10 most beautiful view resorts for rainy season

1. Maekampong, Chiang Mai

Baan Meakampong is located in Mae-On District. It is a small village in the mountain where you can enjoy the nature.

Direction: From Chiang Mai International Airport, heading to Sankampaeng District and to Mae-On District. The village is not too far the Baan Teentok Royal Project. Total distance about 50 KM.

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2. Baan Rabieng Dao, Chiang Dao District, Chiang Mai

"Baan Rabieng Dao" - Located at Chiang Dao District, Chiang Mai. It is a homestay with balcony of Doi Luang Chiang Dao. The highlight is the public balcony or the homestay where you can see a panorama view of mountains.

Direction: "Baan Robing Dao" is away from Chiang Mai about 100 KM. so we separate into 2 periods as follow

1. From Chiang Mai - Chiang Dao District about 72 KM. Starting from Chang Puek Bus Terminal, you can take the bus Chiang Mai - Chiang Dao for 40 THB and departure every hour.

2. From Chiang Dao - Baan Robing Dao about 20 KM. We can take any buses that pass Chiang Dao. It is very cheap and convenience for those who do not have their own car.

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3. Suan Phueng, Ratchaburi

To spend a night in the middle of mountain where surrounded with greenery scene would be another great choice for rainy season. Aristo is the resort with modern Mediterranean style, painted in white, keep it simple with it own unique.

Direction: Can be reach by personal car only

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4. The Birder's Lodge", Khao Yai

For people who like wooden house in European style like bird net as it named. The resort is designed with a small area that surrounded by trees. It is suitable for group, family or honeymoon couple....Should not miss it!!

Staying in a small wooden house with clear glass window where you can truly touch and enjoy the greenery nature.

Barbecue in the evening with the nice atmosphere : )

5. Baan Vimaan Din Organic Farm Stay, Thong Pha Pum, Kanchanaburi

The resort in the farm, there are both flowers garden and orchard. People who like privacy and peace here is another good choice for you.

You can enjoy tubing in the river.

Light rain and light fog create a nice weather : )

Review : https://th.readme.me/p/2644

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6. Rom Karavek, Khao Kor, Petchaboon

Khao Kor is another good choice for travelling during rainy season. It is a real foggy town where you can absorb a nice weather, pure air and nature.

Review: https://th.readme.me/p/4023

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7. Baan Lee Su Homestay, Doi Luang Chiang Dao, Chiang Mai

A new opening homestay with a nice view where you can enjoy the nature surrounded.

Review: https://th.readme.me/p/4108

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8. River Kwai Jungle Rafts Resort, Kanchanaburi

If you like the nature, stay beside the river with cool atmosphere where you can jump in the water anytime. This is recommended where you should not miss it for any reasons.

Review: https://th.readme.me/p/3813

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9. Baan Kokkod, Kanchanaburi

It is another good place to stay where is very peaceful and valuable. The resort designs in simple style which can provide comfortable feeling and they also provide such a nice service that why you have to book in advance for many months.

Review: https://th.readme.me/p/2641

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10. Punnaburi Khao Yai

The resort is an individual hut surrounded by the greenery view beside the river. This is another good place to stay guarantee by a million followers.

Another interesting corner of the resort is a wooden bridge across the river where you can sit and relax.

If you like to stay with the nature, this is another recommended.

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