I and Yui were in Khao Yai and experience "Forest of Illumination" and we like it so much so when it is happening again in Bangkok with the name "Maharaj Illumination" which will be at Maharaj Pier me and Yui agreed to check in. We have Kero and Anh joined this trip so another page of our memories book start again.

25th December is good day, it was Christmas Day so many places in Bangkok are more colorful. We all were ready at meeting point Wat Mangkon MRT station". As always I was the first one who arrived the meeting point. Kero and Anh arrived a bit later so we spent time for some nice shorts while we were waiting for Yui.

I like decoration at this station. 

Actually, if you want to travel around China Town and riverside. It is very easy to take Skytrain and connect with MRT to Wat Mangkon station. 

Finally, Yui arrived and we started our trip with one of the most popular noodle shop.

When you came out from the MRT station. You just turn left and walk along the Chareonkrung road to Soi Chareonkrung 23.You can see this banner where the shop located.

You can see how old of the shop and amazing prices.

You can choose white vermicelli or egg noodle. But after saw the noodle. We all ordered dry egg noodle with separate soup.

You can see the price is only THB 45 for normal size and THB 55 for extra size. But for us even normal size still too much.

I who love to eat egg-noodle without any condiments and this noodle is delicious without any condiments. 

 The old shop venue showing how old are they and because of the taste and cheap prices so lots people come to this shop very often.

After finished noodle then we started walking. I heard story about an old house in this area.

The house with around 100 years old with long story.

This house turn to be local museum in Chareonchai community as the local people in this area want to keep a story about community over 100 years. In the past this place was a house of a group of Chinese opera. And on the wall of second floor showing the history of this community by newspapers and photos.

We spent around 20 minutes at that house and continued walking to another part of China Town.

One purpose of this trip for me is to buy some ingredients for herb box. We walked direct to the shop which my friend recommended.

But along the way we had to stop at a shop which everyone agreed to try this milk tea.

Kero knows this brand and she also recommended.

Yui was the first one who get and tried.

The taste is not bad but I like the pearl with special recipe.

We were enjoy milk tea and continued walking to the Chinese herb shop.

And finally we reached there.

We were lucky to meet with the owner who is already 80 years old but still look strong and younger than his age.

And this is all the herb I bought.




Black Pepper


Coriander balls


I will put all together in grass bottle. This herb box can make your room smell good and all herbs are good for your sleeping.

All together is only THB 440

I got what I want then we continued to walk again. Yui did not have proper lunch today so we heading to one of my favorite restaurant in China Town.

But because of new year is coming so we can see people selling calendar everywhere and in this area they sell Chinese calendar.

You and Kero bought it. This kind of calendar show only 1 day in each page but there are lots of details about each day. You can see it it is good day to start business, what color you should wear on that day to get lucky etc.,

Finally, we reached to the restaurant.

We start order and can not stop (as always)

Chinese steamed bun come in a love shape.

Har gow

Chicken feet in the sauce

Crab dumplings

We all enjoyed this late lunch.

The restaurant name is Lao Teng 

I like this steamed bun so much, he is so cute.

We were full from this late lunch and then we continued to the pier to join the cruise to see illumination festival.

Because of traffic so Tuk Tuk is the best way to move from China Town to Maharaj Pier.

We checked in at the entrance and got the wristband after that we walked around the pier.

There are very nice decoration with colorful lightings.

And I have beautiful super models.

Then lighting are on the roof top of row rise buildings.

This is good festival for family, friends to get nice shots with the lighting. And they still show thee until February 2022.

After lots of nice shots the pier we got on the cruise to take 30 minutes along the Chaophraya River to see a beautiful light up at the highlight places of Bangkok.

There are some dinner cruises on the river. The weather was great and view from the river also very nice. Around 40  minutes we reached back to the pier. Seemed that our trip was completed. But actually not.

Because Anh and Kero saw there is "after you café" there at the pier.

Finally, we completed all missions. We ate so many things so it was time to exercise.

So, we walked from Maharaj Pier to Museum Siam to get MRT.

Walking in the night time in this beautiful area were so nice.

We reached to Sanam Chai MRT station. I never seen this view of colorful lighting on the Museum before.

We got on the MRT to Sukhumvit station and separated there because Kero and Anh heading to Ekamai while me and Yui heading to Aree. 

This trip took only half day but we fell like it was full day tours. We walked a lot but also eat a lot. However, all the food are good so walking tour is never boring. 

And there was my personal mission from this trip is to make a herbs box with the Chinese herbs which I bought from China Town. I'm planning to give it as a New Year gift to my friends.


 Monday, December 27, 2021 7:20 PM