It's coming to holiday again >>11-14 Feb 2016<<. . .If I only stay in my room for 4 days without doing anything, it will be something weird for a traveller like me...ha ha.

I just want to take myself somewhere I can lie down and relax, drink some beer and listen to natural beach sound...Think, think and think...Where should I go?...Finally, my friend is going to see her boyfriend in Ranong province, so I don't hesitate to ask her to travel together...See you later "Koh Phayam"

Ahhh...I forget to tell you guys!!! I actually don't runaway from love to take a summer holiday. I just can't find any better phrase for the heading...So, I ended up with this phrase because it combines from two phrases with the same sound in Thai language.

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>> The main camera for this trip is Fuji X-A2 <<

:: We don't want to make things complicated so we choose to travel by bus that we will be able to sleep during our journey. We will begin our journey on Wednesday night and we will arrive to Ranong province on Thursday morning ::

Below is a bus schedule of Sombat Tour:

We begin our trip after leaving our office on Wednesday (a normal lifestyle of ordinary office workers). We come back home for taking shower, prepare our luggage and head towards Southern Bus Terminal (Sai Tai Mai). We choose the bus that leaves at 20.50 p.m. and we will arrive to Ranong on Thursday morning. We can sit down and sleep till then.

We arrive to Ranong around 06.00 a.m. Then, we catch Songthaew (A passenger vehicle adapted from a pick-up car with 2 rows and used as a share taxi or bus) to a pier because we have to take a boat to the island. We spend only 15 minutes on Songthaew and the price is 15 baht / person.

Since we arrive here early in the morning, we can't get on the boat at this time because we have to wait for the high tide until the seawater fills in this canal. So we have to take a boat at another pier.

There are 2 types of boat service as follows:

- A long tail boat which takes about 1.5 hours. The price is 200 baht / person

- A speedboat which takes only 30 minutes. The price is 350 baht / person

We want to arrive to the island earlier and quicker so we choose to travel with a speedboat at 07.30 a.m.

:: After buying a ticket, there is a shuttle service taking us to another pier which is not far from this one. ::

:: We will get on the boat here... 80% of tourists who come to visit Koh Phayam are foreigners...Or probably I come here during high season with many foreign tourists...ha ha ::

:: It takes only 30 minutes till we arrive to a pier on Koh Phayam ( Aow Mae Mai Pier). Then we have to rent a motorbike to the resort that we are going to stay. Actually, we can also take a service from a motorbike taxi but we prefer to ride by our own....We ride a motorbike along the road around 10 minutes and we arrive to our resort "Ziggy Stardust" ::

:: The atmosphere in front of the resort...So beautiful...I am lazy to write down...Pictures will tell you their own stories...ha ha. ::

:: After taking a lot of pictures, let's go to our room to relax and take a nap for a while since we are tired from our journey...We will take a boat tour around the island in the afternoon. ::

:: We wake up around 2.00 p.m. and prepare ourselves to find something to eat before taking a boat tour around the island...We will ride a motorbike to have a meal and take a boat at Ao Khao Kwai (Buffalo Bay) ::

You guys can have a look at some pictures of the Hippy Bar while we are having a meal.

:: Ummm I'm feeling so full after the meal!! Let's go to the boat ::

:: Let's compete each other by fishing...P.S. I don't want to pretend to deceive others anymore. The boat driver is actually the one catch this fish...ha ha ::

:: Let's watch those cute monkeys. We can only see them from this distance. If we go closer the boat will collide with those sandstones. Ha ha ::

For the pictures below, our boat driver named "Tom", tell us that there are many boats collided with some stones here because those boat drivers couldn't see the stones during high tide.

Well Tom, you don't need to take us so close to the stones. It's enough for us to see them here.

:: After sitting in a boat for hours, we will get off the boat at Ao Yai Bay located on another side from our resort. And we have to walk from Ao Yai Bay to our resort because the boat can't go inside the bay in front of our resort. The seawater might be too shallow to drive the boat inside the bay. ::

Walking and taking some pictures makes me feel so happy.

:: I don't know what kind of this crab crawling along the beach...Hey!!! I just want to take some pictures of you. Please don't hide your face ^_^ ::

The sand on Koh Phayam is not completely white. The seawater is not as clear as other islands in Andaman Sea. But the good things on Koh Phayam are tranquility, simple life and kindness of local people. These are the uniqueness of this place and make me fall in love with this island!!!

The nature creates this beauty. It's always beautiful.

I don't know what kind of crabs that make many holes here. They run so quickly and I can't even follow them to take their pictures.

Ice-cream...Do you want some ice-cream?

Hey guy!! May I take your photo? Please stop for a while...LOL.

Finally we arrive to the resort...Yeah!!! Let me take some pictures of another resort nearby...hehe.

I think it's enough for taking pictures...Let's go to take a shower and have dinner later. I am ready... Let go!!!

:: These are some pictures of cool and chic restaurants located next to the beach while we are walking and finding a place for dinner ::

:: We stop at this restaurant...I don't remember the name of the restaurant...No worry. I will find some information and tell you guys later. Okay?

:: It's enough for tonight and we will need to keep energy for a party tomorrow...Goodnight everyone. ::

:: Hello...Friday, Fine day...I wake up and go straight to the sea for swimming...The cool wind is blowing to my face...So fresh. ::

:: Continue with some pictures of our room and the atmosphere nearby ::

:: Ahhh I forgot to tell you guys...The road to the resort is sandy, so we have to use our riding skill and pay attention when we ride a motorbike...I eventually tell my friend to get off the motorbike and walk to the resort as the motorbike may fall down during riding along this way and it would be only me who ducks into the sand...ha ha. ::

:: Let's take a shower before riding a motorbike around the island to find a good restaurant for dinner. ::

:: This restaurant is located on the top of the hill ::

:: A beautiful view from the restaurant ::

After having a meal and watching beautiful view all around, we continue to ride a motorbike around the island...On the way down from the hill, we stop somewhere near the road to take some pictures of cashew nut trees. It seems like cashew nuts are also popular for local farmers to grow up, apart from rubber trees...There are many forests on this island, so it's not really hot when we are riding a motorbike. It's so convenient to ride a motorbike here since most of the roads are made from concrete. In fact, there are some holes on the roads but it's not an issue for me.

:: It's time to eat again...ha ha ::

:: It's a restaurant of the resort where we are staying, "Ziggy Stardust". I would like to confirm that the food is so delicious here...Instead of ordering some seafood, we order spicy pork salad...Such a good combination with sun sea sand atmosphere...ha ha ::

Let's eat!!!

I think it's enough for now. Let's recharge our energy by taking a nap for a while before going out tonight

There is The Boat Bar Party here... On Koh Phayam, each resort usually organizes a party by taking a different day from each other. So there can be several parties in a week...Such a good idea!!!::

:: Once I'm getting so drunk, I can just let myself lie down on the floor and I can even let any dogs lick my mouth...ha ha... If you don't believe me, try it! ::

Farewell with some pictures of Bluesky Resort and Koh Phayam Temple...Bye Bye...See you again "Koh Phayam"


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