I had business trip to Phuket during 7-10 June but as there was a lot of works during 2-3 months so I need some short break to refresh my brain. So, I and my friend from Czech Dejana who also attend the meeting agreed to extend stay in Phuket for short break as well. We did not meet for years since before Covid so this is good chance.

There was some miscommunication between us so we booked difference hotel for the first night. She booked Twin Palm Resort on Surin Beach while I booked Avista Grande Phuket Karon. So, first night we stayed separated hotel. 

I checked in at Avista Grand Phuket Karon. I like Karon beach because it not too much noisy like Patong and this is new hotel just open few years ago. I arrived hotel late evening and so tired from the full 3 days meeting. I got this welcome drink and I like banana candy which served with ice lemon tea.

After checked in, receptionist  took me to the room and gave me all information. 

Actually, I was too tired to listen anything but the way she present her hotel sound interesting. Moreover, besides of hotel's restaurant she also recommended small restaurant near by hotel.

Since I was alone on first night, so after dropped luggage in the room then I came out for dinner. The distance from hotel to restaurant is just around 10 minutes by walk along the beach road of Karon. That time was around 7pm so there are many restaurant opened.  

I reached to the restaurant which that girl recommended "Kalika" a small restaurant with 6 tables. There was only a couple of foreigner so I did not wait for table. 

I sat and a few minutes a guy came to me with a glass of water. Normally, when we sit in the restaurant the first sentence from the waiter is "would you like something to drink?" but this restaurant they start with free a glass of water. 

I checked menu and order 3 menu and one of them is "Phad Thai" because a girl at hotel recommended this menu. 

That guy left to the kitchen for my order and a few minutes he came back with small plate and 2 pieces of garlic bread. 

And this is my Phad Thai (only THB 70) I found 7 shrimp in this Phad Thai while we normally see 1-2 shrimp when we order this menu. 

Another one is "Fish tofu fried with sault and garlic". I never try this menu before so I do not know if other restaurant cook more delicious but for me this menu is recommended.

And because I like to eat vegetable so I order morning glory. And here what I got, the taste is very good and it is big portion. This menu is delicious , not  oily and not salty.

Actually, I was not alone as my friend who live in Phuket "Namwhan" joined me for dinner.  And she order a traditional menu of Phuket "Mee Sapum"

After tried it, she said that it delicious. They put lots of ingredient and again I saw many shrimp. For 2 persons all food we ordered may be too much. but we finished them all except Mee Sapum which Namwhan requested for take away. And this is what we got, they put it in a bag and put it in a bowl which we can eat anytime.

And when we called them for bill. We got this thing.

A small plate with cut seasonal fruit. I can say that this is the first local restaurant that served food like 5* restaurant which start with appetizer and seasonal fruit as the last menu. And their fruit with good quality.

And the most surprise was the bill only THB 525. Very cheap compare with the size and quality of ingredient and you can see that there are no charges for those drinking water, garlic bread, fruit.

So, I recommended you try this restaurant if you have chance to go to Karon beach. 

After dinner Namwhan sent me back to hotel. And I completed first relaxing day in Phuket. 

11th June

I had breakfast at hotel.

Normally, I do not like bakery and dim-sum but they look yummy so I picked some.

This one is delicious.

Dejana came to meet me at hotel and then we went to the pier for our boat trip which Dejana requested for this trip. The distance from hotel is just around 15 minutes and we reached to the pier. From the check in counter we took shuttle to the boat.

And this is the catamaran yacht for us today.

They have 2 comfortable bedrooms.

I can feel that she like this tour.

Me too.

Besides of captain there are another 2 lovely guides went with us. They are Prae and Dao. 

And the boat took us to Coral Island, I chose to stop at Banana Beach as I heard a lot of good comments from my friends. We paid for the fee THB 300 and get coupon value THB 300 which we can use to buy food and drink there.  They  provided beach chairs, tables both under the roof and on the sandy beach.

It was late lunch time so we order some food. Actually, this tour included meal but we just want to order something else at the restaurant.

We were enjoy lunch and stunning sea view.

Guide Prae told me that if we lucky we might see hornbill on this beach. But I was unlucky they saw them while I was enjoy lunch. So sad.

We enjoy the time on the beach till 3pm and left the island for sunset moment at Phromthep cape.

But today we were not lucky because it the sun hiding behind the cloud. 

We gave up for the sunset and heading back to the pier.

Even we did not have chance to see sunset at Phromthep cape but the trip today was wonderful.

I got new friend and both of them are good at their job. And I can feel that they will be professional tour guide in the future. I can feel their inspiration and love their job.

Their company is lucky to have team like them.

We finished the tour happily and tonight we moved to stay in another hotel as Dejana want to spend last night in Phuket in Patong area. So, I booked Cozy room at Patong Lodge for us. Room is big and bed also big enough for 2 persons but we decided to book 2 rooms.

From the room can see swimming pool, but they have 2 swimming pools (this pic took in the morning of 12th)

I think this is nice 3* hotel, they have lots of big tree. Room is clean and look new. We reached to hotel late evening. Dejana preferred to take a nap while I prefer to go out to the local market. Hotel located close to Kalim beach and there are many food stall on the road where local people come this area for picnic during sunset. 

Namwhan joined me again for this dinner. We picked many finger food and enjoy eating with this view.

Food are good and cheap. And on the way back, I dropped by here for 2 hours.

I think this hotel is on good location, the local market open daily. There are some massage shops, 7-11, BBQ restaurant on the beach etc., and from hotel to Patong area is only 10 minutes by car or even we can walk.

Since Dejana preferred to take a nap so I can only share those pictures to her and it made her want to extend one more night. 

1 day 2 nights short break in Phuket was so nice. I met friends, spent time together even it was short time. But it was very good break and recharge our energy for next working day. 

We checked out from hotel difference time as Dejana booked late evening flight while mine is noon. She asked me when will you travel to Prague ? I can not say but that city is in my bucket list already. 

Last but not least, I got a nice bag with special material from fisherman village. So, if anyone like this bag. Let's go Phuket....


 Tuesday, June 14, 2022 11:19 PM