During the end of this year, we firstly planned to stay home because the hotel rate was too expensive.

However, we happened to find a newly opened Hotel in Pattaya, called Mercure Pattaya Ocean Resort.

But still couldn't effort for the room on New Year Eve. So, we decided to book on 3 - 5 January which is more acceptable rate, 2600 THB per night.

It was a sea view room with breakfast included. As we have membership with Le Club Platinum, we were hoping that we would be able to upgrade the room later.

Anyway, for advance booking or during low seasons, the rate could be less than 2000 THB per night.

After experienced it, we think it was such a livable place that we want to recommend you guys as one of your choice.

Our 2 nights were spent with eating and sleeping in the hotel because buffet breakfast was included in room charge. So, we ate as much as we could be full for whole day.

For dinner, we still depended on hotel's restaurant as the price was quite reasonable. We also received 50% discount on meal for 2, from being a member of Accor

Let's check out!!

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Mae Pranorm (Unique Travel Lifestyle Experience)

We started searching for accommodations at the time very close to New Year. The price we got at the beginning of December was slightly higher than normal rate, but still acceptable.

We tried out the rate on other days during May and this is what we got.

Especially now there is a super sale, you will get even low-price.

The resort is located behind Holiday Inn hotel that they share the same entrance. They have same owner but are managed by different chain.

Here's the hotel. Looking great!

Let's see the lobby, quite grand and luxurious.

Check in process.

Nong Yui, check-in staff, is adorable, isn't she? Luckily there was 1 sea-view Deluxe room left. We took this opportunity to upgrade the room by using Le Club Platinum card.

Next to check-in counter, there are 3 computers with free wifi provided.

Pool bar is at the end of corridor.

Now it's our room on 15th floor (from 16 floors in total), room no. 1502, where we can see clear sea view.

On the left hand side is a wardrobe which is opposite with bath room.

Bath robe and slippers are provided (not sure if this is only for Deluxe room).

Coffee, tea and cafe capsule machine are exclusively prepared for Deluxe type only.

Some free drinks from mini bar which is refilled everyday, especially for Deluxe one.

Now is the bathroom, quite well spaced.

Sneak a peek corner.

Moving to bedroom.

40" flat screen TV

Tropical fruits as warm welcome. I guess only for Deluxe room.

Super large 7-feet bed.I assumed made of 2 twin beds.

Moreover, the bed of this 4-star hotel is incredibly comfortable comparing to 5-star one.

A small balcony to enjoy panorama sea view.

Our teddy bears are very pleased with the sea.

Now is a queue for highlight. Water park!!

For those who prefer quiet ambiance, you can go to swimming pool on the 5th floor.

Another activity outdoor is cliff climbing but I'm not sure how much they charge.

There is a kids club beside the water park.

In the evening, we had dinner at a restaurant in hotel where we received 50% discount from Accor membership.

The restaurant on 5th floor offers all-day meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I couldn't read the name of restaurant. Please help me if any of you know.

The restaurant is so elegantly and beautifully decorated that we were a little bit worried about the price.

Surprisingly, the most expensive dish was 480 THB net and we pay only half price.

Bring it on!!

More than ready.

As we weren't sure about the taste, we decided to go for stir-fried beef with chili & basil served fried egg as a first dish. Actually we have heard that the food here isn't quite good either because of personal taste or still very new. So, we played safe by ordering a very basic menu. We didn't want to go out for dinner if the food at hotel was not that expensive.

And the taste is okay.

Mea Pranorm's recommended dish is grilled sea bass, 280 THB. Let's try.

I gave a pass but not that outstanding.

Anyway, we planned to try western dishes for our dinner tomorrow.

The discounted bill for this meal was around 400 THB due to the 2 beverages. 180 THB each (15% discount).

The overall atmosphere of the restaurant was gorgeous and relaxed.

And outdoor seats are quite romantic.

Swimming pool beside the restaurant.

Night view of water park.

The gym is also on the 5th floor.

Dinner on the second day was a huge beef burger, 240 THB. Delicious and full. (We didn't have lunch because we just finished breakfast on 11 a.m. On Saturday and Sunday, breakfast is served until 11 a.m.)

King prawn salad got a pass grade from us, 195 THB.

This one is quite good. 200 gram of Australian beef steak at 390 THB.

This time we had only stilled water. So, the bill was only 464 THB, after discount from Accor membership.

Another view of water park for your appetizer.

Here's breakfast for both days.

If you booked the room without breakfast, it would be 412 THB net per person.

For Accor member, pay only 1 for 2 persons.

The food quality may not be as good as 5-star hotel but various menu enough. Mocha and Cappuccino are ready to serve without extra charge.

We took small portion of each menu. Absorbing nice view during the meal was quite pleasant.

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To sum up, I would say this hotel is worthwhile to stay. Match with our concept; elegant lifestyle at affordable price.

Actually, we paid for trip by ourselves but decided to categorize the review as SR (Sponsored Review). It is because we are really impressed with the hotel and will be noticeably cheering up. Therefore, it is better to go with SR in order to avoid possible criticism.

Happy New Year 2015 to everyone.

Lastly, I would like to thank you Pantip for being a channel to share various useful information regarding traveling. Thank you our fans for always giving Mae Pranorm a warm support. We will keep up the work.

Love you guys!!

Clarifications for comment no.43 and 43-1.

Khun Nongsomdekdee anf KHun Samudra,

I have 2 membership cards.

The first one is Accor Advantage Plus Silver, membership fee required. Member will get exclusive discount of 10% on top for any booking with hotels under the chain.

Another one is Le Club Platinum, for collecting points but no discount. However, special privileges are variedly provided in accordance with level of membership.

Sorry for not mentioning about membership details. I thought it was well known to everyone.

Thank you for your comment. We will be more careful next time.


 Wednesday, April 29, 2015 2:31 PM