5 Lovely Coffee Shops I Kanchanaburi

Kanchanaburi, a small province where gives "large happiness".

To mention about Kanchanaburi, you may think of green nature, moutain, waterfall including various rivers.

But if you visit Kanchanaburi recently, you will find another happiness of locals.

Which is coffee shop and sweet cafe popping up everywhere in town.

In the past, you have to ask "Is there anything to eat?" but now the question changes to "Which one are we going?".

⚀ Farm Cafe De Kalavela
⚁ Villa La Flora
⚂ Jaidee Cafe
⚃ 10 O'Clock Cafe
⚄ Library Cafe


Lovely cafe with warm ambiance. Surrounding area is decorated with various trees. Space at the back is designed to be glass house.

Perfect for group of friends who like photographing.

Farm Cafe offers multiple homemade breads, drinks, seasonal food. And highlight is organic menu which owners plant by themselves.

I can guarantee for freshness, deliciousness and organic. Healthy food lovers can't miss.

Open Hours : 08.30AM - 6.30PM (Close every Wednesday)

Location : Soi Tedsabarn 25 (Nhong Ta Bong), Anphoe Tamuang, Kanchanaburi

Journey :

- From Bangkok Saengchuto (new road) : Passing Yong House, Tamuang. You will find junction. Turn left to Soi Tedsabarn 25.

- From Bangkok Saengchuto (old road) : Go towards Tamuang market. Turn right (near Veerasil School) to Soi Tedsabarn 25.

- From Kanchanaburi downtown : Further from Kaew Souvenir Shop, you will see intersection. Turn right to Soi Tedsabarn 25.


This coffee shop is located at the front of Villa La Flora Resort. Opens for public to taste food, sweet and drink.

It is a combination of vintage and modern style. Decorations are mostly in white tone giving neat feelings. Area at the back is garden in English style.

Very nice atmosphere. It can also be rented for private party.

Open Hours : 11.00AM - 08.00PM (Close every Wednesday)

Location : Villa La Flora Reosrt, Tambon Tha Makham, Maenam Kwai, Kanchanaburi

Journey :

- From downtown (inner are) : Turn left at Kaeng Sean junction towards Highway no.323 (Sai Yok)

- From Bypass road : Continue straight from Kaeng Sean junction, along Highway no.323 (Sai Yok). Crossing Kwai Yai River Bridge will find intersection. Turn left (before reaching to Felix Hotel).


Adorable shop, warm atmosphere plus little Japanese scent. Interior decoration is mainly lovely DIY stuff which is suitable for taking nice photos.

The shop offers variety of homemade breads and chic drinks.

More importantly, the owner is as kind as the shop's name.

Open Hours : 07.00AM - 08.00PM (Open everyday)

Location : Wang Saraphi Plaza (inside), Bypass road, near Wang Saraphi intersection, same side as Robinson Kanchanaburi

Journey :

- Go along Bypass road. It is near Wang Saraphi intersection.


This cafe combines multiple decorations. The front area is green English garden plus DIY ornaments.

Interior decorations contain vintage feelings with cement. Seats are provided both indoor and outdoor. The outdoor area sometime holds stylish event.

Highlight of food is Thai cuisine mixed with Asian fusion food like Japanese salad.

There are also delicious sweets and various drinks too.

Open Hours : 10.00AM - 10.00PM (Open everyday)

Location : Pakistan road (1km. further from bend), Tambon Baan Tai, Muang Kanchanaburi, Kanchanaburi

Journey :

- Go along Kwai River road (behind Kanchanaburi War Cemetery). You will find Pakistan road. The shop is on your left. If you come from Kwai River Bridge, it would be on your right.

Library Cafe

Chic cafe in city center. Decorations separate between indoor and outdoor space for party.

The shop is also equipped with area for meeting, reading and working which is called Meeting Room zone. It can please all types of clients.

The cafe provides multiple choices of Thai food, Western food, dessert and beverage.

Open Hours : 09.00AM - 11.30PM (Open everyday)

Location : Road beside Kwai River (Soi Singapore), Tambon Baan Tai, Kanchanaburi

Journey :

- Go along Kwai River road (behind Kanchanaburi War Cemetery). You will find Singapore road. Cafe is on the right side. If you come from Kwai River Bridge, it would be on your left.

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 Tuesday, August 2, 2016 5:53 PM