea fish

Coral and sea fish

The highlight here is the colourful of coral, thousand years flower, and other. For tourists who cannot swim, staff prepare the life jacket for you and she is stay with you all the time. She were took us to see the highlight point and took us back to the safety point when the tides harder.

The chilling activity

After we finished snorkeling, they took us to the beach. So, we had time for 1 hour to stay here before we back.

The beach

I love the white sand beach like this. It's so gorgeous and we spent time for played the swing. Most pretty is the small animal that look like deer. (I'm not sure what is it) It's too cute, we can touch it softly and watch it eat the small leaf.

The clearly sea

Moreover, the sea is very clearly. I walked in to the sea and it high as my waist but it still clear and has a little fish swimming around me. I love the entirety nature here.

The beach


All of our photo in this trip was recored by Ray. She used Go Pro Hero 7 Black to took the photo both upper and under the sea for us. It's free service for recored the good memory for us by Changtour and we can download it on Facebook.

Remark: Who don't need to buy tour, you can rent the Go Pro at fisherman also but you have to recored by yourself.

AWA Resort Hotel

The hotel which I selected is AWA Resort Hotel. This hotel is very famous in Koh Chang both Thai and foreigner. It was designed to white and blue for make guest feel relax and high ceiling make the weather good all time. Moreover, it full with facility golf-car, spa and massage beside the beach, the open air restaurant beside the sea, bar, swimming pool, and others

External hotel

Swimming pool

Swimming pool

Hills side


Discount 20% for guests

In the room full fill with facilities including television, minibar, towel for in door and out door. The most I love is the balcony garden view that can open the door and sit or walk around. The toilet is also make me falling in love, it too pretty and big area.

The benefit for guests is 2 discount 20% coupons for spend to food and beverage. (Limit 1 coupon for 1 bill)


This is the relax time with spa and massage zone. There are a lot of program for choose including Tradition Thai massage, Foot reflexology, Aromatherapy oil massage, Facial treatment, Aloe vera after sun burn, etc.

The promotion of Duo package pay only 999 THB or if you come alone, you can choose Delight package 899 for Thai + Oil massage THB.

*The normal price is 1,200 THB

Promotion for massage

Duo Oil massage

Duo Oil massage room

Black underwear for oil massage

Hot Jasmine tea

I came here with my friend so we choose the package of Duo oil massage. It's so cool!!! I love it!! Actually the other massage will be in the beside the beach or on the beach, but for oil massage is in the private room.

I'm not totally naked because staff gave me to change the underwear. Under the massage bed has water top by the flower. It was make me feel relax and sleepy. The staff massaged us around 1 hr. After that she bring the hot Jasmine tea for us. Whatever I were pained, that gone.

Food and beverage

In the package of tour including seafood in the dinner on first day and breakfast both 2 days. For other meals, we ordered A la carte. By the way, all of that so yummy!


The breakfast time serve in the Sala restaurant which translucent building. So, that is so chilling time for the first meal of the day. It's international food including Pudthai, noodle, sushi, french bread, dessert, fruit, water, juice.

A La carte

Seafood set

If you looking for seafood, it's here!! There are both set and A la carte. The big prawn, shellfish, fish, squid, others served with the difference sauces for matching with the type of meat. I love BBQ most, it's a little bit smell of smoke. It's so sweet, juicy, and cannot stop eating. Moreover, they have free salad bar for refill fried-rice, soup, and fruit.

Lunch meal

Finally of the meal is lunch meal. It's A la carte menu only so, I ordered Spaghetti Steamed Chicken. The tasty look good. Even if at noon but the weather is still comfort because there are the wind all the time.




You can go both Ekkamai and Mo-Chit bus stop for take the bus, mini bus, and van to Koh chang. If you need to buy advance ticket and select seat, you can download application All ticket and book before the time 1 hour.

I choose to go by mini bus because there are more area for my leg than van and not have much people like bus. But I have to spend time more than van at least 1 hour from the rule of speed.

- Mini bus limit 90 kilometers per hour

- Van limit 110 kilometers per hour


I spent time on mini bus around 6 hours and a half. Then I transfer to ferry to Koh chang at minibus point. I spend time on the transfer minibus to ferry and ferry to hotel around 1 and half hour. So the total of time is 8 hours.

For who need to save your time and get more convince and comfortable, you can come here by plane also.




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