"Yui just resumed to working in office after worked from home for long time during Covid-19 situation. And she was terrible busy everyday every week for 2 months so she needs a short break. And I also missing Chiang Mai for long time. So, we agreed to plan a trip for 4 days 3 nights. And another friend Kero got special package at Novotel Chiang Mai Nimman Journeyhub in Chiang Mai. Then without delay we picked the date 7-10 April. Actually, Kero and Anna were on trip to Phuket and Krabi so they flew from Phuket to meet us and continue our new page of memory in Chiang Mai"

Day 1

8.30am I arrived to Suvarnabhumi Airport and found that there are new check in system there.

Self check in to the machine.

I think it is convenience but we need to learn how to fill details but it is not too difficult.

We left Bangkok by Bangkok Air ( they have very special prices during April).

We all arrived to Chiang Mai around 14.00 and then transferred direct to check in at hotel and then came out for late lunch. Ginger Farm Kitchen https://www.gingerfarmkitchen.com was the restaurant which I chose for the first meal in Chiang Mai this time as none of them try this restaurant before. Personally, I like this restaurant so much and because we stay at hotel in Nimman area then it is just a walking distance from our hotel. The weather surprised us with temperature around 22 degree it was much cooler than Bangkok even this is April.

And since there was late lunch so everyone was very hungry. And below dishes are our lunch.

Anna just tried this menu for the first time and she really like it.

Egg plant spicy salad with shrimp.

Hot and spicy soup.

This is the thump-up menu for Yui.

My most favorite drink, honey ginger soda.

And we chose this signature dessert (authentic Thai dessert) instead of ice-cream today. Lychee and orange in syrup and ice top with fried sliced red onion. 

If you look for Thai Authentic food with good prices and amazing taste. This place can be your choice.

We finished lunch around 4.30pm and then we took local truck to hotel for refresh and I want to turn on my laptop to check some works same as Kero.

This hotel is nice. Located on the way to Doi Suthep Temple and walking distance to Maya Shopping Mall and Nimmarn Road so very convenience. 

We had full lunch but we also need dinner but not too heavy. And we saw a open air restaurant close to hotel.

It is a hot pot style restaurant.

Yui still have some urgent work so she skip dinner then only me, Kero and Anna there.

We also ordered some grilled pork.

And first time try this drink which recommended by Kero. I like it.

We walked back to hotel and clear some works before go to bed.

Day 2

We woke early morning as today is temple tour day. Yui woke up before me today as she slept early last nights. We prepare to shower and I notice that the toothpaste she using is difference and I never seen this brand before. She said it is herb toothpaste. When I heard herb my imagination is no I will not try but she forced me to try a little bit but I said no because I know how the taste of this kind of toothpaste.

We all were ready at lobby.

 Yui and Anna were well prepared cloths for visiting temple.

We left hotel with all luggage as we booked another hotel for another 2 nights.

Around one our we reached to Wat Phra That Doi Kham is the temple that was built towards the end of the 7th century on the top of mountain which you can see very good view of Chiang Mai. There are many Thai people come to this temple for I like to come to this temple almost every time when I travel to Chiang Mai.

After that we continue to another temple Wat Ton Kwen. 

I visit this temple earlier and wrote some history in another blog. Yui and Anna really like this temple.

We left temple and next station is coffee station called "Starbuck" this branch was listed as one of the top 10 most beautiful Starbuck in Thailand.

We all got our drinks and relaxed there around 20 minutes then we left for next stop for lunch.

Kero was here before so she chose this one for us.

All are Traditional Northern style food.

And I like this drink. Butterfly pea juice.

We finished lunch but we were only half of program. So, we continued to visit another temple. Wat U-mong.

Close to this temple is local community which local people stay in their house but they turn some part of their house to be hand made shop and selling their own products.

We stopped here first and get fresh orange juice.

We walked around the community and bought some souvenir and cloths.

I got a handmade note book.

Kero got nice shot.

Yui did not get anything from Ban Khang Wat community but she got cloths from our favorite shop "Papang" 

We checked in at Tamarind Villagehttps://www.tamarindvillage.co..., the place where I love to stay when I travel to Chiang Mai. 

The way they served welcome drink. It is bale juice, I really like.

We got the room on the same floor.

We refresh and prepared for dinner. Today was boiled rice. Our driver P Swat recommended this shop "Khao Tom Pui Suandauk"

And this is our dinner.

And all of this only THB 590

After dinner, we returned to hotel. Today Yui forced me to try her herbal toothpaste again.

If I do not try this time she will surely force me again next day so I tried it.

I surprised with the taste. It was not spicy like other herbal toothpaste and not strong smell of herb.  It is not bad and difference from other herbal toothpaste which I had tried before. And when I told Yui that I like it. She gave me small one, she prepared for all of us.

She gave me and also Kero and Anna.

And seem she was very happy because Kero and Anna made this clip when they tried this toothpaste for her.  

Day 3

We woke up early morning again and prepared for long trip again.

Yui had a cup of herbal tea. Seem she likes everything with herb. 

We were enjoy breakfast.

We wore this plastic glove when we pick the food from buffet station.

Fresh fruit juice is my favorite drink.

My breakfast.

If you want to try new taste of fried-rice you may trip to put some fresh pineapple and eat all together you can get the taste of sweet and sour of pineapple mixed with fried-rice with chicken and tomato. Yummy.

Kero had very light breakfast.

We finished breakfast and left hotel to start the day trip.  And as always we drop at Jing Jai market. The handmade and homemade markets where local people made their own products and sell at this market. Prices are negotiable and good quality products.

Wat Ban Den is located on the way to Mae Ngat dam which we included that place today as well. It was around one hour away from Chiang Mai city to reach to this temple. There is first time for three of them so they were really enjoy walking around and pray to all Buddha.

Kero and Anna spent longer time than us as both of them are foreigner and love to go to temples so much.

We left temple and continue to the dam for lunch.

We paid THB 20/person for admission fee (Thai is 20 and foreigner is 100) and another THB 30 for parking fee plus THB 10/person for insurance because we are going to take a long tail boat for 30 minutes to the floating restaurant.

The name of restaurant is "Mountain Float". And this is the red longtail boat for us.

Very nice view along the way to the restaurant.

And here is our lunch.

After lunch we spent some time relax and enjoy stunning view.

We left the restaurant and heading down to the city.

But since Yui and Kero always have coffee after lunch so we drop at this cafe.

Besides of coffee, Kero also love cheese cake. Then we ordered this one.

We were enjoy eating this cheese cake like we did not have lunch yet. Actually, it was only one hour after we had lunch.

After coffee we took some nice shots and left. This cafe I recommended for all who look for the nice place for photo and coffee also good. Actually, they also good for lunch or dinner as well. The name is "Mai Huan 60 Doi Chang Coffee" I came here once with other friends for lunch. There food also very good.

We return to hotel for refresh while Yui dropped at Papang shop again to get more item.

We reached to the room and feel like we just check in because they made up our room so nice.

I and Yui left hotel for evening walk tour while Kero and Ann preferred to stay at hotel to get more nice shots. 

Yui always requested to take some shot close to Thapae gate.

And this time I got one shot there.

After walk we all met at BBQ restaurant for dinner.

And dinner was spicy BBQ

We all agreed that this is good BBQ. After dinner we walked back to hotel and our 3rd day trip was finished completely.

Day 4

Today is was the last day for this trip and we heading direct to Mae Kam Pong hilltribe village as this is the strongly requested by Kero and Anna.

Yui gave me a herbal tea (without tea leaf) to try during this breakfast and I tried it. The taste is light, no smell so I accept her offer to get this pack of herbal tea to drink at home after trip.

Our driver knows well that I like "Alex Face" so he took us to get nice shot with Alex's graffiti on the wall.

We were like a gangster but I like this shot. Our driver not only drive but he is good as photographer as well.

We heading up on the hill to Mae Kam Pong but I had plan to drop by at a nice cafe name "Utsah Home Brew" https://www.instagram.com/p/CY...which located on the way to Mae Kam Pong but this cafe is around 10 minutes before reach to Mae Kam Pong.

This cafe is located around 50 meters down from the small hill. We have to park the car at parking area and they provide local truck and then continue walking down.

But this place is worth to visit and try their drink and bakery.

As always we finished all very quick. 

I like this place. It's peaceful, just sitting at small chair and listen to the water and forest. 

There are many corners to get good shots.

After coffee time. We continue to Mae Kam Pong as original plan.

And had lunch there. Mae Nim is the name of restaurant. We can just say good food, good services, good prices. So, this is recommended.

Before we left, Kero and Anna got some souvenir from this shop.

After drop by at local market to buy local food for our family. We reached to airport and get on flight on time. 

We completed our trip 4days 3nights Chiang Mai and full of food, memories, pictures, souvenir, cloths. I hope that this helped Yui release all stress she had during two months and ready to start busy Monday again. We can see her face look more happy in this photo.

"Before we separate Kero just said that. Let's go to Kanchanaburi next trip, I also need to release my stress......hahaha"


 Monday, April 11, 2022 2:35 PM