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Mui Ne is one of the most famous cities in the southern part of Vietnam for tourists. It is about 200-kilometer far from Ho Chi Minh City. It takes around 4 hours to get there. Mui Ne is the one and only coastal town in Asia with the desert next to it. ^^

Once you arrive in Mui Ne, you can choose to travel around by renting a motorbike or hiring a local private tour in jeep. It is very easy to get a tour because there are many travel agencies available. We have decided to rent a motorbike this time. We would like to blend in with those motorbikes ridden by locals. ^^ However, we have found that it is not a good choice especially during this time because it is very hot. Motorbike rental service fee and the price of a local private tour in jeep are pretty much the same but you will have your own driver for the private tour. Therefore, we think that the private tour in jeep might be better because we will also have time to take photos along the way. ^^"

Anyway, we have chosen the motorbike already for this trip, so let's go !!!

This is the view by the road along the shoreline. You can spot a coracle, the traditional fishing boat of Mui Ne as well.

This Fishing Village is a viewpoint overlooking Mui Ne Bay where you can see hundreds of local fishing boats as well as a place where you can experience a local fisherman life.

And yes, once you are here, you shouldn't miss a very cheap and fresh seafood including Scallops, Babylonia Areolatas, Lobsters, Sea Tiger Prawns, and Squids. Their prices are range from less than one hundred Thai Baht to a few hundreds.

The view along the way to the sand dunes includes ocean, mountains, beaches, and they are all beautiful. As a result, we stop to take photos from time to time all along. ^^

We are finally able to see the White Sand Dune which is the highlight of Mui Ne. It is about 30 kilometers from Downtown Mui Ne.

The White Sand Dune in Mui Ne is a huge one. Some parts of it are over 40 meters in height. Even though it is not as large as The Sahara, you will also be like an ant once you stand on it. ^^

The ripple marks on the sands are produced by the wind. Your footprints will be gone in a few second as well. ^^

Please don't forget to put on some sunscreen on your body and face before coming here! The wind is also very strong. Once I try to use my camera to take a photo, the camera's lens get covered by the sands very quickly. ^^"

This is the highest spot of this White Sand Dune where you can see 360-degree panoramic view. To get to this point by feet is totally difficult so we get here by ATV. However, I don't know how to drive it. So, I have a local young boy to be my driver (he asks for a lot of tips though - -" ). The experience while riding an ATV this time is unforgettable. T_T My driver has made the ride very extreme and exciting. I can't help but hold him so tight, close my eyes, and scream. - -" ... To be honest with you, I can barely breathe!!!

After visiting the White Sand Dunes, we are heading back to Downtown Mui Ne but will stop at some certain tourist spots along the way. And we are here where I believe it is the entrance to Fairy Stream. Fairy Stream has a landscape of huge sandstone mountains that has been eroded into gutter about 20-meter wide. There you can see the different layers of the mountain including rocks and sand. The round trip to walk back and forth in the Fairy Stream is about 2 kilometers. It is a pity that we don't have enough time to go inside. Anyway, we have got some photos. ^^"

The second most popular tourist attraction in Mui Ne is also the sand dunes. It is the Red Sand Dunes. This huge Red Sand Dunes were formed from the accumulation of red sands from iron rust... In addition, there are local children following the tourists and asking to join their sand dune slides. If you want to do this, you need to climb up to the top of the sand dunes before sliding down on a thin plastic sheeting. I guess it would be fun. ^^

We are back in the downtown and we are now waiting for the sunset at the beach.

We have seen this red sky while walking back to our motorbike after the sunset. It is totally red and it seems to be scary to me. - -"

We have dinner here at one of the most famous restaurants in town. It is right on the beach. They serve huge lobsters here, so one of them can be shared for two persons. We have ordered many seafood dishes and some red wine. The ambiance is very nice and relaxing. Moreover, the price of everything is very cheap like I have told you earlier. What we have ordered should be a few thousands Thai Baht if we eat in Thailand but we pay only around 900 THB for this meal.

One-day trip in Mui Ne has come to an end. We are waiting for the sleeping bus that will depart around midnight to Ho Chi Minh City. We will arrive there in the morning and I will continue to write my travel blog about Ho Chi Minh City from there. :D

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