“Sometimes the destination is not the matter, 

but the relationship on the way”


There is the reason why I say this word again. Besides of P Thanawat who is my big brother which I respect as a guru for all the places in Thailand. Travel with him is like you are on the education trips besides of all fun. This trip to Chaiyaphum I met another elder brother who I can say that he is another big brother for me. His name is Na Doi (his nick name) who has lots of friends around Thailand created a trip to Chaiyaphum for his senior gang. And Na Doi know one of my friend Ta (nick name) who joined me to Patthalung few years ago. Na Doi invited Ta to join this trip and Ta invited me. And I also have another sister Fang (nick name) who loves travel then I also invited her. Then our new memory page begun.

I got itinerary and I told Fang that this trip is a little bit adventure with soft trekking, sightseeing, food tasting etc., and we can expected to meet with similar ages of group member for this trip.

The meeting point was in near Suan Lum Park (Lumpini Park). Before get on the bus we met with Na Doi, 

he was busy with greeting all member and ATK test as the Covid-19 policy of travel. I think this is very good preparing to make sure that all of us are safe from Covid-19. We have to show the vaccine certificate and pass ATK test before start the trip.

Me and Fang did the test and our result show negative mean we can travel as same as all. 

I got the first shot of Fang from this trip. She can not explain how she fell after put the cotton bud deep inside her nose by herself. But at least she still smiling. 

All passenger got on the bus (we were around 25 persons in the group). Fang kept smiling and I curios and her reason is she is the youngest girl in this bus.

The bus left Bangkok on the express way while Na Doi briefed us about itinerary before Amp who is his assistance served breakfast box.

Since the distance from Bangkok to Chaiyaphum is quit long so all passenger fell asleep to save energy. The first stop was at the "Lam Ta Khong Dam view point". All passenger went down from the bust quickly after long distance for relax.

Fang got her first shot with Na Doi.

After that all got on the bus and we continue to the restaurant for first lunch. The restaurant name “Mata Cuisine” and they served Thai set menu.

And below was our lunch on first day. Classic menu is vegetable but I happy with this menu.

Stewed Pork Knuckle

This duck menu is a signature for this restaurant. And it is favorite menu for Fang as well.

But this one is my thump-up menu. Mix fruit in spicy salad.

Tom yam can not miss from all table.

And vegetable tempura with sweet and sour sauce is very good for senior people. And I think this restaurant is good for everyone with variety menu and reasonable prices.

After lunch everyone requested coffee so Na Doi took us to a nice place. "B&P café" (the name of coffee from the name of owner’s father and mother). 

The coffee shop where they plant coffee and beautiful garden. Everyone was happy because of the taste of coffee plus the garden where they got lots of beautiful shots. 

And then Me, Ta and Fang got more friend. This lady name Mod she looks most senior among all passenger and Na Doi called her Pa Mod (Pa=aunty) then me and Fang also call her Pa Mod.

She is a fully energy lady in this trip even she is over 70 years old (actually almost ladies in this trip are seniors but they are super ladies. Very strong and active.

And I got this shot for her. And everyone were enjoyed and got lots of shots for check in.

I normally not a coffee lover so I like to try other drinks when we visit coffee shop in other province beside of Bangkok. And I like this ice lemon green tea.

We left coffee shop; we continued to the temple (Thai people always included temple to their trip). The temple name “Wat Arundhammasathan”. The bus can not drive up to the mountain so everyone have to go by walk.

We reached to the temple; some people enjoy taking photos while some peoples met with a senior monk and spent their time chatting with him.

I got good shot of the buddha image, so beautiful.

We walked up on the top of the mountain. I like architecture of this temple which they mixed between Thai and Laos. There is highlight which is check in point which almost everyone go good shots there.

Some parts of the temple look similar to the temple in Khao Kor.

We walked around the area for pray and photos.

But this girl was finding something. Because she heard about the god who can make your wish for love come true.

Na Doi took me walked around and under the monument of Phya-Lae and pray. This is one of the way Thai people pay respect to the important people from history and pray for their wishes.

We left the temple late evening and continued to next stop “Mo Hin Khao” (Stonehenge Thailand). But as the road to this place is quite difficult with sharp curves so we had very short time at Mo Hin Khao for photos.

However, Fang who always ready to be in the frame got winner shot.

We left Mo Hin Khao and continued quickly to another stop which is the highlight of this trip “Pha Hua Nak view point” which we saw this view from internet, magazine, brochures etc.,

 We spent too much time at the temple then we had short time at Mor Hin Khao but no one complain and they still enjoy to get more photos. We came down from the view point and heading to the next stop to see the beautiful sunset point "Pha Hua Nak"

This is one of beautiful view point.

Everyone ran to the most popular point as the sun was going dow.

The officers kept telling us to be more careful while walking on the cliff as there was no light in that area so it quite dangerous. Everyone ran around like rally game to get nice shot as much as possible with the very limit time. But all were running with smiling faces. I think this kind of the program make people more excited and more fun.

But after ran around many places then everyone thinking about dinner. We came down from the view point and heading to the restaurant for dinner. Dinner was at "Baan Captain Restaurant"

We got one more new friend from dinner. Khun Saroch who joined same table with us from lunch and dinner. To get new friend along the trip is not like interview people for job so we were not care about deep personal details of each other just we know their nick name and we start conversation and later we can grow up relationship while we spend the time together. 

And this dinner was my most favorite meal for me (for this trip). Because I like spice food and my thump up menu is this one.

Fang like this fish as she like herbs.

Snake-head fish in Tom Yum is also good.

And the most important menu for everyone is this one.

We were enjoy eating and all food gone so fast and we were full.

We checked in to the hotel around 9pm and everyone seemed low battery and only want to get on the bed and sleep. That’s why I did not have chance to take even one shot from the room because Fang jumped in the bed immediately after we got in to the room. However, at least we know that we stayed at "Bander Hotel"

We have to wake up at 6.00 am next day so we both shut down after showered.


Fang woke up before me and called like there was fired somewhere near by but she just wanted me to see a very nice sunrise moment which made the skyline turn to be orange.

Yes, it was very beautiful scene. And after sunrise the view in front of our hotel is amazing. It is a big lake with the background of big mountains.

We all ready for quick breakfast as there was long itinerary on this day as well. We left hotel around 8.00am and heading for short sightseeing in the town before we left to “Thung Ka Mang in Phukhieo Wildlife Sanctuary”. It was short trekking.

We checked in and checked temperature and get alcohol gel to wash our hands. And all got on the local open-air truck.

There were smiling on all faces at the beginning.

And after the truck left the parking area then the adventure started.

We reached to the drop off area and listen to the staff to understand the rule and map for trekking today.

We split to be small groups with staff take care and explained about this wildlife sanctuary. We were enjoyed walking along the walked way. 

I have to give mini heart to Pa Mod as she continued walk till the end of the way.

Moreover, along the way she was a good super model as well.

Fang, never miss the funny shots.

We were happy with all staff with their information. 

I can feel how much they love this forest and how happy they are while staying in the middle of nature and far away from noisy and crowd city area.

I asked Fang do you think you can stay in this area? She said I can eat something like (the moss in her hand) this then I can stay.

We spent around 2 hours in the area and we all were very happy with the fresh air and pure nature.

Even we had to keep watching on the floor while walking because there were lots of leech waiting for say hi and suck our blood. But luckily those were failed, we all safe.

We returned to the truck and left for late lunch around 3pm. This lunch was local food.

The restaurant name “Larb Ped Baan Suan”. 

I do not know which one is most favorite menu for Fang because she was enjoy all menu.

However, seem Ta like this menu so much.

For me, I like this grilled fish the most.

We were full and it's time to leave restaurant and return to Bangkok as it was 5pm. We expected to reach back around 10pm.

Along the way back was totally difference from the first day we departed from Bangkok. Seemed all were out of battery and preferred to recharge by sleeping.

While everyone was sleeping. I was thinking to the words from Na Doi while we were sitting together in the local truck to the park. He said “Sometimes the destination is not the matter, but the relationship on the way” This trip brought new friends to me Ta and Fang. We came with 3 persons but we came back with many new friends.

All those are very nice people even we just met at the first time with very short trip but we fell like we knew each other for long time. Those senior people remember our nick name and treat us like their daughter like their niece. People use so many applications to make themselves look good in their picture but I think no any application can make your face and eyes smiling without your feeling from your heart. 

It was another wonderful trip for us (again).

Before we separated, I got number of Na Doi and surly we will reunite again to create a wonderful trip together.



 Saturday, November 20, 2021 9:13 PM