Hello, This is Supernovaman, a junior blogger from Thailand. This is my 3rd review in Readme website. But I am considering it as the 1st review in English. If you would like to "Travel in style" like me.  You definitely should finish reading my blog. Then, you will earn an experience " Travel in Style" with me, Supernovaman.

  Huahin is one of the top destinations of tourists from around the world. Even it is a beach city similar to Pattaya. But once you have already visited Huahin. You will be noticed that nothing is similar between these 2 cities. Pattaya is more on Nightlife and parties. But Huahin has a chill atmosphere. Myself, I prefer to spend my vacation in Huahin. Avoid crowded people and traffic jams in Bangkok. Residing my body and relaxing soul in the chill atmosphere of Huahin. It doesn't mean that Pattaya is not good. Both cities are worth traveling for a traveler. But I kind of like this ambient more.

  I had traveled to Huahin more than 20 times in my life. Each trip I spend has a different memorable experience. Every place has pieces of good memory in my mind. I can say that every good memory of me starts from Huahin. From my first family trip, till my first trip with sweeties. You will see how much I love this city. And why don't you choose to spend your vacation time here? Go on, Don't hesitate and book your trip!!

  Huahin is a city in Prachuap khiri khan province. It will take around 2:30 hours to drive from Bangkok. Previously, there was various flight from a lot of well-known airlines that operated their long-haul flight to Huahin. But due to a Covid-19 pandemic, most of them are discontinued. Leave only Thai Airasia to operate this route. So for this period of time, driving is the best option to get to Huahin.

  There were a lot of nice hotels to spend your night in. But I was choosing this hotel because it was one of the newest hotels in Huahin. Experienced is the only thing that we can't pay for.

  Verso Huahin Hotel is the newest hotel under, Thai owned Veranda collection hotel brand. They own many hotels in a majority city of Thailand. In Huahin, there are 2 hotels in the Veranda hotel chain. Veranda resort Huahin in Cha-am and Verso Huahin at Khao Takiab Huahin. So please don't confuse amount these 2 locations. Otherwise, you will find yourself driving a 30 km distance to get to your hotel. 

  The hotel itself located next to Khao Takiab which is once be an old fisherman's village in the past. But now it turns out to be one of popular among tourists for its nice and cheap seafood in Huahin. There is also a Khao Takiab Temple sat on the highest peak of the mountain. You can take a walk from the hotel. Spectacular view up there.

  Within a hotel property fence. There are 2 separate areas. Veranda Residence which is a Condominium for sale and Verso Hotel Huahin. The main facility are separated but if you are a condo owner. You can use a Verso Hotel facility such as a swimming pool which is next to the beach. But hotel guest was not allowed to go into the condo area for privacy and security.

  Verso Hotel provide 2 style of room type. The resort zone which is a hotel-style room function and residence zone which is a condominium style of room function. 

  Resort Zone
- Deluxe Room --> Smallest room type of this hotel. Offer 41 sq.m. of area. 1 Bed room with 1 double king size or 2 queen size bed. Maximum 3 person. Serperated bath tub and shower provided to every room.
- Family Room --> Similar 41 sq.m. size as Deluxe room. But can stay up to 4 person. 1 Bedroom size with 1 Double King-size bed or 2 Queen-size bed and Bunk bed.
- Oceanfront room --> Also similar 41 sq.m. size. But the far more superior among other room type was they are from facing to the sea. And the bathtub is seaview. So you can enjoy watching a sunrise/sunset right from your bathtub.
- Sky Pool Suite 2 Bedrooms --> The signature and famous room of Verso Huahin that everyone was regconize. It sat on the top level of the hotel. Offering your personally own swimming pool with a panoramic seaview. The size of the room also enormous size. It was similar to 5x of the deluxe room altogether. 165 sq.m. can get you anything from 2 bedroom and 2 bathroom. You can stay for over 4 person for this room type.

  Residence Zone
It will be a more spacious area than the resort zone. Offering from 42.59 sq.m. to 91.43 sq.m. There are a various room type. But unfortunately during my stay which was on March 2021 which hotel just recently opening less than a month. So I have a limited information of this zone.

  During our stay, we choose to stay in a deluxe room. Since we are plan to spend more on a food and less for accommodation. From my experience, every nice hotel should provide all guests with a similar service standard. And Verso Huahin was not disappointing us. We have a pleasant time during our stay. You will see the reason when reading through the below content.

  The Deluxe rooms are offering adequate room space and amenities. We are booking the hotel during my birthday period. Verso Hotel surprising me with the complimentary Birthday cake and room setup which is very lovely.

  Housekeeping is arranged a rose petal into a word of Happy Birthday. Good job!!

  Birthday cake which is taste very nice. Thanks, Verso!

  The deluxe room offer a balcony area include the table and sofa for resting and relaxing with the garden view and windy of the sea.

  Here comes the amazing part. The room offers a semi-outdoor bathtub on a balcony. You can enjoy a view of Khao Takiab while taking a bathtub. Fascinating isn't it?

  These are the favorite amenities of this hotel room which I think only some hotels are thinking of. Verso does have a mesh bag and sombrero hat for their guest to bring stuff to the beach in style. 


We are staying for 2 nights at this hotel. For the first night, we are staying in a Deluxe room type. But because of some technical difficulties during the second day afternoon. Because the hotel was very new and they are still not able to fix things right away. Therefore, the hotel staff chooses to upgrade our room type to Ocean front room instead. Luckily for us to stay at the same hotel but can enjoy 2 room types within 1 trip. We are very appreciative of Verso hotel's kindness.

  The Oceanfront room offers a similar size to deluxe room. But there are some distinct feature that not alike. We are going to show you now.

  The bathtub position is not the same. For deluxe room it might situate at the balcony. But for this Oceanfront room, the tab was inside the room. There is no balcony. But they gave us a spectacular view of the swimming pool and partial seaview instead. The reason while I said partial seaview because of the view we get mostly it was a pool and a Khao Takiab mountain view from the room. We selected to stay at 2nd floor so that also the reason.

  Veranda Hotel chain has already famous for it nice swimming pool and a soft marble stone pool floor. This hotel also does not let you disappointed.

  There are 4 swimming pool in total. 3 pool will be an adult pool with 1.2 m depth. Another 1 pool is reserved for children with 1 slider.

  Nice marble pool floor for soft touch feeling of your feet. Differentiate Veranda apart from other hotel.   

  There are plenty of snap areas for people who loving to take a portrait photos , and post them on Facebook or social media.

  Nice sofa for enjoying a seaview and Khao Takiab Mountain.

  Veranda also famous in it cafe name "Skoop beach". They are open publicly for guest and non-guest to enjoy a nice dessert. They are famous in ice-cream with a Gudetama, Japanese cartoon, theme. But since we enjoy it too much. So no photo was taken during that time. Really sad for that.

  In summarize,

  We pretty much enjoy of our stay. They are offered extravaganza services to every guest. The hotel area is also nice. Plenty of seafood to enjoy. You don't have to go anywhere else. If you want to eat some seafood. You can walk to Khao Takiab. There is a lot of nice seafood restaurants to try. Or if you are a Cafe lover, they offer a Skoop Beach cafe. So you don't need to go elsewhere. Just spending your stay, let the time fly by and stay at " Verso Huahin Hotel"

  You won't regret it if you decide to stay here. Trust me.

Supernova Mann

 Tuesday, August 16, 2022 9:58 PM