Last time I and Yui go around Bangkok was with scooter gang. And that was since the beginning of February. So, it is time to go out again. And because we both are missing Korea and China which was in our travel plan in 2020 but because of Covid so all plans were cancelled.

So, we decided to go for Korean and Chinese feeling and started by lunch at Korean BBQ restaurant. And this is what I chose.

Sookdal is Korean BBQ in Bangkok. Both of us never try this restaurant before but since I like their concept and some of my friend said that they serve good quality food. This restaurant located at opposite to Lotus supermarket Rama 1 road. There are 2 levels with around 10 tables per floor. We arrived there and wait around 10 minutes after we got que.

We ordered set menu for 2 persons. And here are what we got.

Yui was very happy even she did not try the food yet. Actually, Korean food is one of her favorite food.

This noodle is very delicious.

Mixed pickles also good.

I really like the taste of their kimchi (I like sour kimchi without onion)

Good sauce.

Staff started grilled all meat and vegetable

We ordered pork set because Yui do not eat beef (next time I will come with other friend who eat beef as I am beef lover)

Pork belly are ready. He is very expert for grill, the pork belly are not too much cooked so they are soft and juicy when we dip with sauce and eat together with sour kimchi, pickles, lettuce..... I think you can imagine the taste

There is a seafood clear soup in the set. The taste of soup is not bad 

We finished everything except soup. It was not the soup is not good but we do not have enough space in our stomach. 

Actually, our plan for today was eat Korean food, visit temple, walking around old quarter of Bangkok, zipping afternoon tea in old Chinese house. So, we left Sookdal restaurant and took sky train from National Stadium station to Talad Plu station. The walking distance from restaurant to National station is around 10 minutes only so suggest to come by sky train or taxi then you do not need to find parking.

Wat Paknam Phasi Charoen is the temple which we wanted to visit this time. The reason is there is very big sitting buddha image inside the temple.

Unfortunately, we visit too early as they expected to completed by next 2 months. So, we can see only some part of buddha image.

We will come again after they completed for sure.

Besides of the big buddha image. We worship to the main buddha image in ubosod.

We spent around 30 minutes to walked around and worship to buddha image and beautiful architectures. 

There is a Thai style hall which keeping Buddhist Scriptures inside. This temple actually was built since around 300 years ago but there are some original architectures still remain.

We left temple and took taxi to the next stop called "Talad Noi". Talad Noi in English should be Small Market but the area of Talad Noi is not that small. There are a lot of houses, low rise buildings where Thai-Chinese people living long time ago. 

Now there are many houses and buildings turned to be cafe, souvenior shops, restaurant for tourist as we can walk around this area easily. The small roads connected to Silom and China Town. I came to this area 3-4 times already but every times I can see some changes. Now the old building which was closed when I came last time but now turned to be cafe and there are many customers.

On first floor of this house full with machine parts while the second floor turned to be coffee shop. 

Many houses even they did not turn to be any shop or cafe but at least they make their house more colorful.

And even on the wall are full with graffiti

There are lots of spare parts warehouse here as this area in the part was the pier for logistic.

And this is the high-light of this trip. Caiyong, the small cafe in and old Chinese style house. I like Chinese architecture so I love to visit every places with Chinese style interior and exterior especially old Chinese house.

The cafe is just small which suitable for only around 20 seats.

But the decoration are very nice.

They mainly serve tea and Chinese snacks.

And signature are salted plum. So, I order cola-plum as I like plum as well as cola. And I like the taste. Yui ordered lemon tea which is their signature drink. We ordered some Chinese cake and pie and I like their pine with custard inside

They turned second and third floor to be boutique hostel but I think should called hometel because the try to make customer feel at home.


Some room type without bathroom and toilet inside the bedroom but 2-3 rooms can share bathroom and toilet outside. However, they have some room with bathroom inside bedroom.

I supposed to stay one night there but since they are not ready to welcome customer yet so I might come again next time.

We have a chance to meet with K.Chang who is owner and very impress his idea to built this nice place. And insist to keep this concept of accommodation and café for all visitors can experience staying in the real old Chinese house with the facilities and decoration still keep Chinese concept.

He planed to open for the hometel in around next 2 months. So, we might come again that time.

We spent the time at this cafe even more than visit temple and walk around Talad Noi. It was almost 6pm so we decided to leave.

Even it was a half day trip for us but we fell that we were full recharged and ready for working hour on Monday.

"Trip" is not anyone's plan but it's always our own plan to go out and we already have new plan for Chiang Mai (again).


 Tuesday, March 23, 2021 9:37 PM