Hello everybody in Readme, today I, Latte Punyen, is going to take you to Pattaya, the city of nightlife. I was there two years ago but didn't make a review. I thought I took too few photos to do so as I just went there to relax. However, there are some pictures I still can share to you in case it can help you to choose where your next recreation destination will be.

Hilton Pattaya was always one of my destinations I had to visit once in a lifetime. It provides panoramic views, great foods with breathtaking bay views, an infinity pool, and so on. Let's see the pictures.

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The hotel is easily to be found, soaring 34 levels above Central Festival Pattaya Beach. You just take a turn to the parking space of the department store.

After parking the car, I head to the hotel lobby on the 17th floor. Its furnishing and decorations are spectacular, like I'm in the ocean world.

A glass of ice butterfly pea drink is served as a welcome drink. The tire of traveling has completely gone thanks to the blue drink.

A few minutes later, we are taken to our room. Ever room here comes together with unobstructed ocean views with private balconies.

We choose the hotel first type, which is "King Hilton Deluxe Seaview", because the room rates are pretty high and they hardly go down.

The king-size bed is so comfortable.

At the end of the bed, there is a settee to sit enjoying the incredible sea view.

The views over Pattaya Bay and the Gulf of Thailand as well as the clear blue sky are available right at the private balcony.

The hotel swimming pool is on the other side.

A unique combination of light, textures, and furnishes create a relaxing environment in the room.

In the wardrobe, there are all facilities you can imagine, especially an iron. I don't usually see it in any 5-star hotels.

Mini bar is all set.

Let's have a look at the bathroom, it provides a rain shower and a separate bathtub.

Marble tiles comfortably cool my feet down and a nice bathtub with warm water to be soaked.

Premium toiletries are well prepared. I love them so much.

After that, I get back to the lobby on the 17th floor again to a bar called "Drift".

At Drift, they also serve customers from outside the hotel. Everyone can go up there to enjoy the variety of bakery and light refreshments .

For those who don't like warm fresh air, the air conditioning area is available inside.

Getting some air outside relishing 180-degree view of Pattaya Beach is also a good idea. I myself prefer the latter one.

Today it is sunny with nice blue sky. It's better to come in the evening to enjoy the beauty of the sunset.

Finally, I choose to lie down outside in a shadow.

I order a glass of orange juice and mojito

After a while, a waiter comes to serve some snack as a complimentary. How nice!

Then I go to the fitness center. There is no one there, so I go to the swimming pool instead.

The furnishings on the way to the pool are interesting. They are so fascinating that I have to stop to take plenty of photos.

Here we are. The swimming pool with stunning sea view, called "Shore", is crowded like usual.

I then look for a seat to lie down with my favorite book and a cold drink.

In case you need something, there is a button available at the seat to call staff without shouting. It is so convenient .

Here we go. My drink comes in glass just like orange juice.

It is quite hot in the afternoon but foreigners seem to enjoy it pretty much. About 80% of the guests here are foreigners.

The temperature is going down in the late afternoon. It's my time to get in the pool and enjoy the vast sea view. I'm so happy.

After the sunset, it's the time for dinner. I'd better go taking a shower.

Before I leave there, I continue to take more photos of the beautiful scenery. Pattaya is totally restful and impressive from where I am now.

Tonight I go to have dinner at a restaurant on the 34th floor called "Horizon". It has a rooftop bar which makes my night wonderful. Here is such a city of nightlife.

I ask for a cocktail with light alcohol but I don't think we understand the same thing.

For the food, I order a dish of lamb. The delectable dish along with the nice music and panoramic views creates an atmosphere of pure indulgence.

After the meal, I get back to our room and take a nice rest.

Before going to bed, I soak my body in warm water relaxing after an tiring day.

There is only a glass between the bed and the bathtub in case somebody prefer to enjoy the views at night while soaking in the water.

Goodnight Pattaya City

Next morning, we have breakfast at a hotel restaurant called Edge on the 14th floor. They offer plenty dishes which looks nice and delicious. Because we come a little bit late today, I don't take photos of the buffet for you. I have consideration for others. We take a table with fantastic ocean views. I really have a great time having breakfast while enjoying the beauty of the scenery.

The photos show just some of the tasty food we try. I actually eat more than this as all the food looks good and so delectable.

This is all about what I have experienced from Hilton Pattaya, one of the hotels I want to visit once in my life. Great sea views, well-furnished, and impeccable service altogether play a part of the experience that I will never forget. See you again. Goodbye.


 Monday, May 30, 2016 3:34 PM