Hi every one, I would like to take you to the adventure in Shangri-La - Yading with Thai Air Asia to Kunming. Then continue with sleeping bus for 13 hours to Shangri-La. Due to we go there during low season, we can just walk in to the hotel and check the room rate for your convenience price.

The landmark of Shangri-La is Zhong Gan Lin Shue Temple.

Shangri-La is the heaven on earth that everyone would like to come.

Zhong Gan Lin Shue Temple or Wat Potala which is located in Shangri-La. It is a temple with Tibet architecture which is copy from Potala Palace. We can take bus no. 3 and get off at the last stop which is the entrance of the temple. For the bus fee is 1 yuan for every bus. For the entrance fee to the temple is 115 yuan per person. We arrive there in the afternoon so we do not go inside but we have a memory of around the temple here.

Walking around in Shangri-La Old Town

Tu Keu Chong village which means The Moon Land in Tibet. It is a town with age of over 1,300 years in Tung Royal Family Era.

Sadly, there was fire last year so it damaged the city. During that time, there are still some hotels and restaurant that still open but not many as well as tourists. We hope that they will build a new town to be the same as before and attract tourists to come again.

From Shangri-La to Yading, we have to stop by Tao Cherng first by taking the bus for 10 hours (109 yuan). The road is very adventure go up and down mountains. But there is a really beautiful view. We arrive to Tao Cherng in the evening so we stay in the hostel first and continue to Yading Nation Park on the next day.

In the morning, we take the van (50 yuan) to Yading. The driver is very nice, he stop during the way for us to take photos and it is really cold this morning.

Arriving there around 10 o'clock and the van only stop at Yading Center

Then we have to buy the ticket to the park and take the bus to Yading Village for 150 yuan per person.

(During this trip we did not book anything in advance because it is very difficult to find the information online).

Once we arrive there, we find a place to stay tonight. It takes us almost 2 hours to find a place to stay as it is very hard to communicate and it is a high season here. We stay here 2 nights but different hotel.

This is the hotel for our first night.

At Yading National Park, there are 2 nature trails which is to Bitahai Lake and Shudu Lake.

The shortest way is to Bitahai Lake which takes about 1 hour. We walk up there for a while then it is snowing and following with a clear sky. So everyone is so happy with the beautiful view that they can see with they own eyes. (Due to the way to go up there is quite high, it makes me very so tired and hard to breathe.)

Yading in the morning at Lua Rong Field

If we come here in an early morning, we will see that the area is covered by snow. There is golf car service for picking tourists to Lua Rong Field from Chong Gu Temple for 80 yuan starting from 7.00 - 18.30 hrs.

Here is really beautiful, there is also a trail for us to walk. If we go out of the trail, there will be an announcement from officer. ^ ^"

Lake in the front and Mountain in the back it is so beautiful.

If we come in the winter, the area will be come white and water will be come ice.

We take a lot of photos here and really want to spend a whole day here but have to go to another destination.

Shudu Lake. It is the destination for everyone who comes to Yading. We try to walk there but it is quite far so we decide to go back to catch the last bus. (If we try to go there in the morning we might have enough time to walk there). Another option is you can ride a horse which is 300 yuan. We do not know is it right or wrong that we did not take a horse since the beginning and now we cannot reach to our destination as we expect. Just tell ourselves that we have seen a lot of thing during the way there already, do not have to be sad.

Before leaving Yading, we still have sometimes so we go to take more photos in front of Chong Gu Temple.

If I have a chance, I will definitely come back again and spend more time here.

The end of the trip with the Red Field from Tao Cherng. We rent a van here for 300 yuan.

For this trip, we are very impressive with views that are so amazing and really beautiful in every place that we have been through. Even though, it is quite far and hard to get there.

Thank you everyone for visiting my review.


 Tuesday, April 12, 2016 12:08 PM