Walking, you can forget everything for awhile and concentrate on your way.
Walking, take you to meet new friends
Walking, bring you new experiences even you lost the way
Let's walk.

Tanapat is a good name and this is the name of my younger sister with nick name Fon. She who spend and concentrate on her work and her duty as the first priority. She works hard, she laugh less but actually her soul crying for time to relax. So, to pamper her soul I took her out from the box and lead her on the road in Bangkok on Sunday.

Sunday is a good day for walking out in Bangkok because it is holiday so people wake up late then everywhere still not crowded in the morning. So, we started our trip at 7am and the meeting point is one of the most beautiful branch of Starbuck in Thailand located in Langsuan area.

I was the first one who arrived the meeting point.

And she arrived with empty stomach and need some energy. 

And because of beautiful place so Fon got many shots while we were waiting for another 2 friends for today Kero and Anh.

Anh, she is Vietnamese but living in Thailand for more than 3 years and she can speak and understand Thai very well (I might be wrong after this trip).

7.30 we all 4 are ready to start the trip. We took taxi from Langsuan to Pak Klong Talad (flower market) because today is Sunday so the road are ours so it should be only 20 minutes we can reach to the market. 

But with the miscommunication with taxi driver. He understood that we want to go to Pak Klong Talad 2 which located another side of Chao Phraya River. That one is the new place for wholesales flower but not for tourist only for retails shops go there to buy flower for their shop. Then our tour started with crossed the river to Thonburi and then crossed back again hahaha.

Anyway, lost for next route. Finally, we reach to Pak Klong Talad.

Because we will planed to walk from Pak Klong Talad to Wat Prayurawongsawas Waraviharn" which located another side of the river. So, Fon got a got flower for her worship.

Actually, I like white lotus more than pink. But today pink lotus also beautiful so Fon took pink one.

We started walking from the beginning of the market. Actually, the market open after midnight so at this time which is 8.30am many shops already closed. But we still see many shop for garlands and flower for people go to temple.

Fon got a garland as well as Anh.

What is the reason why when we prepare for take photos we have to stand by size like S,M,L ? (smiling).

We crossed the Sapanphut Bridge from Pak Klong Talad to Thonburi province. 

Today is our day because the weather was so good. 

We reached to the temple in good time. There were no many people there. Fon worship to the buddha image and put flower and garland there as same as Anh.

Highlight of this temple is this pagoda which got award from UNESCO.

We walked through the temple heading to the walk way along the river. 

I like this walk way along the river. It very good for people walking and enjoy river view and there are only walk and bicycle allow on the area which is good for people who live there.

This is the place which Fon really want to come.

And also Anh as she is Christian. 

I came here once with another friend Radar. That was a wonderful trip as well.

I supposed to take them try the local restaurant with the menu which you can not find from other place but the restaurant do not ready yet. So, we started walk around the community first.

I like this community. All area are clean, almost every houses plant flower or do small garden.

Please focus on the words on the wall behind her and see next shots.

The receptionist welcome us at the corner.

 And then they walked together.

This is a must visit museum and they have good drink list.

We were waiting for the que to go up to see around the museum. But unfortunately, there were a big group arrived before us and the took space on second floor already.

We decided to leave the museum and walked to next stop which located next to each other.

The small shop with lovely decoration.

This shop is famous for the puff which she made every piece fresh.

We ordered one chicken and one yellow bean. Both are so delicious.

This restaurant look nice but they were fully book when we arrived then we continue walk to another shop.

Fon got this as souvenir for her friends.

The graffiti can see everywhere in this community. Seem everyone are artist.

We stopped by at this shop, finally we got the signature bakery of this area. 

12.30pm: time flies when we were happy (or enjoy eating). It lunch time and lucky us arrive to the must eat restaurant while they just opened and we were the first customer so we did not wait too long.

This is noodle menu which everyone must try when they visit this community.

Crispy spring-roll.

Samosa with banana inside and top with chocolate, honey.

This restaurant located in front of the church, very easy to find.

Her mission was completed.

We continued walking to another stop.

This shrine was built since before King Rama 1 by Chinese people who living in that area and they keep continue renovating till present. Unfortunately, they do not allow to take photo inside the shrine so we got only picture from outside.

However, this is one of the most beautiful Chinese god shrine in Thailand. 

We left the shrine and continue to another temple.

"Wat kanlayanamit Woramahawihan" was built in the time of King Rama 3. All people in Thonburi and also from other area visit this temple everyday for worship and pray.

14.00: We left the temple and took shuttle long tail boat to another Wat Arun. But this time we did not get in to the chedi area because we just want to connect another shuttle boat cross the river to Bangkok side because there is no public pier in front of Wat Kanlayanamit.

The boat fare is only THB 4/person (from Wat Arun to Bangkok side) and from Wat Kanlayanamit to Wat Arun is THB 30/person

15.00hrs: We reached to Bangkok side and continue walked to one of my favorite café in Bangkok "Ha Tien Cafe" https://www.facebook.com/hatie...located close to Wat Pho.

I like drinks here.

But seem they like bakery more than drink.

I like their decoration.

But everyone preferred this area for their portrait shots.

Finally, Kero get nice one. 

16.00hrs: And then we left café and took taxi to Warehouse no. 30 because I want to take them to see nice graffiti there.

This area was empty in the past but now it look more lively because there are artists put their painting on the old wall and make them more colorful.

Anh seems like these graffiti so much.

17.00hrs: We left Warehouse no.30 with last shots.

I think next time she need more wide skirt to make this shot more perfect.

We took taxi to Hua Lam Phong MRT station heading to Sukhumvit station.

Our One Fine Day  was completed happily. We separated as Anh and Kero have another appointment with their friend.

And this is my dinner with Fon. We had dinner at food court of Terminal 21 shopping mall. I really like this shop, they cook this two  menu which I can say that this is the most delicious compare with all food court in Bangkok (which I had tried).

And it was another one fine day which we walk in Bangkok. Some places I visit many times with difference friends. But I still happy to visit again and again, as I always say that it is no matter where you are going but who are going along with you.


 Friday, December 24, 2021 12:12 AM