I have some friends move to stay in Chiang Rai or Chiang Mai and I always plan to move out from Bangkok to stay in that area as well. But I still happy with my works and happy with my house in Bangkok so what I can do it travel to Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai more often.

One of my friend name Jaew live happily in Chiang Mai and plan to drive from Chiang Mai to travel in Chiang Rai and she invited me to join. Just one day after her invitation, I booked the flight to Chiang Rai and start my trip to this area again for short trip with 3 days 2 nights.


Arrive to Chiang Rai airport by morning flight even earlier than my friend drove from Chiang Mai. So, I got taxi from airport to hotel by myself as I want to leave luggage at hotel before start the day with them. I booked THE LEGEND CHIANG RAI www.thelegend-chiangrai.com for one night with special campaign for Thai.

I arrived to hotel too early and did not expect to get the room. Just want some place where I can turn on my laptop and check some works. And hotel staff really helpful to bring me the plug and cable but maybe they were not born to be a couple.

I turned on my laptop and prepared to start working but my friends arrived. Then I left all stuff at hotel and went out. The first place we they took me was the hilltribe village as they know that I love to visit hilltribe village. 

I love to take picture of their smiles.

See their houses.

And buy their handmade products.

After that we continue to the most famous tea plantation in Chiang Rai “Chui Fong” but it was not our day as there were too many people and long que for order food and drink so we decided to leave. 

And one of them suggest to try real authentic food at local restaurant.

And this is the menu.

This snack made my bean and taste very good, not oily.

And this noodle I really.

We continue the day to Golden Triangle.

This place still the same but look nicer after Covid because there still less people in this area. I got good shot from Sister Ku a friend of my friend. Thanks to her.

And I got some souvenir for my sister (Fon)

We did not have time to take long tail boat on Mae Khong river so we drove up to the mountain to worship the Phu Khao temple. This temple has long history.

Wat Phra That Doi Pu Khao (or Wat Phra That Doi Phu Khao, Wat Phra That Doi Phu Khao) is a temple and ancient site built in the Hiranakorn Ngernyang period. Located in Chiang Saen District Chiang Rai Not far from the Golden Triangle border area. The scenery can be seen from the temple grounds.

According to legend, Phraya Lao Changrat (Some legends spelled as Lao Chong), the first king of Hiran Nakhon Ngoen Yang. There were three sons, namely Lao Ko (in some legends it is written as Lao Khok), Lao Kua (in some legends it is written as Lao Chang) and Lao Kao (in some legends it is spelled as Lao Klao). one large crab So they chased each other But the crab escaped into the hole. Lao Kor and Lao Kua ordered Lao Nine to sit and wait in the creek while the two would look for that giant crab. When Lao Nine waited a long time, he returned to tell his father. Father saw that the three sons did not love each other. If they were together, they wouldn't be happy. Therefore, he was ordered to build Laos (Lao occupation) to occupy the city of Kwang. (Some legends indicate that it is Chiang Khong), Lao Kua (Laos Chang) dominates the city of Phalan Phanong. (Some legends indicate that it is Muang Yong) and Lao Nine (Lao Klao) to rule his own city, Hiran Nakhon Ngoen Yang. After establishing the reign of Lao Nine, he established his name as Phraya Lao Kaew Kaew Muang Ma ascended the throne as the second king of Hiran Nakhon Ngoen Yang to commemorate such an event His Highness built a chedi on the mountain where the giant crab fled around 1302, thus the origin of Wat Phra That Doi Pu in.

I like the view from this temple down to Mae Khong River.

And the last stop was at the temple which look like temple in Chiang Mai. The name is Wat Phra That Chedi Luang (similar name with temple in Chiang Mai as well)

It was late evening so we return to Chiang Rai City. Arrived to hotel and got the room.

I really like the room. The size is not too big but large enough for me or even for 2-3 people

The bed is really comfortable.

Large bathroom and the most important is nice work desk.

I slept early that night as I want to spend more time on this comfortable bed.


Early morning, I woke up and prepare for check out.

Breakfast was at the restaurant near Mae Kok River.

They have green yard from restaurant to the river. And there is a pier where I saw long tail boat pick up other guest for tour. Next time I will come and try that tour.

We left hotel and heading Chiang Mai. Actually, we planned to stay one night in Chiang Khong area but one of friend has urgent meeting in Chiang Mai.

Arrived to hotel in Chiang Mai, I checked in at nice small boutique hotel DE CHARME which located in walking distance to walking street THA PAE. I booked this hotel because I want to walk to walking street at night.

I like the room at this hotel as well. Clean, new, good location, services are good and reasonable prices.

In the evening, I walked to the night market THA PAE (walking street). There are many tourist now compare with last time I visit in April with another friend.

I was very hungry and finally found a small nice Japanese bar & restaurant. Since I was alone that evening so I can order only small set.

But I can say that their food is good and I like their decoration as well.

After dinner I walked along street of night market and found a local band playing good music. There were so many people around them for listen and enjoy their performance and me too. I saw happiness on the face of audience and I saw more on the face of musician while they playing the music instruments. 

Happiness is creatable by everyone.


Woke up early morning but I didn’t have breakfast at hotel as I want to try local food at local market JING JAI MARKET which open only Sat-Sun. 

I took local truck from hotel to the market and then start walked around to find my breakfast.

And I got this menu, very delicious.

I didn’t talk walk so long at the market because the purpose is to try local food there. I like to concept of this market. They cook fresh food, coffee, drink and also selling vegetable and fruit from local people. And for the cooked food all are look good. But I was alone so I cannot try more menu.

Left the market then take the local truck to hotel and because my flight was late evening so I had some free time at hotel. 

And I had this menu for lunch. The restaurant is opposite to hotel so very easy for me.

The taste is good but it would be better if we eat with friends then we can order more.

I checked out from hotel around 3pm and heading to Chiang Mai airport but I got the message from airline that my flight got delay to 10.30pm because some accident at Chiang Rai airport then so many flights and many peoples changed to Chiang Mai airport. I was thinking to change flight to next day and stay one more night in Chiang Mai but as Chiang Rai Airport announced to closed till 3 August and all flight from Chiang Mai was full for 3 days. Then no choice for me.

Then I spent 2 hours foot massage at airport until boarding time and arrived to Bangkok safely.

Travel alone sometimes good sometimes not fun especially when you want to eat more but you cannot eat it all.

Then I have to plan trip to Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai again with more friends.


 Saturday, August 20, 2022 9:09 PM