After trip to Suphanburi with P Wat, he has another trip with his friends to Koh Chang and changed period to match with mine so I decided to join this trip with them. 

When the meeting point for this trip is in the middle of a famous street of food "Soi Ari" so it was hard to choose where to sit and spend around 1 hour to wait for them. The reason because Soi Ari is famous for variety small restaurants. But one restaurant which I want to try for long time. Shinsei Sushi is small Japanese restaurant close to Soi Ari 2 (on the main road). 

The restaurant open until 3pm while I was there around 2.20pm so I was their last order. I ordered quick menu, Salmon Harasu Yaki. Two big pieces of salmon harasu juicy and fresh.

Haisen Maki set and ice green tea. First bite of Haisen Maki set is so good. Normally, I prefer sashimi more than sushi because I do not like to eat rice but their rice is very delicious. 

I finished all food before they close and it was the time which P Wat's friend arrived and pick me from restaurant. But since P Wat still in the meeting so we have to find another place to sit. 

I chose "Bar Storia Cafe". I like this cafe because their decoration and drink menu. 

And this is our order. Bar Storia Cafe Tiramisu and refreshing drink.

Aor is my new friend and I'm happy that she like this cafe.

4pm finally we got a call from P Wat that he finished his meeting and ready to take off from Bangkok. We picked him up and then heading to Motorway for trip to Trat.

We arrived Trat and stopped at "Khao Tom Inter" which is one of the famous restaurant in this area and three of us order below food (like we are 10 persons)

There was some miscommunication we thought hat P Wat already booked the room in Trat as we can not continue to Koh Chang on same day because we arrived to Trat around 9pm.  So, we searched for hotel from internet and we found small guest house call "Artist Resort" 

The small room with artist's style decoration at THB 600/night without breakfast. Not bad as we just stay overnight and will check out early morning. 

Sightseeing in Trat

First meal in Trat P Wat took us to a famous local breakfast restaurant.

I like their soup. Normally, this kind of menu I always put some fish-sauce and vinegar but this one I did not put anything.

Finished breakfast we start with worship the City Pillar Shrine.

And as we are Thai so we always start the trip with visit temple for worship and pray. So, we visit "Bubpharam Temple"

This temple is the oldest temple in Trat province which have been built in Ayutthaya period and now been established as a museum under the collaboration with the villagers who also helped keep the landscape of the temple in order and clean.

Since we were too early to arrived this temple and the museum still not open yet. So, we just see around the area and left.

Before we continue to next place, Aor suggest we try coffee at the new coffee shop on the second floor of the most popular egg noodle and wonton restaurant in Trat province.

The coffee shop name "Second"

And we order difference menu.

Aor prefer coffee while I prefer tea.

And I like this tea so much.

Before we continue to next place Aor suggest to stop by at the most beautiful restroom in Trat province.

This restroom located in the gas-station and near the restaurant name "Khao Tha"

I agreed that this is very beautiful restroom. 

We continue to visit "Khao Rakam Temporary Prison". This place is good to visit. It is a place where male prisoners stay in and work in the farm. They take care garden, vegetable, fruit, flower farm.

The landscape of this prison is large but full with green trees and gardens.

They have restaurant and coffee shop with nice panoramic view.

And homemade ice-cream

We left for the pier as we have to take ferry at 12.30pm to Koh Chang.

We parked the car on first floor and moved up to second floor.

To get good view.

It was around 30 minutes then we reached to Ao Sapparod pier on Koh Chang.

We drove direct to check in at hotel as we have activity in the late noon.

We booked Emerald Cove Resort Koh Chang. 

And after checked in, their staff suggested us relax at the terrace near the beach and swimming pool as today the weather is not too hot. 

And they suggest the afternoon tea set. We still have before we go out for paddle board. So, we order one set of afternoon tea. And pay extra for one person as normally their set is for 2 persons.

We got all these items.

We finished all items and moved to the room for change and prepare for our activity.

And this is our room.

The activity today is paddle board or Supboard. It is new activity in Thailand but I had tried one in Kanchanaburi. Aor and P Wat were excited as they never try before.

They have staff instructed us how to play.

And changing/shower room.

And the towel to use after play.

Life jacket for those who can not swim or anyone who want.

We got some shots from their staff as we kept all mobile in the locker.

I tried on in Kanchanburi but I like this one more as they started in the canal and then we moved to the beach so it was more excited when you paddle in the sea with waves.

After trip they provided fresh fruit and drinking water.

We changed and moved to the restaurant located next to this place. The restaurant name Iyara Seafood which opened 19 years already.

The restaurant located by the canal. All are made by wood and open air.

We started order by Aor's suggestion.

Fresh crab in fish sauce

Hot and spicy fried seafood with Thai herbs

Kale with salted fish

Crab meat cake

Fresh fish in sweet and sour soup

Squid in black ink soup

Fried rice with crab meat

And seasonal fruit

Actually, I think there are menu for 5 persons but we three finished them all.

We left restaurant and returned to hotel because we do not have space for anything.

We had very good sleep because it was raining last night so the weather is cool and fresh.

Breakfast today is set menu as during covid situation they still do not have much clients.

But I can say that their set breakfast is amazing and more than enough.

We checked out from hotel around 8am and drove to Bangbao village as I and P Wat want to do snorkeling trip but Aor still consider.

Even we had full breakfast but smell of grilled squid stopped me to picked some of them.

We walked to the pier. There are lots of tourist preparing for snorkeling trip.

But finally we decided not do snorkeling tour today as Aor still feel not well. We changed the plan and drove to Le Jaojom cafe but on the way we dropped at Koh Chang View Point.

It was sunshine day so we can see lots of island from this view point. 

We arrived Le Jaojom around 11.00am while we book ferry at 1.30pm so we have time to sit and relax at this very nice cafe.

Here we have to take off our shoes. The owner explained to us that the reason is Koh Chang are raining often so there will be easier and more clean if everyone take off shoes as in all area made by wood and some are put carpet. 

They separate air-con and open air zone. Decoration is mix between lanna and western.

We ordered some snacks and drinks

P Wat order French-fried top with double chees.

Aor order cheese ball

But I preferred chicken wings

We were enjoy eating and big portion of our drink. However, I suggest you order 1-2 menu first and if you need more you can continue order because all dish here are big. This time we have to take a way some chees ball.

And left the cafe around 1pm because the distance to the pier is around 30minutes.

We arrived on time and since it was Saturday so there were not many car return from the island. 

Ferry took around 45 minutes to reach to the pier on Trat side. We were heading back to Bangkok.

However, around 4.30pm P Wat say something about dinner which mean he wants to find restaurant for dinner.

I suggest restaurant name "Jiew Pochana" which located on the main road close to "Khao Din junction" in Rayong.

Since it was not the time for dinner so the restaurant do not have much clients yet.

We ordered some dishes.

P Wat who love anything fried so he chose this one.

Aor wanted something more spicy so she order spicy salad and hot and spicy curry.

This menu was recommended by restaurant.

I order 2 dishes, one is signature of restaurant and another one is my personal preferred.

Deep fried boneless fish with garlic

Thai omelet with shrimp

This meal finished completely. We do not need to carry anything back to Bangkok. All food are very delicious. 

After dinner P Wat was too full to drive so Aor turned to be our driver and that made we keep talking till we reached to Bangkok.

It was a good trip to Koh Chang. I never combine Trat city with Koh Chang and I think many people do the same. But after this trip I can say that Trat city is worth to stop by and stay one night before take ferry to Koh Chang on next day and stay there two nights. Then you can enjoy snorkeling trip on second day and relax on third day. Because the distance from Bangkok to Trat is around 4.30-5hours so if you stay one night in Trat then you do no not need to leave Bangkok early morning.

By the way, since Koh Chang is good to combine with Koh Mak so we might plan next trip to visit both island soon.


 Tuesday, March 9, 2021 3:37 PM