Today we 4 friends are in city for difference mission. And as we all finished mission late evening but it was bad traffic on Sukhumvit road so we decided to meet up somewhere for chill-out and chat before go home.

Yui suggest Spectrium on the roof of Hyatt Regency Hotel while Radar suggest Mojjo at Compass Sky view hotel. We are 4 persons and the vote is for Mojjo today.

Yui arrived as the first and me second then we both go up to 32nd floor to find table. Waitress suggest outside area to enjoy the view but the weather today is not that good and possible raining so we chose inside air-con.

We were lucky to arrive during Happy Hour so without waiting another 2 friends we start order drink. Yui is non-alcohol so she order mocktail and she got virjin mojito

while I prefer classic cocktail like Magarita.

Beside of the drink we start order some snack because we know that Radar should be the last person who arrive and she always hungry so food should be ready when she arrive.

We order a pan of pizza and calamari with galic bread.

Pizza is good, thin and crispy but for me calamari is not my type but Yui like it a lot.

Finally Radar arrived and we were right to order food for her.

As she did not have lunch today because busy with too much work so she started asking for food since she sit down.

We order some more items for her which is fresh tuna salad with sauce.

This one I like.

But Radar want to eat more so she order signature chicken.

We were enjoy talking and drinking and eating but still waiting for the last person.

After rain stop then we got some nice shorts for Radar and Yui with panoramic view of Bangkok.

Finally, Alem arrived.

He is a man but whenever you say “take photo” he always ready.

We all spent around 3 hours talking and sharing information about our works. Waitress keep come and refill our drink and take good care.

I like to venue of this bar. Classic retro style, not too noisy but not too lonely. And location also close to sky train station and Emporium shopping mall so very convenience. The price is average but I suggest you come during happy hour and enjoy cocktail which start from THB 320++


 Wednesday, October 30, 2019 11:27 AM