This trip, Mae Pranorm will take you to dusitD2 Khao Yai. The hotel will be officially opened on August 2nd 2016. Well, we are invited by the hotel to trail the stay from 22 - 24 July 2016 for 2 nights. Therefore, we could tell you all how it is.

dusitD2 Khao Yai is coming with the modern lifestyle concept located on Khao Yai - Wang Nam Khiao Rural Road. It is about 13 kilometers from Khao Yai National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. dusitD2 Khao Yai offers a great view of huge mountain range, farm, vineyard, and number of adventurous activities.

dusitD2 Khao Yai will be officially opened on August 2nd 2016. The hotel also introduces a special promotion during this newly-opened period until the end of October with the room starting at 2,999 THB excluding tax and service charge. This promotion includes 900 THB credit for you to spend in hotel's restaurant as well. So, don't hesitate to check the official website of the hotel now!

If you are ready, let's go to explore dusitD2 Khao Yai together!

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Mae Pranorm (Discover Thainess the Thai way like no others)

This is the map to get to dusitD2 Khao Yai. It is not difficult to get there at all. You can even just follow the Google Map that will direct you there and you won't get lost for sure.

It takes about two hours and a half to get to dusitD2 Khao Yai from Bangkok.

Let's go and do the check-in firstly! The Lobby, restaurant, and swimming pool are at the main building.

Buildings of the guestrooms are on both sides of the main building.

We are on our way to our room now, let's see how it is going to be!

We stay in room number 311 on the right wing. We stay in one of 75 Deluxe Rooms which are the standard and the cheapest room type in the hotel.

You might be afraid that you will be exposed dipping into this bathtub in the middle of the room but don't worry, there is a curtain that can provide you with the privacy wholly.

The view from the room is totally charming.

And now let's walk around the hotel!

I am telling you that the hotel is so pretty especially with Khao Yai in the background.

This is the restaurant on the tree named "Cocoon". It serves set menu for dinner.

This is the viewpoint balcony where you can get a very nice photo shot.

This rock-climbing wall is free for you to climb up until the end of October 2016.

Now, let's move on to the swimming pool!

It is a good idea to come for an afternoon tea by the pool overlooking the relaxing surroundings.

They also have a Happy Hour Promotion from 5.30 - 6.30 pm at the pool bar everyday. So, you can get one more free drink when you buy one.

Don't forget to come!

This place is totally beautiful and very romantic at night.

And let's explore more about other parts of the hotel!


Buffet breakfast line is not that variety but they have covered all standard breakfast foods and drinks. Their foods taste good and up the standard as well.

You can order egg menus from this egg station. Apart from these, you can get everything else directly from the buffet line.

Breakfast buffet line

Look at the breakfast venue! It offers such a perfect ambiance for breakfast. This is truly relaxing.

Then we are here to show you one of the only two D'Corner Suites in the hotel.

D'Corner Suite is extremely huge and yes, it is more expensive.

We also have lunch in the hotel because we are too lazy to go out.

This is the menu.

We have ordered the followings and we have found them quite good.

Lastly, we would like to introduce you to the last room type at dusitD2 Khao Yai.

It is the Duplex Suite. There are only 2 rooms available and both of them have two floors.

There are living room and second toilet on the lower floor.

And this is the upper floor.

Again, we are dining in the hotel today.

These are what we are having and they are all delicious.

This trip at dusitD2 Khao Yai ends here.

And we hope that you find it very nice to come and stay over.

Thank you for all your kind supports

Mae Pranorm (the one who sell furniture, not the Sweet Chilli Sauce)


 Tuesday, August 16, 2016 1:31 PM