If you guys still remember amazing destinations in Thailand under the campaign " 12 months, 7 stars, 9 sunsets" established by the TAT, one of those places is...

"Thi Lo Su Waterfall". Of course, it is another waterfall that many people dream to admire her beauty with their own eyes and truly enjoy this magnificent nature. This waterfall is so large that it is the sixth largest waterfall in Asia. If you are ready, let's go enjoy the charm of the most beautiful waterfall in Thailand in Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary, Tak with our style.

"Thi Lo Su Waterfall" is located in Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary, Tak Province. It is a large limestone waterfall, situated at an altitude of 900 meters from sea level. The entire creek formed this waterfall by falling down through a steep cliff with strong water all year round. The width of the waterfall is about 500 meters, flowing in descending layers with a height of about 300 meters, surrounded by a complete rain forest.

"Thi Lo Su" is pronounced according to the Pakkae Yo language. The three words mean water, flowing, and strongly, respectively. And as such, it means waterfall.

Thi Lo Su Waterfall opens the car route for the tourism from 1 October - 31 May every year (but some year, if the October is still heavy rain, the opening time may postpone to 1 Nov) and it is only accessible for 4x4 cars and pick-up trucks.

::: There are 2 options of getting here:::

1. By car, from Huai Nong Luang Unit to Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary Office takes approximately 1.30 hours and walk further to Thi Lo Su Waterfall for about 30-45 minutes with a distance of 1.5 kilometers.

2. By rafting, along the Mae Klong River from Umphang District, passing Thi Lo Cho Waterfall, which will have a rainbow appearing around 9.30-10.00 am. The rafting ends when we get up at Pha Luead. This journey takes about 3 hours. After that, we take a car for another 10 kilometer which takes approximately 45 minutes. This tour can be purchased at Umphang District.

For me, I chose the car route for 2 days 1 night, Saturday - Sunday, so that I won't have to take leaves (in fact, I have no more leaves, haha). After work, I drove to Umphang district, passing through so many curves that I almost vomited, more than 1,219 curves. This road is very brutal, only left and right turns that I forgot about straight road. I arrived Umphang around 5 am and waited to see the sea of mist at Doi Hua Mod.

For those traveling to Thi Lo Su Waterfall, you should also include this attraction as part of the trip. If lucky, we will see the vivid endless sea of mist as a reward for travelers like us.

"Doi Hua Mod" From Umphang District to the highway 1090 toward Ban Pa La, and when we are reaching the km 10-11, please watch for the left turn to Doi Hua Mod, by carefully looking for a sign.

This view is so magnificent with endless sea of mist. I'm loving this mountain and sea of mist very much and so ready to welcome a new warm day.

People started to pour in to enjoy the beauty of sea of mist. I overheard that they were also aiming for Thi Lo Su Waterfall.

Morning light and beautiful sea of mist

The forest is breathing.

The sea of mist is embracing Umphang city, what a nice weather!

After having a full fun time taking photos, it's time to charge up energy in town. We then went for food and bought some supplies with us before continuing to Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary. At the checkpoint, we paid the entrance fee of 30 THB each and additional 30 THB for the car. For the tent, we need to pay inside. I was driving a normal 2 wheel car and the staff said it is alright to drive in as certain part of the road has been paved. There's some mud but not a big deal and so we went!

From Huai Nong Luang Unit to Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary, it took about 1.30 hours. Then we found a campsite before taking a nap after the whole night of driving. If you still have energy, you are most welcome to walk to enjoy the waterfall. For me, I needed to say goodbye for now, but wait, I forgot to mention that there's shops selling beverages (except alcoholic ones) and food like a la carte and noodle. What I like the most was papaya salad, so delicious.

Here is a tent field, you can choose any location as you wish.

We've finally arrived, Thi Lo Su, after watching you afar for years, I'm so excited.

After resting, I now had energy, let's go explore the waterfall. My friends were so ready, of course, they got to sleep in the car last night, haha. Thank you so much for your company.

From the tent field, it is about 1.5 km and takes about 30-45 mins. Some people may go faster. The route was quite easy, with a clear paved way, underneath the bamboo tress, you wouldn't get lost. Now, the clouds started to form which could rain anytime time, so let's hurry.

Note: Do not bring food to the waterfall area, please eat beforehand, also please help keep the area clean.

Once getting close to the waterfall, we heard the sound of the waterfall echoing. I just couldn't help but so excited to see the waterfall that I've long waited to see. Once I reached the waterfall, I was stunned by her magnificent grandeur. It's so amazing. It has lots of water, like it penetrating from the mountains and the trees. It's so super beautiful. But since there's still rain during this time, the water wasn't so clear. If you guys were to visit in winter time, the water would be very clear.

Here are some of the atmosphere but I didn't get to take it for long as soon, the rain poured down.

In comparison to this gigantic waterfall, we are so small.

Then we continued to walk up a bit. Since it's the limestone, it's not so slippery. Still, please be careful as there's still a chance that you might fall.

When it rained we hurried back to the camp. We planned to come back again tomorrow. For tonight, we had a good cool sleep and it got quite cold at late night that we had to use a sleeping bag.

This morning we walked to nicely ask the staff to take us to see the high angle waterfall that we've only seen in the picture. But I wanted to say that this route is not open for general travel because there is no clear path. That the staff guided us, we were still lost. The route was quite slippery, with a few slugs. We had to climb a cliff and the limestone was quite sharp. I'd say it's quite dangerous. But if you really want to visit, you can ask the staff or the tour guide, if they are willing to take you up, haha. A very big thank to the staff for taking us to see this corner of the waterfall.

When we arrived, the fog was covering the entire area and we didn't see a thing. I felt sad that probably my merit wasn't enough for me to see her beauty. I was praying for the forest goddess to blow away the mist and let us see this beauty as we didn't come here easily, haha. At about 9 am, the mist started to fade and her beauty was revealed. Oh my, it's so spectacularly beautiful, I loved it so much. It'd be a great regret if I didn't come up.

If you want to come, you must. And now I've seen it with my own eyes. What about you guys, do you also want to? If so, do not miss it.

As time passed, the mist started to say farewell and so did we. We had to go back to pack our camp before going back home.

Honestly, I didn't want to leave yet as I've already fallen in love with this place.


From Bangkok, drive along the Asian road towards Tak - Mae Sot district, turn left along Highway 105 to Mae Sot downtown. After reaching the downtown, turn left to Umphang, following Highway 1090 until the end which has Umphang as destination. From Mae Sot to Umphang is 169 km sky road with 1,219 curves, requiring special driving skills and caution. Please also be careful of the villagers' cows as well. Sometimes, they would go out and simply lay on the road.

Thank you my friends, Yu and Bank, for accompanying along the way, otherwise, I might fall asleep while driving, haha.

Thank you so much, to the staff, who took us to see the beauty of the waterfall from the high angle.

::: Telephone number for further inquiry :::

Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), Tak Office, tel. 0-5551-4341-3 or at

Tourism Promotion Club and Conservation of Umphang, tel. 0 5556 1338

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