Many people know that Sangkhlaburi was renamed from Wang Ka in 1939 and was to be minor district Thaong Pha Phum in 2 years later and mad a subordinate of Thong Pha Phum District. And it was again upgrade to full district in 1965.

Sangkhlaburi is in the far west of the province, on the Myanmar border. Three Pagodas Pass is the border crossing station to Myanmar. A large part of the district is covered by the Khao Laem Reservoir and artificial lake formed by the Vajiralongkorn Dam on the Khwae Noi River.

And the land mark of Sangkhla (short name of this area) which well know for tourist is Uttamanusorn Bridge or Saphan Mon which was built around 30 years ago by people for people of Ban Wangka, a Mon’s village.

All above information bring lots of tourists to Sangkhla including me and this is not my first time but I still love to visit this peaceful charming place. First time was 8 years ago.

Because we love travel and we love traveling together then we create a small group of friend call V-Go and this time everyone in the group agreed to visit Sangkhla.

The date was fixed on 12-14 August which was a public holiday in Thailand. We hired a minivan, booked the hotel in Kanchanaburi for 1 night at Mida Resort and 1 night in Sangkhla at Suanmagmai Resort  because driving direct to Sangkhla from Bangkok is too long distance. So we adjusted the program to be 3 days 2 nights Kanchanabiri-Sangkhla.

There were P Hong, Kero, Nina, Fon, Fang Fang and myself confirmed to join this trip but later P Lhin our oldest sister decided to join then we were 7 wonders.

12 August, our meeting point was at Amari Watergate as I stayed overnight there on 11 August. We left Bangkok and heading on the Rama II road to Samutsongkram. The reason to use this road as we want to visit the place I like and I want to take them to experience farmer’s life. There is a coconut plantation where they made sugar from coconut but the highlight is this area is famous for coconut juice. Everyone enjoy drinking fresh young coconut there but someone enjoy other activities.

Fon is the most enjoy people there.

We left there and continue to Kanchanaburi. And the 2nd stop was a nice café behind Tiger Temple where we can see the temple on the top of mountain.

There are 3-4 café in this area but we decided to stop at Kao-Na-Kafae. Because we like to design and we saw that they just open so we should support them to grow up their business. And they did not disappoint us. 

The drink was good, Banoffee was great (confirmed by Fang Fang).

And this one is amazing souvenir. Is this a magnet? My question to the shop and the answer made me surprise, it is a dessert “Alua sweets” in tuna fish look. Fon tried one bite and she love it. So, we bot bough lots of them for souvenir.

Before we left, we went up on the rooftop and get some nice shots with the background of Tiger Temple and the rice field.

Since we had lunch from other restaurant already so we took only drinks from this café and then left for visit Tiger Temple.

P Lhin requested to use cable car instead of walk up on the stairs. So we arrived to the trop of mountain in 2 minutes.

This is not my first time here but some of them are. So, they separate for praying and worship to the buddha image.

After left this temple P Hong suggest to visit another temple name “Wat Ban Tham” which have long history more than 700 years ago.

But there was no cable car at this temple so P Lhin stopped at the middle while the rest keep going up to the cave.

In the cave, there is beautiful buddha image which lots of Thai people come for worship and pray.

On the top of the mountain there is a cave and there is beautiful buddha image.

And this cave and temple was in some part of Thailand history so there are many people come to worship and make a wish for to have kids.

It was almost dark so we left the temple for dinner before check in at hotel. The restaurant was “Krua Khao Tub” the food was good and prices is very cheap, the location is not far from Mida Resort which we booked for first night.

After dinner we checked in at hotel and separate for relax. But as me, Fon and Fang sharing same room and they were fight for bed then I did not have chance to take nice picture from the room.

Room was nice, big and clean and I like the way they set up beds for 3 persons in same room which was very comfortable.

13 August, we start the morning with breakfast at hotel’s restaurant but as there was a holiday so there are many people at the restaurant so we had very quick breakfast and then left.

The first place to visit after check out was “Hell Fire Pass” the place where many people know from history of World War II.

I visit this place many times and still happy to come again. Now there are more developed and more information and services. 

New restrooms was built, small restaurant, staff sharing information and especially the walk-way from the museum to the Hell Fire Pass.

Some of us never came to this place before so they keep reading all the information board. Myself, came many times so I concentrated finding nice shots.

We left Hell Fire Pass and continue to next stop for lunch and good view point “Pom Pi View Point”. 

Lunch there was good and cheap and after enjoy nice view then we left to Sangkhlaburi.

We reached to Sangkhla around 4pm which was good time. So, we visit and worshiped to pagoda at Wat Wang Wiwekaram. This is very important temple for all people living in Sangkhla. Wat Wangwiwekaram or Wat Luang Poh Uttama is a temple at Ban Wang Kalang. It was originally built in 1953 by Luang Pho Uttama with the help of a local immigrant population of Karen and Mon  peoples. It is located in Sangkhla  District, Kanchanaburi, near the Thai-Burma border, 220 kilometers from Muang Kanchanaburi District.

It consisted only of a cloister and pavilion, and the villagers generally called it Luang Por Uttama Temple. It was located on a high hill in the Sam Phrai area, near three rivers, the Songkhaliar, the Beak, and the Rantee. In 1962 the Department of Religious Affairs authorized Wat Wang Wiwekaram, which is based on the district's original name, "Wang Ka."

The Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand built Khao Laem (or Vajiralongkorn) Dam in 1984. The water behind the dam threatened to flood the district, including the Mon village located there. Therefore, the temple was moved to a hill named Luang Pho Uttama, and 30 square metres (320 sq ft) of land per family was allocated to the villagers. The village has approximately 1,000 rai and the same number of residents who grow vegetables, fish, or work at a garment factory not far from the village.

The new Wat Wang Wiwekaram was completed in 1985, with built-in Mon and Thai architectural styles. Luang Por Uttama's body is kept there in a glass coffin. The sermon hall is a two-story concrete building; the ground floor is used for various merit-earning events. The upper floor is a museum that houses palm scriptures, ancient Mon scripts, images of the Buddha, ash statues, and various utensils.

The old temple site is now underwater and has become a tourist attraction known as Sangkhlaburi Underwater Temple.

We had plan to do long tail boat tour in the evening but it was raining so we changed plan and checked in at Suanmagmai Resort And I like their room.

View from the room remind me to Vang Viang in Laos. 

After rain stopped, we walked to the bridge which is the highlight of this trip, the longest wooden bridge in Thailand.

There were lots of people as it was long weekend.

There are lots of Mon children wearing their traditional dress with full make up on their face. They are so lovely.

We met a Mon boy introduced himself as a local tour guide and explain us about the history of the bridge, temple, Mon community. He is so cute, polite and the way he talks.

We walk from the beginning on Thailand side to Mon side and enjoy the view.

Some enjoy shopping.

After that, we return to hotel for dinner but as it was raining again in the evening so just had quick dinner and then return to hotel.

14th August, I and Fon woke up early morning as I want this shots. 

The moment before sun rise is the best moment to see the bridge.  After that we return to hotel and prepare for give alms to the monk.

People prepare for this activity and almost wearing Mon traditional dress.

Children are also more beautiful than in the evening.

P Lhin and P Hong fall in love with the kids and took photos with them. I think their post are more professional than both sister.

And this is what we prepare for the monk.

The flower is what they grow in this area.

While everyone prepare for alms giving, P Lhin enjoy her breakfast on another side.

We all had local breakfast and then continue for boat trip.

And both are our tour guide today.

The smaller one name Chai but I cannot remember another one.

They are Mon boy and they work like local guide for tourist. And take care us around.

Sitting on the long tail boat is very good. The weather is great and the view is amazing.

The long tail boat took us to visit the first temple.

The temple was moved to higher area however we can see some part of church.

Lots of people came for worship and pray.

But children came here with difference purpose. They enjoy fishing

We also enjoy.

Two boys full with energy and assist us very well.

The 2nd temple is on the mountain. Fang decided to wait in the boat, the rest walked up on the hill and we found this temple.

I always love to visit this kind of the place where we can feel the respect from people. The place where we can see history.

Chai told me to knock the wall 3 times before get in to the churh and make a 3 wishes. I asked him what do you wish, he said he wants bicycle mobile phone and money. I told him I wish he get all of those he wants.

The boat took us see around the damn with beautiful view and two boys keep talking to each other. I feel that their life really simple and fun without internet, computer but with nature.  They are lucky.

Around 1 hour we returned to the pier and get ready to check out. 

And another most important place which we cannot miss is Wat Wangwiwekaram which moved up from the original one after flood from the damn.

The architecture style is mix Thai and Mon but so beautiful.

We worship to the body of Luang Pho Uttama in the glass tomb.

And it was time for lunch and this is what we chose for last lunch in Sangkhlaburi.

Tum Aroi is the name of restaurant. The venue look nice, large and clean. We start order

And order like we did not have breakfast yet

And we were lucky to meet with the owner of restaurant so he offer traditional dessert

It looks like pizza but the texture is stickier and it is not bread. Topping with peanut and mix sesame.

The prices of the food here is not expensive but very good taste.

We were full and ready to take a nap on the van while heading down to Kanchanaburi city.

And because Fon never come to this area and she want to see another part of history. Death railway, so we dropped at Tham Kra Sae.

To get some nice shots there

P Lhin just woke up and she need some sugar.

I also want some ice cream

After finished all dessert then we continued to Bangkok.

But before we reach to Bangkok at late evening. Someone wanted quick dinner so cup noodle is the best choice.

We completed trip Kanchanaburi-Sangkhlaburi. Full with food experiences and local people. We saw more people living peacefully in another area so far from Bangkok but they all look so happy. Lucky they are born and live in the middle of nature. But we can only visit sometime for detox our mood and mind.

And this time we already clean out some stressful from hard works and now ready to go back work hard again until next trip.


 Thursday, August 18, 2022 8:30 PM