Last weekend, I went out of town for leisure at Khao Lak. I came to this hotel before with TAT for lunch and took a hotel tour last time.

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[SR].......Let's Go South with Mae Pranorm Part: Fascinated with Phang Nga Sea By Tourism Authority of Thailand

When I get back home, I book a hotel for a night.

After that, the hotel knows that I am coming (they are my fanpage), they offer me another night stay including all day meal and shuttle to the airport.

Let's go to the hotel!!!

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Thank you

This is the price for booking in advance.

Last time I came here for lunch

Direction: Take a plane with Thai Air Asia to Phuket.

Then take a hotel shuttle to Khao Lak for about an hour.

Do not forget to order your hot meal online before go on board.

Arriving at Phuket!!!

Hotel van is standing by for us

There are refreshing towels, drinks and WiFi Password providing in the van.

Around one hour we arrive at the hotel.

Wow, welcome drinking with coconut

At check-in, we have to choose smell of aroma in the room and soap for putting in the room.

These rewards are to guarantee hotel quality. Actually, I think their staffs really provide a good service.

Let's go to our room>>>

Tonight we are going to stay in this room and tomorrow we will move to Beach Front.

The cheapest price for this studio room is 6999 baht at Thailand Tourism Center.

Room map!!!

There are only 38 rooms that close to the beach but there are a lot of space and very peaceful for leisure.

Every room here is a Pool Villa.

Electronic System in the room is very high technology with sensor system and touch screen.

Big TV with Macintosh sound system and Bon Bose Home Theatre, together with internet on TV and free movie.

Free Mini Bar with everyday refill.

Good coffee and tea are provided.

These wine bottles are not for free... Do not misunderstand ^^

We did not know that Mini bar is for free at first so we stop by at 7/11 and brought 4 bottles of Pepsi and have to load them back home. ^^


For the bathroom>>>

Big Bathtub


It is a very comfortable bed

This is our room at night >>> Very romantic ^^

There is free snack from 4.00pm to 5.00pm and it is free.

Let's go!!!

Activities at the hotel

Promotion of the month: Lobster and 1 glass of Wine for 1,200 baht. (We will try it tonight)

Restaurant atmosphere>>> Chill and relax

All Canapé and snacks

Free Lemon Ice - Tea

It is also fine if you like to take your plate to the beachfront.

Mae Pranorm is chill out at the beachfront and waiting for the sunset.

Sunset at the beach!!!

This is a big lobster in the promotion.

This is a set menu for 750 baht with Smoked Salmon Salad, Spaghetti with shells and Mango Ice-Cream for dessert.

Is it this moment called Romantic??? ^^

Let's have some walk around the hotel>>>

Mac PC in the Library.

Fitness room

The main pool (Not many people are coming here because there is a pool in every room)

Good morning!!! It is time for breakfast. (Every room is including breakfast)

Daily news of Casa de la Flora, you can find a good deal here like today there is a promotion of Cocktail Night: buy one get one free.

Breakfast open until 11.00am. so we can save our lunch. hahaha

Hot breads are serving^^

Follow by fresh fruit juice

Buffet items

Self service for sparking wine^^

Breakfast for 2 days are here for you to have a look.

The first day!!!

The second day!!!

I love the feeling of having breakfast by the beach.

Which one should Mae Pranorm choose milk or wine? hahaha

Now Mae Pranorm a little bit dizzy so she comes sit here^^

Swimming Pool

Spalacasa in the afternoon


Big and relaxing spa room

This is another room

The hotel offer us to try Herbal Ball Massage and Aroma Massage Programs for one and haft hours. These programs are the signatures of the hotel.

I feel so relax and fall asleep so many times during massage.

After spa, we start to feel hungry again.

So we just have a beef burger and share it together.

Come to the library

Or want to go to the main pool?

This is the second day, we move to Beach Front Room which is located at the beachfront and you can see the ocean view from the room.

Kayak is provided here for free.

Our room is behind this kayak.

Private pool with tree surrounding even makes it more private.

This room is bigger than the room that we stayed yesterday with a living room.

There is TV in both living room and bedroom

All minibar and other amenities are the same.

For bedroom >>>

TV in the bedroom

The rest are most the same.

Seeing the sunset from our room

Dinner on the second night

Enjoy with a live concert tonight

With a promotion of cocktail; buy one get one free

Regular menu as pork basil with fried eggs and the great atmosphere can make it special.

"Salmon" for Mae Pranorm

The trip of 3 days and 2 nights we are only stay in the hotel; it is a real leisure for us.

Dinner on board with Thai Air Asia

Actually, we want to go to the other island too but when we stay at the hotel we do not want to go out anymore. We just feel so relax and want to get the real leisure before go beck to real life in Bangkok.

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Thank you Thai Air Asia for the cheapest flight

Thank you Casa de la Flora for rooms, food, spa and shuttle to the airport.

Thank you all friends and fans who always support Mae Pranorm.

I will try to improve all my reviews for the next one.

Love you all

Mae Pranorm (Discover Thainess)


 Thursday, April 30, 2015 6:41 PM